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Guidelines Concerning On-Campus Meal Purchases with University Funds - 5E1

The following guidelines establish the requirements for, and govern the use of, University funds (whether appropriated or non-appropriated) for the purchase of meals at on-campus food service facilities or through the Morris University Center catering service. The guidelines apply whether the purchase is effected by using a meal pass issued by the Morris University Center or is billed directly to a University account.

  1. Guidelines

    1. The conduct of official University business is essential to establish a legitimate use of University funds for the purchase of meals.

    2. University employees may not use University funds to purchase a meal for him/herself alone.

    3. The use of University funds to purchase meals for a group consisting solely of University personnel and conducting University business is not legitimate, unless the conduct of such University business could not be satisfactorily accomplished in any other way.

    4. The use of University funds to purchase meals when a University employee is hosting a guest of the University may be justified. Justification for the use of University funds in such instances rest upon the conduct of official University business.

  2. Administrative Responsibility

    Each functional area head shall be responsible for ensuring that charges for meal purchases by persons within their functional area are proper and legitimate within the context of these guidelines and for monitoring expenditure for such charges.

Approved by Chancellor effective 11/11/81
This policy was issued on November 12, 2002, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 5E1
Origin: OP 11/11/81

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