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In an effort to improve customer service and expedite payments to suppliers and reimbursement to SIUE employees, most items less than $5,000 may be purchased without Purchasing's consent and may be paid through an AP Invoice Distribution Form. For detailed instructions and exceptions see Purchasing Instructions.

Following is a list of approved instances where a Purchase Requisition would not be required until the expenditure is $10,000 or more. Please remember that, a Purchase Requisition must be processed first (prior) to the purchase or commitment of goods and services of $5,000 or more, unless specified differently below.

  1. Admission fees.
  2. Agency accounts. (Note: Payments to Agency Accounts require a Purchase Requisition.)
  3. Application fees. Non-sight visit accreditation fees may be direct vouchered.
  4. Copyright fees.
  5. Costs related to entertainment of guests of the University, at SIU campus, or activities on behalf of SIU away from campus. (Must comply with current University policies pertaining to entertainment.)
  6. Court costs (to include arbitration fees, court transcription fees, and court reporter fees).
  7. Educational allowances such as Grants-in-Aid.
  8. Educational awards provided through National Science Foundation (NSF) grants.
  9. Entry fees.
  10. Fee for rental of public facilities when a signed agreement is NOT required.
  11. Fellowship or subsidy provided solely to support the student's educational endeavor. The student receiving a fellowship must not be expected to provide services in exchange for the fellowship payment. If services are expected, the grant is not a fellowship and the student must be paid either as a graduate assistantship or student work appointment.
  12. Filing fees, includes visa transfer charges.
  13. Guarantees to other Universities for visiting intercollegiate athletic teams (officials/referees still require purchase order).
  14. Incentive awards to teachers.
  15. Institutional licensure fees.
  16. Institutional membership dues.
  17. Interviewee expenses - including all costs, either reimbursed directly to the interviewee or to a hotel, travel agency, restaurant, etc. (Must comply with current University policies.)
  18. Licensing and registration of Notary Public fees (needs to be an IDF and marked (pro-forma.)
  19. Living allowances and educational support awards associated with traineeships.
  20. Non-employee travel - includes transportation and lodging expenses paid to a third party on behalf of a non-employee. DCFS babysitting & travel expenses included.
  21. Off-campus repair/servicing when a signed agreement is NOT required. (Note: Does not include items, which are serviced by various University service departments.)
  22. Page charges.
  23. Participation fees.
  24. Payments to cover health insurance premiums for individuals with HIV/AIDS.
  25. Publication charges. (Note: editorial services require a Purchase Requisition.)
  26. Refunds (i.e. overpayment of housing, tuition, deposits, ticket sales, etc.), out of pocket expenses related to University business.
  27. Registration fees related to conferences and meetings - setup/booth rental charges included.
  28. Reimbursement to military programs for copying expenses.
  29. Reimbursement to students for travel and related expenses.
  30. Reprints.
  31. Research participant payments - to non-SIU Employee volunteers.
  32. Royalty payments.
  33. Sale commissions on books.
  34. Scholarships (for which no services are required) including Minority Engineering Program awards.
  35. Settlement of claims by Legal Counsel, Housing, Rec. Center, Student Center, or Self-Insurance Program.
  36. Student loans.
  37. Student payments - including fellowships, scholarships, awards, grants, living & educational allowances (NOTE: stipends for services require a purchase order.).
  38. Subscriptions for newspapers, magazines and publications.
  39. Travel reimbursement paid to a third party on behalf of an Employee.
  40. Travel reimbursement to an Employee.

Transactions that meet the above criteria may be processed by the submission of a properly executed AP Invoice Distribution Form to the Accounts Payable, Rendleman Hall, Box 1003.

It is important to recognize that these modified procedures are not intended to circumvent acceptable business practices, the Procurement Code, Comptroller's Act, or any other existing internal or external statute or regulation.

If you have any questions, please contact Purchasing (650-3255) or Accounting (650-2120).

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