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All Walmart stores ID #41979
All Lowe's stores ID #179500019
All Home Depot ID #1203936533
All Best Buy stores ID #3003758169

System Administrator: Starla Nixon - Phone: 618-650-3257 (Jennifer Cox, 618-659-2859)

This is for quick reference "ONLY".

Each University account for which a card/s is/are issued will be the responsibility for the fiscal officer or his delegated authority. Said accounts will require an approver, reconciler and cardholder. The approver will be the person responsible for fiscal accounting of the account. The reconciler will be the person responsible for record keeping of procurement card purchases. In some instances cardholders and reconcilers can be one and the same. The cardholder and approver CANNOT be the same person.

The credit card is to be used for University purchases "ONLY" -- NOT FOR PERSONAL USE! Whenever possible purchases should be PRE-APPROVED by the fiscal officer (or his delegated authority) of the account. Credit cards are issued to individuals in their own name. Cardholder will not be responsible for payment of charges incurred on his/her credit card; however, cardholder will be responsible for the card, returns/credits, and receipts, packing slips, etc. necessary for accounting purposes. Cards are not to be loaned to anyone and loss/theft should be reported to JP Morgan Chase Bank IMMEDIATELY then to your supervisor and card administrator. Most cards are issued with a single purchase limit that may not exceed $3,500.00 and a total purchase limit that may not exceed $15,000.00 per month. Cardholders must stress TAX EXEMPT status of the University prior to beginning of the checking out process.

Use of the credit card will be with any merchant accepting MASTERCARD. This includes in-store purchases and telephoned, mailed or faxed orders. Record keeping is especially important where receipts are not readily available; i.e. phone orders (provide DCM with some notation of purchase in lieu of receipt). Cardholders MUST sign all receipts and review the monthly statement before giving to Departmental Card Manager.

Credit cards will be issued by the Purchasing Department ONLY after cardholder training. To be eligible for a credit card, individuals must be SIUE employees.

JP Morgan Chase -- Customer HELPLINE, 800-316-6056
JP Morgan Chase -- FAX 847-931-8861 - Using SIUE letterhead provide the following:

FOR DISPUTES: 1. Vendor name and disputed charge amount
2. Date of Transaction
3. WHY you are disputing transaction
4. Cardholder signature and card number

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