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Buildings and Facilities

Policy on the Naming of University Buildings and Facilities - 6A1

  1. Structure and Responsibilities of the University Building and Facility Naming Committee

    1. The University Planning and Budget Council shall operate as the University Building and Facility Naming Committee (hereafter the Committee) when the need for such a committee arises. The function of the Committee is to advise the Chancellor of the University regarding the naming of buildings and facilities.

    2. The Chancellor of the University shall convene the Committee: (a) for advice concerning a name that has been suggested for a specific building or facility; or (b) when it has been determined that a name should be sought for a specific building or facility. In the latter case, the Chairperson of the Committee shall distribute appropriate guidelines, with a request for nominations for the naming of the specific building or facility to administrators, faculty, staff, and to students through the Student Senate, and to the Alumni Association through its Executive Director. Every nominator should submit his or her nomination in writing to the Chairperson. The deadline for receipt of such nominations shall be no later than thirty days after request for nomination is issued. The Committee, however, is free to consider names other than those suggested by the University community at large.

    3. Material on nominations will be distributed to members of the Committee in advance of the first meeting. The Committee shall meet weekly following the first meeting until its work is completed. The deadline for the Committee's recommendations to the Chancellor of the University shall be no later than sixty days after the first meeting.

    4. The names which the Committee recommends should be sent directly to the Office of the Chancellor of the University in order to protect the confidential nature of the naming process until final approval has been made.

    5. Nominations should be accompanied by the following support information:

      1. Persons

        1. Full name of nominee, including maiden name if applicable

        2. Date of birth and, if applicable, death

        3. Association with educational, political, or social institution(s)

        4. Relevant career history or experience suitable for nomination

        5. Significant honors

        6. Other pertinent comments

      2. Other names

        1. Appropriate rationale for the nomination
  2. Policy Guidelines

    1. Buildings

      No former full-time employee of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville shall be eligible. Exceptions to the above shall only be made in rare instances and with full justification. Any notable persons who have made significant contributions to society are eligible.

    2. All other indoor or outdoor structures, objects, and spaces (e.g., Rooms, Halls, Streets, Walls, Athletic Fields).

      Current members of the University Community are not eligible--except in unusual circumstances and with full justification. All former members of the University Community are eligible.

    3. Naming a new building or facility for a donor to the University may be considered when the donor's gift(s) are at least 25% of the total building/facility cost.

Approved by Chancellor/President effective 11/14/96
This policy was issued on November 14, 2002, replacing the January 2, 1997 version.
Document Reference: 6A1
Origin: OP 1/29/81; OP 9/12/83; OC 9/16/83; OP 7/17/91; OC 11/14/96

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