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Ron Worthington

Ronald E. Worthington

Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Phone: 618-650-5168
Fax: 618-650-5145
Personal webpage:

Teaching: Pharmacogenomics, Molecular Biology, Personalized Medicine, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
A.B., 1974, Washington University in St. Louis
Ph.D., 1982, Washington University in St. Louis
Postdoctoral, 1982-1986,GD Searle & C0, Washington University in St. Louis, Texas Tech Univesity School of Medicine

Recognized by the Office of the Provost as an SIUE Teacher-Scholar


Human genetic variation related to disease risk and drug response

  • Harvard Personal Genomes Project
  • Annotation of rare human genomic variants with large effect
  • Annotation of likely co-translational protein folding kinetic effects caused by silent codon mutations
  • Bioinformatics, computational biology


SIUE New Directions grant, "Participation in the Personal Genomes Project," 2011

National Science Foundation (NSF0538739) "Studies to prevent antibiotic resistance in ethanol fermentation", 2006 to 2009

National Cancer Institute, NIH, 5R23CA042902-04, “erythropoiesis and resistance to leukemia”, 1986-1989 


The "Dr. R. Worthington Award of Excellence", pharmacy student scholarship endowed by the School of Pharmacy, Class of 2012.

Selected Publications

Worthington R, Ball E, Wolf B, Takacs G. Method to Identify Silent Codon Mutations that may alter Peptide Elongation Kinetics and Co-translational Protein Folding. Methods in Molecular Biology 2017; 1647:237-243.(doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-7201-2_16).

Lee, A., Rusch, J., Huang, N., Worthington, R., Hess, R., and Donald F. Conrad. Discovery and in vivo experimental validation of a novel infertility factor in men and women. Submitted to Nature, December, 2017.

Hahn, E., Santanello, C., Worthington, R., & Ferguson, M. 2013. A Gender Gap Grade Analysis of Hard Sciences Courses in a School of Pharmacy. Creative Education, Vol.4 (10), 646-650.

Carroll RC, Worthington RE, Craft RM, Snider CC, Dakin PA, Wortham DC, Scott J, Jarrett A.: Post interventional cardiology urinary thromboxane correlates with PlateletMapping(R) detected aspirin resistance. Thrombosis Research 125: 118-122, 2010.

Kenneth M. Bischoff, Siqing Liu, Timothy D. Leathers, Ronald Worthington, Joseph O. Rich. Modeling bacterial contamination of fuel ethanol fermentation. Bioengineering & Biotechnology, 103:117-122, 2009.

Pharr PN, Hofbauer A, Worthington RE, Longmore GD., Residual erythroid progenitors in W/W mice respond to erythropoietin in the absence of steel factor signals. Int J Hematol. 2000 Aug;72(2):178-85.

Rubinstein, E., Carroll, R.C., Worthington, R.E., and C. Boucheix. Platelet activation by receptors for the Fc domain of IgG. Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis, 21:10-22, 1995.

Studies of Changes in Cytoplasmic pH and Membrane Potential Using Flow Cytometry, Ronald E. Worthington, Jean-Pierre Aubry, NATO Advanced Studies Institutes, Vol. 67 “New developments in flow cytometry”: 17 – 27, 1993.

Ryan, U.S., Worthington, R.E. Cell-cell contact mechanisms. Current Opinion in Immunology, 4(1): 33-7, 1992.

Diverse signalling pathways with different isoforms of vascular permeability factor (VPF). R. E. Worthington, J. Casperson, R. L. Nelson, T.G. Warren, D.T. Connolly, R.A. Wolfe. Journal of Cell Biology 115(3): 2342, 1991 (abstr.).

Boucheix, C., Benoit, P., Frachet, P., Billard, M., Worthington, R.E., Gagnon, J., Uzan, G. Molecular cloning of the CD9 antigen. A new family of cell surface proteins. Journal of Biological Chemistry 266(1): 117-22, 1991.

Worthington, R.E., Carroll, R.C. and C. Boucheix. Platelet activation by CD9 monoclonal antibodies is mediated by the FcgII receptor. British Journal of Haematology, 74:216-222, 1990.

Carroll, R.C., Rubinstein, E.,Worthington, R.E., and C. Boucheix. Extensive C1q-complement- initiated lysis of human platelets by IgG subclass murine monoclonal antibodies to the CD9 antigen. Thrombosis Research 59:831-839, 1990.

Carroll, R.C., Worthington, R.E., and C. Boucheix. Stimulus-response coupling in human platelets activated by monoclonal antibodies to CD9 antigen, a 24,000 Dalton surface membrane glycoprotein. Biochemical Journal 266:527-535, 1990.

Worthington, R.E. Calcium response to erythropoietin in erythroleukemia cells by flow cytometry. Experimental Cell Research 184(1):250-255, 1989.


Network analysis from student capstone project “Detection of possible pathway disruption resulting from silent codon mutations”, by Kasey Raetz, Candidate PharmD. 2016


Expression of CUB and Sushi multiple domains 1 (CSMD1) protein, along with the germinal stem cell marker MVH, during spermatiogenesis (from reference Lee et al. 2017)

MMB Fig 2_RWorthington

From Methods in Molecular Biology 2017;1647:237-243.
Fig. 2 Silent codon mutations of high codon usage rate change visualized in AvaitaBio iPathwayGuide software
for the TP53 signaling pathway. Predicted protein folding effects are proportional to color intensity. The results
suggest perturbation of the cell cycle arrest or apoptosis pathway (cell type dependent) regulated by tumor
protein p53. Key proteins in this pathway with large codon frequency changes include p53, MDM2, ATR, PIDD,
IGF-BP3, IGF, Cyclin B, and Cyclin D. Note: The original TP53 signaling pathway was obtained from the freely
available Kegg Pathway Database (http:/

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