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A Policy for Awarding of Credit for Grantauthorship

(Faculty Senate Resolution #1-95/96,
approved by Nancy Belck March 28, 1996)

I. The Reward for Grantauthorship

Grantauthorship activities should be included in the reward system at SIUE. By definition, references to the reward system involve promotion and tenure decisions, merit pay increases, and other personnel considerations.

Each department/college/school will be responsible for formulating and implementing its own method and evaluation
criteria used to award credit to individual faculty members who submit grant/contract proposals.

The program of rewarding grantauthorship should be simple and straightforward. Activities covered by this policy fall into three categories: (a) Funded Grant/Contract Proposals, (b) Non-funded Grant/Contract Proposals, and (c) Approved but not Funded Grant/Contract Proposals. For example, funded proposals could provide faculty with credit in their performance evaluation as the equivalent of published research, or juried presentation/performance. If the proposal is not funded, the faculty member could receive credit on their evaluation as a paper presented at a professional meeting, or non-juried presentation/performance.

Specific evaluation standards will reside at the departmental or school/college level. Credit will be given only for proposals that are submitted through and administered by SIUE. Credit need not be given for private activities that are not submitted through and administered by SIUE.

II. Implementation

Responsibility for implementation of this policy shall reside with the Dean's Office at the school/college level. Implementation of this policy shall be monitored by the dean of the Graduate School.

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