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Gireesh V. Gupchup, PhD, FAPhA

Dean and Professor, SIUE School of Pharmacy 

Phone: 618-650-5150
Fax: 618-650-5152

Pharmacy Administration
B.Pharm., 1988, University of Bombay
M.S. (Industrial Pharmacy), 1990, University of Toledo
M.S. (Administrative Pharmacy), 1993, University of Toledo
Ph.D. (Pharmacy Administration), 1996, Purdue University Academic Leadership Fellow, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, 2006-2007
Fellow, American Pharmacists Association, 2010

Research: Health Services Research and Pharmacy Education

The focus of my research endeavors is the evaluation of the structure, processes and outcomes involved in the delivery of pharmaceutical and health care services and products in underserved populations. Also involved is the development and evaluation of instruments used to measure the structure, processes and outcomes of pharmaceutical services and products. Recently, consistent with my administrative responsibilities, I have conducted research in the area of student outcomes.

Representative Publications

Devraj, R., Gupchup, G.V. (2015). Health literacy based communication by Illinois pharmacists. INNOVATIONS in Pharmacy, 6(3), Article 212.

Marr-Lyon, L, Gupchup, G.V., & Anderson, J.R. (2012). An Evaluation of the Psychometric properties of the Purdue Pharmacist's Directive Guidance Scale using SPSS and R software Packages. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. 8, 166-171.

Devraj, R. & Gupchup, G.V. (2011). Identifying Aspects of Pharmacists’ Attitudes and Barriers towards Health Literacy: A Factor Analytic Study. Annals of Pharmacotherapy, 45, 771-779.

Devraj, R., Butler, L.M., Gupchup, G.V. & Poirier, T.I. (2010). Active-learning strategies to develop health literacy knowledge and skills. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 74(8), Article 137.

Shah, B.M., Gupchup, G.V., Borrego, M.E., Raisch, D.W., & Knapp, K.K. (2008) Depressive symptoms in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in the ambulatory setting: opportunities to improve outcomes in the course of routine care. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 48, 737-743.

Jakiche, R., Borrego, M.E., Raisch, D.W., Gupchup, G.V., Pai, M.A., & Jakiche, A. (2007). The cost-effectiveness of two strategies for vaccinating patients with Hepatitis C virus infection against hepatitis A and hepatitis B in the US. American Journal of the Medical Sciences 333, 26-34.

Gupchup, G.V., Hubbard, J.H., Teel, M., Singhal, P.K., Tonrey, L., Riley, K., Rupp, M.T., & Coultas, D.B. (2001). Developing a community specific health-related quality of life (HRQOL) questionnaire for asthma: the Asthma-Specific Quality of Life Questionnaire for Native American Adults (AQLQ-NAA). Journal of Asthma, 38, 169-178.

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