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Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is committed to the furthering of human understanding, and research is regarded as a major avenue leading to the advancement of such knowledge, especially when freedom of inquiry is available to investigators. Such freedom, however, must be earned through the conduct of research in competent, moral, and responsible manner and by investigators who not only hold to scientific values but also have the highest regard for the implications and consequences of their research on society and the individuals therein. At times, it is possible that the scientist's quest for knowledge may endanger the rights and welfare of individuals, and this must be a focus of constant concern and scrutiny. It is the investigator's responsibility to assess research procedures regularly to insure the protection of the individual and, when appropriate, to review them with associates and other responsible members of society.

With due regard for the freedom of inquiry, and with the highest regard for the safeguarding of individual rights and welfare, the following code and procedures are offered to serve as guidelines to be followed in this University for all research. This includes research conducted by faculty, staff, or students, on or off campus, whether funded or not; University personnel on leave without pay who will make no attribution to the University are exempt. To be effective, such guidelines will have to be flexible enough to allow for changes in our value systems and for those modifications which necessarily will be required with experience.

The full set of guidelines may be obtained through the Office of Research and Projects, and on-line at:

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