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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of Continuing Education is offered by SIUE School of Pharmacy?

The SIUE School of Pharmacy currently offers only one method by which pharmacists can earn earn continuing education credits: Live activities.

In this type of programming, participants are required to come to a specific site for a set number of hours to participate in a CE activity. In some instances, the live CE activity will be hosted on the internet, and participants will be required to log in to a secure website for the CE activity. In both methods, they are required to fill out a program evaluation form and attend all portions of the program for which they would like to receive continuing education credit.

In the future, we will offer Home Study Courses. These courses are designed to update pharmacists' knowledge of current concepts in pharmacy at their own pace, and in their own environment, without having to attend a live event. The courses will consist of written material covering a given subject, along with a post-test. Some home study courses may include an audio and/or a visual aid.

How many hours of CE do I need to maintain my license?

The amount of continuing education (CE) hours required to renew a pharmacy license varies from state to state. For specific information on your state requirements, view the NABP web site ate

Do I need a specific type of CE credit each year to maintain my license in Texas?

Individual states determine the number of contact hours needed per renewal period, and the content and types of activities that are acceptable. Please contact your state board for the most up to date requirements for content (e.g. HIV/AIDS), type (live CE requirements) etc., and what accrediting bodies they will accept.

How do I know if a CE program is ACPE-accredited?

To determine if a program is accredited by ACPE, look for the ACPE logo and a fourteen digit program number on information brochures regarding the program. If the program number is followed by a "P", it is accredited for pharmacists. If the program number is followed by a "T", it is approved for Technicians.

What should I do with the CE statement of credit that I receive?

You should keep the certificate in your records. Some states will conduct random audits of pharmacists upon renewal of their licenses, and may require this documentation. Should you misplace your statements, you can request a copy from SIUE for a $10 fee.

The ACPE and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) are developing a continuing pharmacy education (CPE) tracking service, CPE Monitor, that will authenticate and store data for completed CPE units received by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from ACPE-accredited providers. When it is fully operational, there will be no need for statements of credit to be issued by the CE provider. The system is scheduled to become operational in the fall of 2011. All pharmacists requesting CD will have to be registered for this through CPE Monitor to receive their credits. For more information and to register information, please go to

Are all the programs offered by SIUE School of Pharmacy approved for CE credit in Illinois?

Yes. The programs are approved for CE status in Illinois and in every state and territory that accepts Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) accredited programs.

What does ACPE-accredited CE mean to me?

ACPE is the national accrediting agency for pharmacy continuing education. ACPE assures the quality of continuing pharmacy education programs by evaluating the providers of CE and by monitoring the quality of their educational activities. ACPE also provides a basis for uniform acceptance of CE credits among the states. The SIUE School of Pharmacy is an ACPE-approved provider.

What is Continuing Professional Development?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an approach to lifelong learning being discussed as a potential model for pharmacists in the United States. CPD does not replace continuing education (CE), but CE will be an essential component of CPD. Its purpose is to ensure that pharmacists maintain their knowledge, skills, and competencies to practice throughout their careers in their specific area of practice, to improve the pharmacist's personal performance, and ultimately to improve patient and public health outcomes.

Can I register online for SIUE School of Pharmacy CE programs?

SIUE School of Pharmacy Continuing Education continues to research the possibility of online registration. Coordinating the secure transfer of personal information with CE-specific requirements requires extensive planning by information technology personnel at the university. Until this process is complete, At present, we are unable to register you for programs online. . We appreciate your patience as we continue to consider this option.

Other Questions?

If you have additional questions, please call SIUE School of Pharmacy, Continuing Education Office at 618-650-5135.

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