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Congratulations to our Chapter President, Laura Pawlow, who was selected PKP Volunteer of the Month for September 2015   Read all about it!


Congratulations to:

  • Luke Settles is the winner of our Graduate Fellowship contest.  This award is for outstanding seniors who intend to continue on to graduate or professional study. Luke received $1000 for his first year of graduate study from our local chapter and now will compete at the national level.  Every year, the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi awards fifty-one Fellowships of $5,000 each and six at $15,000 each to members entering the first year of graduate or professional study – we wish Luke the very best of luck as he competes at the national level! 
  • Jay Kemp is the winner of our Undergraduate Scholarship.  This award is for outstanding juniors or seniors; this year the competition was tough with 8 exceptional applicants!  Jay received a scholarship of $1500 to be applied to undergraduate or graduate tuition/fees at SIUE. 
  • Victoria Mizel, Kristen Sleeper, and Megan Linskey are respectively our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of our Undergraduate Paper Contest.  The competition of scholarly essays or research papers from any academic discipline was very fierce this year with 25 exceptional papers submitted!  The winners receive $500, $300, and $200 awards. 


Past Recipients


Undergraduate Scholarship Awards

     Jennifer Roberts

Undergraduate Paper Competition

     Jennifer Roberts - 1st Place

     Victoria Mizel - 2nd Place

     Kiley Herndon - 3rd Place

Graduate Fellowship Award

     Stephanie Link

Love of Learning Awards

     Ronald Schaefer

     Marilee Teasly



Undergraduate Scholarship Awards

John Wendler

Aslin Rose Fanning

Han Nguyen

Undergraduate Paper Competition

First Prize: Jason Mathews

Second Prize: David Trotter

Third Prize: Matthew Opel

Graduate Fellowship Award

Not Awarded


Undergraduate Scholarship Awards

Bradley R. Rimmert

Kyle A. McCullough

Undergraduate Paper Competition

First Prize: Laura E. Thompson

Second Prize: Erik Zimmerman

Third Prize: Nick Zyznieski

Graduate Fellowship Award

Jason Michael Scott


Undergraduate Scholarship Awards

Tiffany Tate

Undergraduate Paper Competition

First Prize: David Aye, The Code of Code Switching

Second Prize: Daniel John Carroll, Did Richard Wagner Have Borderline Personality Disorder?

Third Prizes: Elizabeth Knutsen, Virulent Science and Antiquated Ideas

and: Sarah Wion , Marketing Sexuality: Improving the Autonomy of Women through Legalized Prostitution


National Graduate Fellowship Award

Erin D. Hocking

Chapter Award of Excellence

Erica N. Queen

Undergraduate Scholarship Awards

Laurie A. Baronet

Lori J. Belknap

Undergraduate Paper Competition

First Prize: Allison F. Gray, The Relationship between Linguistic Fractionalization and Economic Performance

Second Prize: Rebecca R. Barton, The Height of Titan's Genius

Third Prize: Erin D. Solomon, Conservatism and Attitudes toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help: An Exploratory Study


National Graduate Fellowship Winner

Sarah J. Kuehnel, SIUE Chapter's Graduate Fellowship Award winner. Also the winner of the National Chapter's Graduate Fellowship.

Undergraduate Scholarship Award

Amanda D. Hogan

Graduate Fellowship Nominee Award

Sarah J. Kuehnel

Chapter Award of Excellence

Janella D. Moy

National Award of Excellence

Amy Winkler has won an Award of Excellence from the National Chapter.

Sandy Miles

Undergraduate Paper Competition

First Prize: Christina S. House

Second Prize: Melissa S. Gillespie

Third Prize: Anna M. Schumacher

National Phi Kappa Phi Awards

Allan Ho (Unsung Hero Award)


Most Impressive Program to Promote the Pursuit of Excellence, for the Honor Student Seminar Series coordinated by Janet McReynolds and Karen Patty-Graham

Meritorious Service Awards

1992-93 - John Rider

1993-94 - Rosemarie Archangel

1994-95 - Kent Perry

1995-96 - Harlan Bengtson

1996-97 - Janet McReynolds

1997-98 - Ik-Ju Kang

1998-99 - Alan Stueber

1999-2000 - Donald Strickland

2000-01 - Karen Patty-Graham

Life Membership Awards

1994-95 - Lynn Kluth

1997-98 - Samuel Pearson

1998-99 - Linda Funkhouser

1999-2000 - Barbara Quinn Schmidt

2000-01 - Robert J. Ziegler

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