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Chancellor approved on May 20, 2013 (Origin:WC#03-12/13)

VII. Probationary Period for Tenure-Track Faculty

A. Tenure may be granted after the successful completion of a period of full-time probationary service of not more than six years. The probationary period may be suspended in one-year increments if done in accordance with this policy. Shorter probationary periods may be specified in the initial contract, but should normally not be less than three years. The probationary period must be clearly specified in the faulty member's initial tenure-track contract. A recommendation by the tenure-granting department and School or College that the individual be granted or denied tenure must be made no later than the end of the last year of the probationary period.

B. If through no fault of the affected faculty member, a tenure decision is not reached by the end of the probationary period, the faculty member's appointment will be extended until such time as a decision is made. As soon as the faculty member or an administrator becomes aware of the oversight, the faculty member, Dean and Chair must be notified in writing immediately, and the tenure decision made within 15 months. If the decision is negative, the faulty member's contract will be terminated at the end of the full academic year following the decision.

C. The period of probationary service shall be continuous. The period can be suspended during, but not terminated by, authorized leaves of absence and disability leaves, as well as the circumstances described below (VIID) for the birth or adoption of a child, or the care of a seriously ill family member or civil union partner.

D. SIUE recognizes that the birth or adoption and care of a new child, or the care of a seriously ill family member or same-sex civil union partner can have a negative effect on a faculty member's ability to achieve tenure in the normal time period. 1 In recognition of that fact, faculty members who are primary or co-equal caregivers of a newborn or qualifying newly adopted child, a family member or civil union partner in a health crises of extended duration, have the option to suspend the probationary period for one year. Such suspensions must be requested in writing by the faculty member and recommended by the department chair, the dean, and approved by the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and must be requested prior to or within 6 months of the occurrence of the event. The request must occur substantially prior to the scheduled submission of the tenure application so that due consideration to the request may be given. In the case of qualifying births and adoptions, the request for a one-year one-time suspension will be automatically granted as long as the request is submitted according to policy.

E. Suspension of the probation period must be taken in one-year increments.

F. Generally, a faculty member may be granted a maximum of one suspension during the probationary period. Invocation of SIUE's Parental of Family Leave Policy or the FMLA is not required for such a suspension. In order to receive this suspension, faculty members must be primary or co-equal caregivers and therefore have substantial and sustained responsibility for caring for his or her family member. A faculty member, who receives suspension but is not on leave of absence, will continue to perform his or her regular duties. The faculty member will still participate in the annual review process, which shall be considered for the purpose of merit evaluation but is not to be used for tenure evaluation.

G. A suspension of the probationary period for any other reason must be approved by the responsible Dean and the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

H. The granting of an additional suspension of the probationary period for tenure would be rare. However, a faculty member may request additional suspensions of the probationary period for tenure. Additional suspensions would require the approval of the chair, Dean, and the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

I. Faculty members shall not be disadvantaged in their tenure review because they have applied for or been granted a suspension or suspensions of the probationary period.

1 Some policy language taken from the pamphlet entitles "Designing and Implementing Family-Friendly Policies in Higher Eduaction" by Gilia C. Smith and Jean A Waltman, published by the University of Michigan's Center for the Education of Women, 2006.

Approved by Chancellor effective May 20, 2013.

Origin: WC#5-91/92; WC#03-12/13

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