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Due to University administrative policy or legal requirements, the use of the Procurement Card for the acquisition of certain equipment, materials, supplies and services will be limited. The categories are given below. If equipment, materials, supplies or services being purchased fall within the stated scope of the limitation (University business "ONLY"), the department may use the procurement card. Otherwise, the department should use the "requisition procedure" to initiate the purchase.

"STRINGING" (SPLIT PURCHASES): The definition of "stringing" (of Pcard transactions) is the attempt to bypass the individual cardholder's single transaction limit by asking the vendor to make charges to the card in increments below the limit in order to pay for the purchase. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED.

The single transaction limit for each individual cardholder has been set by either the Pcard default or by departmental request for an increase or decrease. This means that the TOTAL charge made to a vendor must encompass the entire purchase. Cardholders may never ask a vendor to bill in increments for a single order (60-day suspension, effective 10/30/07).

Consideration will be given to requests for "exception" in the use of the Pcard for prohibited purchases. ALL such requests should be made by email to the Director of Purchases, Nancy Ufert Fairless at . Approval for "exception" purchases with Pcard must be in writing and filed with department records for those transactions. Upon approval, a PCE# will be assigned; this number must be typed in the "transaction notes" of the transaction detail Pcard order.

**ADVERTISEMENTS: Advertisements for personnel recruiting (staff/academic) and for promotion of the University may be made with Pcard. However, such advertisements require approvals, which must be received prior to ad placement.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Purchase of alcoholic beverages with Pcard is not allowed. Alcohol may be purchased only in compliance with University policy regarding use of alcoholic beverages.

AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR (non-emergency): Payment for non-emergency automotive repair by Transportation personnel ONLY may be done with Pcard.

BULK FUEL: Purchase of bulk fuel (automotive, aviation) is not allowed.

BUSINESS CARDS: Payment for reproduction of business cards, which are University Marketing and Communications approved, may be made with the Pcard.

CAMPUS STORE PURCHASES (UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE, FOOD SERVICE, ETC): Purchases at University stores are not allowed with the Pcard.

CARPETS and DRAPERIES: Only Facilities Management personnel may purchase carpets and draperies for housing and student centers with the Pcard.

CASH ADVANCES or REFUNDS: Use of the Pcard for cash advances is not allowed. REFUNDS should be made TO THE CARD.

CHARTERING OF BUS OR AIRPLANE: Payment with Pcard to "charter" a bus or airplane is not allowed.

COIN-OPERATED DEVICES: Use of the Pcard with coin-operated devices is not allowed.

**COMPUTER EQUIPMENT: Purchase of computer equipment (the requirements of equipment purchases are still required) may be done with Pcard; however, you need email the specifications and quote to prior to purchasing with your Pcard. ITS will review the specs and respond with their approval. (1/31/13).

* COMPUTER SOFTWARE: Purchase of computer software by Pcard is allowed ONLY if the vendor does not require a lease agreement/contract to be signed by an authorized University representative; however, you need email the specifications and quote to prior to purchasing with your Pcard. ITS will review the specs and respond with their approval. (1/31/13).

CONSTRUCTION/REMODELING: Use of the Pcard is not allowed.

CONSULTANT and SPEAKER FEES/HONORARIUMS: Payment of consultant, independent contractors, and speaker fees or honorariums with Pcard is not allowed; such payments may require contracts and IRS reporting and must be done by requisition.

CONTRACTS: Unauthorized individuals may not sign contracts or commit to multiple payments. Authority to sign all such contracts is limited to the Director of Purchasing.

CONTROLLED and PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: Only medical/dental personnel, having the proper registration number, may use Pcard to purchase controlled and prescription drugs.

* DEPOSITS FOR CONFERENCES, MEETING FACILITIES and LODGING, etc. - Payment for conferences, meeting facilities and lodging may be made by Pcard unless a written contract is required.

DONATIONS: Use of the Pcard for donations is not allowed.

ETHYL ALCOHOL: Purchase of ethyl alcohol with the Pcard is not allowed.

ENTERTAINMENT COSTS (for "STUDENT" tickets, trips, tours, etc.) - Payment of "Entertainment" costs may be paid with Pcard but must be directly related to University business; NO personal entertainment.

EQUIPMENT: Purchase of equipment may be done with Pcard; however, a single piece of equipment may not exceed $3500 (10/1/09) including shipping/handling. Capital equipment is defined as a single item costing $1000 or MORE. Equipment costing $500 or more must be tagged with SIUE numbered tags and recorded in fixed asset inventory (30-day suspension, effective 5/30/07).

FINES, LATE FEES or PENALTIES: Payment of fines, late fees or penalties with the Pcard is not allowed.

FLOWERS: Purchase of flowers for University business ONLY may be done with Pcard. Flowers for funeral and hospital "Get Well" arrangements are NOT ALLOWED unless charged to a FOUNDATION or AGENCY account (non-University funds). A Pcard exception number is required for Foundation and Agency Accounts.

FOOD (not meals) - Purchase of food with Pcard for University sponsored meetings involving "outside" personnel is allowed in the scope of "University business" and must be in compliance with University policy. Refreshments for retirement receptions up to $250 is allowed and must be in compliance with University policy. Purchase of individual meals is not allowed on Pcard unless charged to a Foundation or Agency account (non-university funds). A Pcard exception number is required for Foundation and Agency Accounts.

**FOOD AND BEVERAGE EQUIPMENT: Purchase of food and beverage equipment with Pcard is allowed for regular office use after the department has obtained approval from the Chancellor or appropriate Vice Chancellor.

FOREIGN PURCHASES: Payment with Pcard for travel expenses and non-travel purchases when in a foreign country is allowed.

FUND RAISING COSTS: ONLY Foundation personnel may pay Fundraising costs with Pcard.

FURNITURE: Purchase with Pcard of a single item of furniture (equipment) up to $3500 including shipping/handling is allowed.

GASOLINE: Purchase of gasoline is not allowed on Pcard. Gasoline for University vehicles should be purchased using the fuel card provided by Transportation. Rental cars may be contracted through Transportation, which will provide a fuel card. Any other gasoline (e.g., for personal vehicles) must be purchased by the individual; the mileage will be reimbursed by submission of a Travel Expense voucher (effective 9/23/08).

GIFTS/GIFT CARDS: Purchase of gifts (retirement, birthday, etc.) or Gift Cards with the Pcard are not allowed. (60-day suspension, effective 5/19/08). A Pcard exception may be granted (by email to Director of Purchases) with use of a Foundation account. (60-day suspension, effective 5/19/08). A Pcard exception number is required for Foundation and Agency accounts.

HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS, MATERIALS: All chemical purchases, no matter what the use, must be entered into the p-card system using the Object Code 4627 - chemicals. This is the only code to be used when paying with your p-card. Environmental Health & Safety will be tracking all chemical purchases via the p-card system, which will be identified by using the Object Code 4627. If you have any chemical related questions, you may call any of the Emergency Management & Safety staff members x 3584. In the transaction notes of the p-card system you must state the unit of measure, the name of the item and where it will be located. Emergency responders need to know what chemicals are located on campus and where.If the proper Object Code is not used to identify the purchase of chemicals, your p-card may result in suspension or cancellation. (effective 4/1/2013)

**HOSPITALITY: Payment with Pcard for guest lodging is allowed and must be in compliance with University Guest Expense/Food Policy and requires Vice Chancellor written approval. Guest meals may be billed directly to the Department or paid for by guest or University employee who will then be reimbursed.

IMPORTED GOODS: Purchase of imported goods by Pcard is allowed; however, such purchases may generate unforeseen problems and could result in receipt of unsatisfactory goods, non-receipt of items ordered and difficulty in obtaining credits, exchanging goods and returns.

INTEREST/FINANCE CHARGES: Payment of interest or finance charges is not allowed with Pcard.

INTERNET PURCHASING: Internet purchasing is allowed but cardholders should limit internet purchasing to reputable vendors that offer secure websites. Cardholders should also be aware that internet purchasing might not allow the vendor to honor SIU's tax-exempt status. If you cannot select tax exempt on the website then call or email the vendor to ensure your transaction will be tax exempt.

ITEMS CURRENTLY UNDER MASTER PO CONTRACT: The University negotiates contracts with various vendors (OFFICE MAX, Illinois Public Higher Education Cooperative (IPHEC), etc.). Items, which can be purchased through these contracts, should not be purchased from other vendors. If the vendor CANNOT provide the requested item, cardholders may go elsewhere. University policy requires that office supplies be purchased from OFFICE MAX online with Pcard in order to receive the University discount and desktop delivery. OFFICE MAX will match lower pricing (when documented) for "same item" purchases.

LABOR: Payment with Pcard for labor involving prevailing wage rates is not allowed.

* LEASES/RENTALS: Payment of leases and rentals with Pcard is not allowed. Rental/lease of equipment, materials, services or supplies may be allowed if the rental or lease will not result in multiple payments. However, a Pcard should not be used if vendor requires a rental/lease agreement or any contract to be signed by an authorized University representative.

LIVE ANIMALS (for research) - Purchase of live animals with Pcard is not allowed. Such purchases must have approvals from the Institute for Animal Care and Use Committee. Contact Linda Skelton (ext. 2958) in Research and Projects for information regarding filing protocol with the department.

LOBBYING COSTS: Payment of lobbying costs with Pcard is not allowed.

*LODGING OR HOUSING (as in RENT): Payment with Pcard for rental of lodging or housing is not allowed.

MAINTENANCE AGREEMENTS: Pcard purchase of a maintenance agreement may be made with purchase of the item for which the maintenance agreement is required.

PERFORMERS: Payment to performers with Pcard is not allowed. Such payments may involve contracts, IRS reporting, insurance, etc. and must be done by purchase requisition.

PERSONAL ITEMS: Purchase of personal items with Pcard is not allowed, regardless of intent to repay the University.

POSTAGE: Purchase of "non-traceable" postage such as stamps is not allowed. Documented freight charges can be charged with Pcard. Items for return, which have been obtained with a purchase order, must be returned through Expediting and Central Receiving.

PROFESSIONAL AND ARTISTIC SERVICES: Payment for professional and artistic services with Pcard is not allowed.

PURCHASES INVOLVING "TRADE" OF UNIVERSITY PROPERTY: Purchases, which involve trade-in of University property, are not allowed on the Pcard.

RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS: Purchase of radioactive materials with Pcard is not allowed.

REPAIR OF EQUIPMENT OR MATERIALS (INCLUDING PC REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE): Labor to repair equipment or materials may be paid by credit card if the total amount of repair is less than $3500 (or card single transaction limit) and the amount is known beforehand based on a firm written quote from the vendor. Vendor must meet insurance requirements for service on campus. Contact Jennifer Cox at ext. 2859, or check the University website ( for this information.

SERVICES WHICH MAY BE PROVIDED BY UNIVERSITY SERVICE DEPARTMENTS, e.g. Facilities Management, Transportation, Telecommunications, etc. - University service departments must be utilized whenever possible. Cardholders should not use the Pcard to pay for these services from "outside" vendors. The Pcard may be used to pay for photocopies when it is the only means of obtaining the required document (not multiple copies). Before having stationery materials, logos, University Seal and business cards printed by off-campus sources, users must obtain written confirmation from the Director of University Marketing and Communications that the proposed materials conform to the specifications that the University requires.

SPACE HEATERS: Purchase of space heaters is not allowed.

STUDENT EVENTS, TUITION, SCHOLARSHIPS OR STIPENDS: Payment with Pcard for attendance at student events, and for tuition, scholarships or stipends is not allowed.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT, TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT OR INSTALLATION ON CAMPUS: Payment for telecommunications, telephone equipment, services, or installation with Pcard is not allowed. Information Technology Services provides both equipment and installation. Cell phones also can be requested through ITS and are provided through the State of Illinois contract with Verizon and billed back to University departmental accounts. Questions/requests regarding cellular services should be directed to Terry Meredith (ext. 5777) or mailed to Box 1068. In addition, questions/requests for data/networking equipment and installation should be directed to Dan Chace (ext. 3373) or the ITS Help Desk at extension 5500.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT (other than phones): Initial purchase and installation of a fax machine must be by requisition/purchase order, because IT will check for compatibility. However, a request for a Pcard Exception Number may be made by email for purchase of a "replacement" fax machine.

TRAVEL and RELATED EXPENSES (hotel, motel, air fare, taxi, shuttle, bus, etc. - Travel and travel-related expenses may be charged on the Pcard - NO MEALS. Details of traveler information such as "who", "where" and "why" shown in the "transaction notes" of the transaction detail. Cardholders may also pay for rental cars with Pcard. Purchase of gasoline is not allowed on Pcard. Gasoline for rental cars can be purchased on a fuel card provided through Transportation or must be purchased by the individual; the mileage will be reimbursed by submission of a Travel Expense voucher. Meals must be paid for by the traveler and reimbursed by Travel Expense Voucher. Payment with Pcard of any travel expenses for NON-RESIDENT ALIENS is not allowed.

TUITION FOR EMPLOYEES: Payment with Pcard of tuition for employees is not allowed.

UTILITY PAYMENTS: Payment of utilities with Pcard is not allowed.

VEHICLE PURCHASES (autos, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, and trailers): Vehicle purchases with Pcard are not allowed.

VEHICLE RENTAL: Vehicle rental with Pcard, in compliance with University policy, is allowed. A fuel card will be provided when rental cars are contracted through Transportation. When using a University vehicle, use the "fleet" cards (supplied with the vehicle) to purchase gasoline.

VENDORS WHO CHARGE A MEMBERSHIP FEE TO PURCHASE THEIR PRODUCTS: Purchasing products from vendors who charge a membership fee are not allowed.

WEAPONS/AMMUNITION: Purchase of weapons and ammunition with Pcard is not allowed.


Delivery: ORDERS DELIVERED TO THE UNIVERSITY MUST BE DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO CARDHOLDER AT INDIVIDUAL OFFICE LOCATION. All packages should indicate cardholders name, building, and room number. If the package hasn't been delivered after a reasonable amount of time after the promised delivery date, please contact the vendor to find out how it was shipped, when it was delivered, a tracking number, and who signed for the package. This will aid in tracking the package. If the package has been delivered to the dock, this information will assist personnel to locate the package. If delivered to the loading dock, packages must have adequate identification to reach cardholder. The Loading Dock has no tracking capabilities through the Pcard System but personnel will make every effort to identify and deliver items charged on Pcard that are delivered to the loading dock.

The Pcard may not be used to make purchases from (1) University employees, their spouses or children, (2) business concern(s) of which an employee (spouse or children) is a sole or principal owner, or (3) corporations of which an employee (spouse or children) is a major officer or primary employee. It is not necessary to question every vendor in this regard.

PAPERWORK KEPT ON FILE IN DEPARTMENTS MUST SATISFY AUDITOR'S REQUIREMENTS. Related receipts must be attached to the monthly statement on which charges appear. Documentation must be retained for six (6) prior years plus the current year.

* University employees may not, by their signature or purchase, in any way obligate or indemnify the University. Unauthorized individuals may not sign contracts or commit to multiple payments. Authority to sign all such contracts or purchase orders is limited to the Director of Purchasing. Such purchases must be made by "requisition procedure" through Purchasing. Contracts and agreements may require legal review and purchasing signature.

** Additional permission or approval of purchases (for use of an account for which Approver is not fiscally responsible, Vice Chancellor approval, etc.) Should be acquired via email which may then be printed out and kept with transaction records.

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