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A confirming transaction is defined as a purchase over $5,000.00 where goods or services are acquired or secured without a Purchase Requisition having been submitted. Commitments of this nature are prohibited and deemed to be personal liabilities of the faculty and/or staff member and Fiscal Officer until reviewed and approved by the Director of Purchasing or Designee.

Confirming transactions are prohibited and will only be approved by the Director of Purchasing if deemed to be an unforeseen or emergency situation.

Responsible Party



Completes the following documents:
  • Purchase Requisition signed by appropriate Fiscal Officer or Delegate.
  • An Invoice Distribution Form signed by the Supplier or accompanied by an invoice.
  • A letter of justification addressed to the Chancellor or appropriate Vice Chancellor explaining why this transaction was not submitted prior to the fact and explaining the unforeseen or emergency situation.
  • Department must obtain Chancellor or appropriate Vice Chancellor approval signature on the requisition.

Note: If paying an individual for services, an SIUE Independent Contractor's Analysis form must be completed and signed by the Supplier and the Fiscal Officer. The completed form must be attached to the Purchase Requisition.

If utilizing Grant accounts, documents must be approved by Research & Projects General Office.


Reviews documents for appropriate signatures, forwards to Director of Purchasing for approval.

If the Director approves purchase, Invoice Distribution Form with attachments is forwarded to Accounts Payable for payment.

If this transaction is denied approval, payment to the Supplier is the sole responsibility of the individual that made the commitment.

Periodically, a list of all Confirming Transactions is forwarded to the Vice Chancellors and the Chancellor for their review and if deemed necessary, appropriate action.

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