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On December 4, 2010, SIUE Police Department responded to the parking lots on the 500 side of Cougar Village in response to a call that two subjects were attempting to make entry into vehicles by checking door handles for unsecured vehicles. One victim reported an electronic device that he had placed in the center console had been stolen from his unlocked vehicle.

The two suspects were described by a witness as being black males, dressed all in black.

Crime reduction on campus requires the continued active support of the University community. The SIUE Police Department would like you to please take a moment to review the following tips to keep your vehicles from being burglarized:

  • ALWAYS LOCK YOUR CAR, no matter where you park; at school, at work, and even at home. Pocket the key.
  • NEVER LEAVE VALUABLES WITHIN SIGHT OF OTHERS. When you park your car, take your purse, cellular phone, compact discs, cameras and anything of value with you or put them in the trunk. If you have a detachable faceplate on your stereo, take it with you.
  • Check your vehicle daily. Should your vehicle become vandalized, damaged, or stolen, you will be able to assist the police in determining when the crime occurred.
  • Always make sure your windows are closed. Most professional thieves can unlock a car through a very small opening.
  • Do not leave important papers or credit cards in your vehicle, not even in the glove compartment.
  • Try to park in well-lighted areas.
  • If you have a car alarm, make sure to set it every time you leave your vehicle.
  • Be alert for suspicious people or circumstances, such as:
    • People in vehicles or bicycles who are riding around and around on parking lots;
    • People on foot on the parking lots who appear to be aimlessly walking around the parking lot, looking into cars, or trying to open car doors on different vehicles;
    • People who try to hide, duck down, or be inconspicuous when another person or vehicle approaches them;
    • Someone who appears out of place - you get a gut feel that they don't belong there;
    • Someone in an area that you know is closed, secure, or restricted;
    • Someone working in an area where work is not usually done; or
    • A stranger in an area where you normally see familiar faces
  • Fog provides the perfect cover for a burglary to your vehicle. On these foggy evenings and mornings pay extra attention to what goes on around you. If you see something occurring in a parking lot that makes you feel uneasy, call the police and have them check it out.
  • If you see something or someone that appears to be suspicious or out of place, call the police - immediately!

Although not all crimes can be avoided, look out for yourself and others. If you are a victim of a burglary/theft, if you witness a burglary/theft, or if you see something or someone suspicious, call the University Police immediately:

In an emergency situation dial 911; nonemergency dial 650-3324

Keep your eyes open and, please, if you see it or hear it, report it IMMEDIATELY!!

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