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Textbook Rental

Textbook Program - 1P2

Textbook Adoption
  1. Adoption Rules. The following rules will govern textbook adoption:

    1. For each course offered by each department, one or more texts may be adopted at Textbook Service. (In cases in which more than one text is requested, approval of the Dean is required.) Each book will be in adoption for three years. After three years, the text may be re-adopted for another three year period or a new text may be adopted. (In cases where Textbook Service will not need to purchase additional books, a shorter readoption period may be permitted.)

    2. When a new adoption is received, previous adoptions will be removed from inventory. When new editions of texts in adoption are purchased, old adoptions will be removed from inventory. (The principle: only texts currently in adoption will be retained in inventory and only adopted books will be purchased.)

    3. Any adoption decision involving an exception to the above rules must be made by the Dean and approved by the Provost.

  2. Guidelines for Reducing Inventory

    1. As soon as the above adoption rules are in effect, reduction of current excess inventory will begin.

    2. Textbook Service will notify departments when texts are going to be removed from inventory so these departments have the opportunity to deal with disposal options. Textbook Service will make the determination of texts to be removed from the inventory.

  3. Procedures for Textbook Adoption

    1. The normal lines of communication for textbook adoption will run from the faculty member who initially chooses the text, to the chair who will then send appropriate adoption forms to Textbook Service. If more than one text is to be placed into adoption for a course, the chair will make a recommendation to the Dean, who then will inform Textbook Service.

    2. Any adoption request involving exceptions to the adoption rules must be approved by the Dean and Provost.

    3. Textbook Service will notify the academic departments of the due date for textbook adoption requests for the following term approximately two weeks after the beginning of the current term. Adoption due dates are as follows:

      1. Fall: April 1
      2. Spring: October 1
      3. Summer: March 1

      Orders received after the due date will not be guaranteed and must be approved by the Dean and Provost.

  4. Communication

    At least once annually, the Director of Textbook Service will report on textbook services and discuss any concerns with the Academic Deans.

  5. Textbook Service Discount Policy

    1. All undergraduate students are assessed a rental fee which entitles them to rent designated books for their registered courses or purchase the books at a discount. Since purchased books are not returnable, it is recommended that students first rent the books before making the decision to buy.

    2. During three weeks of each term specified by Textbook Service, special discounts will be offered to undergraduate students to purchase books currently rented. A graduated scale of discounts will be based on years of use.

  6. Purchase of Required Books Through Textbook Service

    The following practice will prevail:

    Graduate students enrolled in undergraduate classes may purchase books at the full retail price from Textbook Service.

Approved by Chancellor effective 4/28/08
This policy was issued on May 5, 2008, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 1P2
Origin: CC 3-81/82; OP 11/5/90; OP 6/3/91; CC 21-88/89; OP 8/2/95; OC 4/28/08

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