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Student Financial Aid Policies

Guidelines for Institutional Undergraduate Student Financial Assistance Programs - 4A1

The following guidelines are established recognizing that institutional resources for student aid are limited. The purpose of these guidelines is to direct the use of institutional aid resources to support University goals and objectives.

  1. All state and federal financial aid programs will be administered in accord with applicable laws, regulations, and agency policies.

  2. All undergraduate aid applicants (except participants in the Chancellor's Scholars Program and students seeking assistance only through the regular Student Work Program) will apply for the Pell Grant (Basic Grant) and for campus-based federal student aid programs. Illinois resident aid applicants will also apply for the Illinois State Scholarship Monetary Award Program.

  3. Aid support will be administered so that students are treated equitably with respect to the types of aid offered (gift, loan, and work) subject to the availability of funding in the different types of aid and to determinations in support of the goals identified in E.

  4. Students shall not receive duplicate aid from multiple sources.

  5. Tuition waivers will not automatically include waivers for mandatory student fees.

  6. Institutional financial aid programs will be utilized in support of these specific University goals:

    1. Attracting, recruiting, and retaining students of high academic ability.

    2. Attracting, recruiting, and retaining students who have recognized talents and abilities in fields associated with cultural development (such as music, art, and theater), or in recognized student activity areas such as journalism and forensics. The Advisory Committee (addressed in G.) will recommend talent areas or activities in which participation would qualify a student to be considered for such aid.

    3. Attracting, recruiting, and retaining students who have recognized skills complementary to the institution's intercollegiate athletics program, and who desire to participate in those programs.

    4. Attracting, recruiting, and retaining minority students who have the promise and desire to pursue courses of study that will prepare them for professions in which there is significant minority underrepresentation (e.g., business, computer science, engineering, mathematics, the physical sciences).

  7. An Advisory Committee on Student Financial Aid will be established. The Committee will report to the Provost. Responsibilities of the Committee will include: (1) periodic review and evaluation of the goals identified in F.; (2) recommendation of activities and talent areas for which students would be eligible to receive aid; (3) recommendations on the allocation of institutional waivers and other aid resources; (4) annual review of student wage rates and student employment policies; and (5) advising on policy matters relating to financial aid programs. The Committee shall select its chair from among its members.

  8. Membership of the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Aid shall include:

    1. Two students appointed by the Student Senate.

    2. One representative appointed by the Faculty Senate.

    3. One representative appointed by the University Staff Senate.

    4. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, or designee.

    5. The Vice Chancellor for University Relations, or designee.

    6. The Vice Chancellor for Administration, or designee.

    7. The Provost, or designee.

    8. The Director of Student Financial Aid.

Approved by Chancellor effective 3/28/89
This policy was issued on August 5, 2004, replacing the January 2, 1997 version.
Document Reference: 4A1
Origin: OP 9/11/87; OP 3/28/89; OP 11/5/90

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