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Expanding Pharmacy Global Opportunities

The development and enrichment of global health education opportunities are a part of the SIUE School of Pharmacy's strategic initiative.  Global partnerships have significantly grown over the years, opening up numerous initiatives for both students and faculty.  The primary focus is on enhancing students’ cultural competency and understanding of healthcare delivery across the world. 

Students who participate in global opportunities through the SIUE School of Pharmacy gain a better understanding of different cultures and socioeconomic factors, exposure to alternative medicines and therapies, as well as the chance to travel internationally. Click here to show how School of Pharmacy students have become inspired after a recent trip to Jamaica

Be A Part of the Cause

There are opportunities for you to support these global experiences by directly participating, donating supportive materials, or sponsoring a student's experience with gifts of different sizes.

Exploring New Opportunities

SIUE School of Pharmacy supports exploration of many global education opportunities. Independent Studies, Capstone Projects, APhA-ASP International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) are just a few of the ways to create new partnerships and open the door for more global experiences. Students gain cultural awareness, exposure to health disparities, world perspective, understanding of diverse healthcare systems, alternative medicine knowledge, maturity, tolerance, and compassion from global education experiences. SIUE School of Pharmacy has engaged in sending and receiving students from several countries including Australia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Hungary, India, Israel, Jamaica, Poland, Portugal, and Venezuela. We are continually exploring more sites and global partners. Pharmacists may volunteer to facilitate participation in an experience or sponsor a student. 

To Make a Gift to the "Pharmacy Global Education Experiences Fund" click here

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