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Application typically opens in August

Deadline to Apply:  December 1, 2018


Incoming freshmen who enter SIUE directly from high school will be presented the opportunity to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree through the SIUE School of Pharmacy (SOP) early assurance program.  At SIUE, the early assurance program for pharmacy is called the Conditional Entry Program (CEP) and students must apply for consideration to the program as high school seniors.  Once accepted, the students in the CEP will be required to successfully complete two years of pre-professional study, achieve pre-defined academic criteria, and meet both CEP and professional standards before being granted admission to the four-year professional PharmD program.  The CEP is not the only route for admission into the PharmD program and ineligibility for CEP does not imply that a student is not qualified for SOP admission.  Other candidates for the PharmD program at SIUE are considered on a competitive basis using the traditional application process that is facilitated through PharmCAS and described on the SOP website here.

Eligibility Requirements

All students who wish to be considered for the CEP must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the Meridian Scholars Program at SIUE.  The Meridian Scholars Program is a premier program offering scholarships to students with strong academic ability, a record of personal achievement, and at least a 27 ACT or 1280 SAT.  Unlike the Meridian Scholars Program, the CEP is an early assurance program and not a scholarship program.  The CEP uses the Meridian Scholars Program application process to identify high achieving students eligible for CEP consideration.  The two programs are independent; the award status of a Meridian Scholarship does not affect CEP consideration and likewise, CEP consideration does not impact the selection process for a Meridian Scholarship.

Selection Process 

To be considered for the CEP Program, please complete the first two requirements highlighted below.

June 15th - December 1st                               

Apply to the Meridian Scholars Program and indicate pharmacy or pre-pharmacy as an intended area of study AND respond to the School of Pharmacy essay question.*

June 15th - December 1st Apply for undergraduate admission to SIUE
                           January  Selected applicants will receive an invitation to interview with the School of Pharmacy
                          February Interviews will be conducted on a designated Saturday at the School of Pharmacy
                              March Top candidates will receive a formal invitation to participate in the CEP**
                           May 1st Deadline to accept and return the CEP Agreement Form
                        May - July Attend a Springboard session at SIUE
                             August Classes begin

* On the Meridian Supplemental Profile, you will be asked to respond in 250 words or less to the following statement:  Why have you selected pharmacy as a career?  You are encouraged to compose your essay in a text-only word processor, review your essay for errors, then cut and paste the final version into the space provided on the application.

** CEP students may choose to apply to the SIUE Honor's Program.

Terms & Conditions

CEP participants will be required to accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. Students must meet with an academic advisor in the SOP at least once every semester prior to admission in the PharmD program.
  2. Students must meet the “Technical Standards for Admission and Continued Enrollment” at the time of enrollment in the SOP.  These standards are a requirement of all candidates for the PharmD degree and encompass the following categories: observation, communication, motor, intellectual, and behavioral/social attributes.  A full description of these standards may be found on the SOP website.
  3. Students must adhere to all SIUE policies and abide by the University’s academic code of conduct and student conduct code.
  4. Students must successfully complete all candidate screening criteria for the PharmD program including a drug screen and criminal background check.
  5. Students must meet all CEP academic and program requirements for SOP Admission as specified on this website.

CEP Requirements

CEP participants will be required to successfully complete pre-professional coursework, achieve pre-defined academic criteria, and meet CEP and professional standards before being granted admission into the four-year professional pharmacy program.  CEP participants will be held to a stringent set of academic standards in order to receive the guaranteed admission to the PharmD program.  Standards of achievement include both academic and program requirements as listed below.

Academic Requirements

­   By the end of the third semester (fall semester of the sophomore year), earn a minimum cumulative grade-point average (cGPA) of 3.5 for all college coursework; earn a minimum pre-pharmacy GPA (pGPA) of 3.5; and, earn a pre-pharmacy math and science GPA (msGPA) of 3.5.  In addition, the minimum 3.5 cGPA, pGPA and msGPA must be maintained by the end of the fourth semester (spring semester of sophomore year).

­   All enrolled courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

­   Grades from repeated courses will not be used in computing the cGPA, pGPA or msGPA.

­   Withdrawal from an enrolled course is not allowed without prior written approval from an academic advisor in the SOP.  In the event an approval to withdraw is granted, the entirety of the pre-pharmacy curriculum must still be completed according to the conditions listed above.

­   All non-SIUE coursework must be approved by an academic advisor in the SOP and the courses must articulate to SIUE courses through SIUE’s Transfer Credit Equivalency Guide.

­   AP and dual credit courses may be applied towards the completion of the pre-pharmacy curriculum but AP grades will not be included in cGPA, pGPA or msGPA calculations.

The SIUE pre-pharmacy curriculum must be completed by the end of the second spring semester after entering the University as a freshman.  No pre-pharmacy coursework may be completed in the summer term prior to enrollment in the PharmD program.

Program Requirements for matriculation to the Doctor of Pharmacy program

­   All CEP participants must submit the requisite SOP application materials (all items required for the traditional application process) through PharmCAS using the published application process and timeline.

­   All students must successfully complete the on-site interview and writing assessment during the traditional SOP interview schedule.

­   If at any point, a condition of the CEP is either violated or no longer achievable, a CEP participant will be removed from the program.  Students who are removed from the CEP may apply for admission to the PharmD program via the traditional method of application.

School of Pharmacy Admission

Upon meeting all academic and program requirements including the submission of the requisite materials and the successful completion of the on-site SOP interview and writing assessment, CEP participants will be admitted to the PharmD program and will occupy the first seats in the incoming fall SOP class. 

For more information on the Conditional Entry Program, contact us at or (618) 650-5150.

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