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Tenured faculty members and professional staff employees holding continuing appointments at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville shall be eligible, subject to the requirements and conditions of this policy, for leaves of absence without pay for purposes of furthering their education or personal development.
  1. Leaves of absence without pay shall be considered when a leave would be mutually beneficial to the University and the employee. The benefit to the University lies in increased adaptability to fluctuating demands for capable professional employees; the benefit to the employee lies in the opportunity to venture into new or related activities or areas of inquiry without sacrificing previously earned benefits including, but not limited to, tenure or a continuing contract with the University.
  2. The length and schedule of leaves of absence without pay shall be determined through negotiation between the University administration and the employee. Leaves of absence without pay under this policy shall be granted for one year periods, renewable up to a maximum length of three years. Leaves of absence without pay granted under this policy shall be exclusive of professional development or sabbatical leaves. An employee granted a leave of absence without pay under this policy, who subsequently desires to apply for a professional development or sabbatical leave, must return to the University for a period of service of at least one academic semester prior to the effective beginning date of any such paid leave.
  3. Leaves of absence without pay shall normally be full-time, that is, 100 percent time. However, in circumstances which clearly meet the conditions of this policy and warrant such consideration, part-time (less than 100 percent time) leaves may be negotiated.
  4. Application for a leave of absence without pay shall be submitted by the employee to his or her immediate supervisor for consideration. All arrangements, agreements, and understandings related to the requested leave, including a statement o f the specific purpose of the leave and any understandings concerning the employee's return to University service following the leave, shall be reduced to writing by the employee and his or her supervisor. The employee's supervisor shall forward the application, along with the supervisor's recommendation, through channels to the appropriate Vice Chancellor. The supervisor's recommendation shall include a statement indicating how the duties and responsibilities of the applying employee shall be dealt with during the term of the requested leave. Final authority for approval of leaves of absence without pay rests with the Chancellor or his or her designated representative.
  5. A recipient of a leave of absence without pay shall have no obligations to the University beyond fulfilling all financial and records obligations, including obligations to students concerning completion of incomplete courses or academic requirements partially fulfilled, which persist into the leave period and of giving notice of intention to return to University service at least six months prior to the end of a leave.
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