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Procedures for Graduate Program and Policy Recommendations - 1L11


    Programs: The Statutes of the Board of Trustees vest in the Graduate Faculty the responsibility for academic policy in Graduate School programming. This responsibility is delegated to members of the Graduate Faculty who are elected to the Graduate Council. The Graduate Council thus reviews all new or modified graduate program proposals emanating from the Graduate Faculty. When favorable Council action results, the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research will send the proposal, together with Council recommendations, to the chief academic officer, the Provost, who may then recommend the proposal to the Chancellor for submission to the President or the Board of Trustees, as appropriate.

    Simultaneously with the introduction of a program proposal to the New Programs Committee of the Graduate Council, copies of Forms 91 or 92 together with a single copy of the proposal will be sent to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee for possible review by appropriate Councils of the Senate. Such review shall extend primarily to budgetary considerations within the context of a broad University pursuit of accepted mission and goals. The Graduate Council, the Senate Executive Committee, and the Office of the Provost agree that the programmatic and academic content of Graduate School program proposals are not open to debate and decision by the Faculty Senate. All parties recognize, however, that review of programs for budgetary purposes without reference to program content is not feasible. Therefore, when and if other Councils of the Senate are called upon to review Graduate School proposals, they will request that a representative of the Graduate Council attend hearings as a resource person to provide explanation and clarification of program content.

    Policies: Policy recommendations having no budgetary or organizational implications will be sent to the Vice Chancellor by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and will become effective upon approval by the Provost.


    Graduate Council policy recommendations that are not associated with Graduate Faculty program proposals or internal administration of the Graduate School will be sent directly to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. It is understood that such recommendations may be referred to other Councils of the Senate, to the assembled Senate, or to the Chancellor. Communication of such recommendations to the Senate Executive Committee shall be the responsibility of the Chairman of the Graduate Council.

Approved by Provost effective 4/30/75
This policy was issued on April 3, 2000, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 1L11
Origin: VPP 4/30/75; OP 11/5/90

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