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IPPE 1st Professional Year Activities & Dates

Introductory Pharmacy Practice I: Professional Role Observations (PROS)
Student Academic Level: P-1 (1st Professional Year)
The purpose of this entry-level introductory practice experience is to enhance student awareness of the role of pharmacists in various pharmacy practice settings. Students receive several hours of classroom preparation on the course expectations prior to the start date of the experience.
As part of the on-site rotation that can best be described as "sophisticated shadowing" each student

  • maintains documentation of exercises completed and validation of preceptor review
  • maintains a task-oriented portfolio
  • gives a basic oral presentation
  • conducts a small project

Professional Role Observations (PROS) is a one-week experience for P1 students in the fall semester. PROS covers 64 hours over a two-week period. Students change practice sites for the second week (i.e. students at a community site will change to a hospital site). Rotations are generally four eight-hour days but may be modified to alternative schedules best conducive to learning at a particular site.

Service Learning
Service learning is a form of experiential education in which students engage in activities that address human and community needs together with structured opportunities designed to promote student learning and development. Students in their first professional year are enrolled in a service learning course during the spring semester. Students participate in the designated service learning project during a three-week time span in which they have no curricular obligations.


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