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The Direct Voucher method should be used for transactions of $5,000 or less (not including furniture) through the Accounts Payable Department.

This method of payment is only to be used on an occasional basis and is not to be used to make monthly payments to Suppliers. Commitments that require a monthly payment must be submitted on a Purchase Requisition to Purchasing.

Utilize the Direct Voucher Method for transactions of $5,000 or less as long as the expected expenditure to the proposed Supplier will not exceed the Small Purchase Maximum over the entire Fiscal Year. Any expenditure totaling over this amount with any one Supplier over the Fiscal Year could be considered Stringing.


  • It will be each Department's responsibility to keep track of their total expenditures. Purchasing and Accounts Payable will not be held responsible for any stringing activity by Direct Voucher or P-Card methods.
  • These rules apply as long as the purchase is not on the Exceptions List For Small Purchases.
  • If a signed contract or agreement is involved, a Purchase Requisition is required only if the transaction is $5,000 or over. If the transaction is less than $5,000, send a completed Invoice Distribution Form with the Supplier's Invoice and the contract or agreement attached, to Purchasing. (Submit directly to the Foundation if utilizing a Foundation Invoice Voucher.) After approved by the Director of Purchasing, document and Invoice Distribution Form will be forwarded to Accounts Payable for processing. See Authority to Sign.
  • For all purchases of equipment items, a completed Equipment Transaction form must be completed and forwarded to Accounting (Box 1003).

Direct Voucher payments are processed as follows:

Purchase item(s) or secure service, such as honoraria, etc.

Prepare and submit an Invoice Distribution Form with necessary backup material:

  • Invoice from Supplier


  • Supplier's signature on Invoice Distribution Form


  • If paying an individual Social Security Number, SIUE Independent Contractor Analysis Form and W-9 are also required.
  • If paying from a grant account, send Invoice Distribution Form to Accounting (Box 1003) for approval.
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