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Former Phi Kappa Phi Initiation Ceremony Speakers

1986: Betty Richardson, Faculty Member, Department of English Language and Literature

1987: Rosemarie Archangel, Faculty Member, Department of Health, Recreation, and Physical Education

1988: William Claudson, Faculty Member, Department of Music

1989: David Ault, Dean, School of Business

1990: Donald Strickland, Faculty Member, Department of Management, "Leadership as a Performing Art"

1991: Bradley Schmidt, Former Student Member, "Leadership for Today's Young Adults"

1992: Kurt R. Smith, Faculty Member, "On Being Alive"

1993: Eugene Redmond, Faculty Member, Department of English Language and Literature, "Wordworkings: Study, Struggle and Song"

1994: James Brown, Chancellor

1995: Nancy Belck, President, "Lending a Helping Hand"

1996: Andrea Spray, SIUE Graduate Fellowship winner and national winner, "Reacting Beyond the Grade"

1997: Ann Nalley, National Phi Kappa Phi President, "A Pattern of Excellence"

1998: David Werner, Chancellor, "SIUE and Phi Kappa Phi: Leaders for the New Millennium"

1999: Samuel Pearson, Professor Emeritus, Historical Studies, "What Happens to the Reader When the Book Becomes Hypertext?"

2000: David Sill, Acting Provost

2001: Janet McReynolds, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, "A Tapestry of Character"

2002: Ronald Schaefer, Faculty Member, English Language and Literature, "Wandering Through the Exotic"

2003: Kent Neely, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, "Loving Learning in Difficult Times"

2004: Kay Werner, Manager of Information Technology, East St. Louis Center, "My Second Greatest Gift"

2005: Terry Mathias, Phi Kappa Phi North-Central Region Vice President, "Phi Kappa Phi Today…and Tomorrow"

2006: Sharon Hahs, SIUE Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, "Thinking about Integrity"

2007: Paul Ferguson, SIUE Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs "Having the Heart of an Apprentice"

2008: Steve Hansen, Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Dean. "Effort in Good Faith: Lessons from Kurt Vonnegut, Winston Churchill, and My Dog, Boo."

2009: John Danley, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences (Interim) and Professor of Philosophy. "Artisanship - Loving one's craft."

2010: Eric Ruckh, Associate Professor of Historical Studies, "The Vocation of Education."

2011: Jeffry Harrison, SIUE Student Trustee, "Stories."

2012: Ed Sewell, Distinguished Research Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

2013: Aldemaro Romero, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

2014: Ron Schaefer, Director, International Affairs and Distinguished Research Professor

2015: Nasir Almasri, Student Body President, The Love of Learning and the Art of Teaching: Transforming Education in the 21st Century

2016: Julie Holt, Faculty Member, Department of Anthropology, Who ever said you can’t have it all?

Former Phi Kappa Phi Honors Convocation Speakers

1990: Rudy Wilson, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

1991: Sid Denny, Professor, Anthropology

1992: Thomas F. Eagleton, Attorney, Thompson and Mitchell

1993: John Rider, Professor Mass Communications

1994: Johnetta Haley, Professor Emerita, Special Assistant to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

1995: Sharon Hahs, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

1996: Wayne Santoni, Professor, Historical Studies

1997: Allison Funk, Associate Professor, English Language and Literature

1998: Shirley Portwood, Professor, Historical Studies

1999: Stanford Levin, Professor, Economics

2000: Duane Stock, Professor of Finance, Director of the Division for Financial Affairs, University of Oklahoma

2001: Elizabeth Fonseca, Associate Professor, Foreign Languages and Literature

2002: F. Marian Smith, Professor, Biological Sciences

2003: Charles Berger, Professor, English Language and Literature

2004: Susan Thomas, Associate Professor, Psychology

2005: Donald Elliott, Professor, Economics and Finance

2006: Margaret Simons, Professor, Philosophy

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