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Waiver of Tuition for Faculty and Staff, Policies and Procedures, SIUE, 4F3
Faculty and administrative staff members on term appointment who enroll in credit courses shall be eligible for waiver of tuition, exclusive of fees, during academic terms in which they are under appointment, provided that the courses are completed prior to expiration of the appointment. Faculty and administrative staff members on continuing appointment shall be eligible for waiver of tuition, exclusive of fees, in any term of the year.
Undergraduate Tuition Waivers for Children of SIUE Employees, SIUE BLUE BULLETIN, 12/19/91
Eligibility: As required by Public Act 87-793, the applicant for this benefit must be under the age 25 at the commencement of any academic year in which the benefit is claimed, must qualify for admission to the University under its usual rules, and must maintain satisfactory academic progress toward graduation (as defined in University Financial Aid Rules) in order to claim the benefit in each following year.
Duration: The tuition waiver will be granted for a total of eight semesters, or the equivalent, and four summer terms. The parent must be a 7-year employee at the time each term's benefit is claimed. Subsequent terms need not be consecutive. The benefit is not applicable for non-credit or graduate/professional studies.

Amount: The maximum amount of waiver any student may receive under this program shall be 50% of the tuition for the number of credit hours in which the student is enrolled. Fees other than tuition are not affected.

Ownership: The statute grants the tuition waiver to the student, who consequently has sole control of it unless under some legal disability. The benefit will therefore be granted upon application of any eligible student for any school term within the duration of the waiver.

In the administration of Public Act 87-793, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth:

Employee: A person who performs personal services for Southern Illinois University for cash recompense from which any employment taxes are or might be withheld, except those whose employment is secondary and incident to their status as students. Any per centage of employment qualifies.

7-Year Employee: A person who has been a Southern Illinois University employee for seven calendar years. Service may be cumulative and need not have been consecutive. SIU service may count as a full calendar year for this purpose whenever it could result in a full year's credit in the State Universities Retirement System. Any SIU service for which SURS credit may be granted may be counted toward the 7 years.
Child: The natural, adoptive or step-child of a 7-year employee who is employed at the time the child claims the benefit for any semester or term.
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