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Guidelines for Extramural Professional Services

by School of Dental Medicine Faculty

SIUE, Personnel Policies II-27-28

In order to provide a competent faculty for students in the School of Dental Medicine (SDM), it is necessary that clinical teachers assume patient care responsibilities. Due to the lack of facilities at the SDM and out of consideration for the relatively small community in which the SDM is located, faculty patient care activities must be primarily directed toward extramural arrangements.

Such practice arrangements will aid in achieving the goals of highly competent and qualified faculty. In addition, it is a reality that we must compete with other schools and private practice for competent full-time faculty. Due to the lack of productive dental programs for this area over the years, there is a lack, not only of dentists, but also of adequate representation of specialists who provide a basis for many areas of instruction in the SDM. Thus, in order to attract and keep clinical teachers, it is necessary to allow supplementation of salary to enhance income levels. The development of the schedule for full-time clinical faculty salary ranges was initially based on this premise.

Intramural practice privileges will be controlled by use of the "Dental Service and Research Plan (Extramural Practice)."

Extramural practice privileges will be controlled so they will not interfere with an individual's teaching activities. A clinical teacher shall be expected to have up to 60% of his time directed toward student association. This 60% may involve lectures, laboratory teaching, clinical teaching and student advisement. The mix of the various areas of responsibility will vary with the individual teacher. Additional time beyond the 60% is expected for class preparation and self-development. The latter may include research, service, development of teaching materials and patient care.

Because full-time faculty do meet their teaching commitments and because the delivery of professional service is essential for faculty to enhance their teaching ability and to supplement salary, extramural practice will be permitted in accord with the following guidelines:

1. The following procedures will be completed by each full-time faculty member prior to participating in extramural practice arrangements and annually thereafter:

A. The University form, " Request for Non-University Employment," must be completed in quadruplicate.

The form indicates that an agreement has been reached for extramural practice time with the individual's Department Chair, Dean, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and Chancellor. If the individual has no Chair, this agreement is initiated with the Dean. The following three conditions shall be met prior to approving an applicant's request for extramural practice arrangements:

a. The time allowed for such extramural practice will not exceed the equivalent of 52, 8-hour days per year.

b. The net income from extramural practice will not exceed 100% of the individual's annual salary.

c. The individual shall be maintaining performance of all duties and responsibilities which are his pursuant to his employment contract with the University.

B. The individual participating in this extramural practice arrangement must file an annual report with the Dean by June 30 of each year. This report will certify the actual time involved in extramural practice and the net income derived from it. A copy of the report will be forwarded to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

C. These arrangements for extramural professional activities are subject to review and revision by the Board of Trustees and University administration at any time. An annual report of faculty activities will be submitted to the Board of Trustees by the Dean of the School of Dental Medicine through the offices of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Chancellor.

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