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William L. Neumann, PhD

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Phone: 618-650-5088
Fax: 618-650-5145

Organic/Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology


BS, 1983, University of Missouri Columbia
PhD, 1987, University of Missouri St. Louis


My laboratory focuses on two main research strategies:

  1. The development of new synthetic methodologies specifically geared for the rapid generation of new medicinally active compounds (peptides, peptidomimetics, lipid mediators).
  2. The design and synthesis of redox-active transition metal-based probes for the interrogation of biological pathways which involve reactive oxygen/nitrogen species such as peroxynitrite.

Areas of primary interest include: Synthetic organic, bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, with major focus areas of synthetic methods development; peptide chemistry, peptidomimetic design and synthesis, metal-mediated cross-coupling chemistry, metals and metal complexes in biological systems and biological chemistry of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.

Other interest areas include: The synthesis of polypharmacological chemical probes for the study of biological phenomena at the molecular, cellular and organism level; synthesis of functional multi-photon absorbing probes for cellular imaging, the synthesis of conditionally activated smart molecules for biomedical and defense applications; new polymer and nanostructure-based actives delivery systems.

Current Active Projects

  • Oxidant-triggered Fe(III)-aza-dipyrromethene peroxynitrite decomposition catalysts.
  • The design and synthesis of Mn(III)-dipyrromethene peroxynitrite decomposition catalysts.
  • Synthesis and chemical biology of sphingolipid immunomodulators

Selected Publications

Little, Joshua W.; Cuzzocrea, Salvatore; Bryant, Leesa; Esposito, Emanuela; Doyle, Timothy; Rausaria, Smita; Neumann, William L.; Salvemini, Daniela: “Spinal mitochondrial-derived peroxynitrite enhances neuroimmune activation during morphine hyperalgesia and antinociceptive tolerance.” Pain 2013, 154(7), 978-986.

Little, Joshua W.; Chen, Zhoumou; Doyle, Tim; Porreca, Frank; Ghaffari, Mahsa; Neumann, William L.; Salvemini, Daniela: “Supraspinal peroxynitrite modulates pain signaling by suppressing the endogenous opioid pathway.” J. Neuroscience 2012, 32,10797-10808.

Poreddy, Amruta R.; Neumann, William L.; Freskos, John N.; Rajagopalan, Raghavan; Asmelash, Bethel; Gaston, Kimberly R.; Fitch, Richard M.; Galen, Karen P.; Shieh, Jeng-Jong; Dorshow, Richard B: “ Exogenous fluorescent tracer agents based on pegylated pyrazine dyes for real-time point-of-care measurement of glomerular filtration rate.” Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2012, 20(8), 2490-2497.

Tim Doyle, Zhoumou Chen, Carolina Muscoli, Leesa Bryant, Concetta Dagostino, Jan Ryerse, Smita Rausaria, Andrew Kamadulski, William L. Neumann, and Daniela Salvemini: “Targeting the Overproduction of Peroxynitrite for the Prevention and Reversal of Paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy” J. Neuroscience 2012, 32, 6149-6160.

Kali Janes, William L. Neumann and Daniela Salvemini: “Anti-superoxide and anti-peroxynitrite strategies in pain suppression.” Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, - Molecular Basis of Disease 2012, 1822(5), 815-821.

Rausaria, Smita; Ghaffari, Mahsa M. E.; Kamadulski, Andrew; Rodgers, Kenny; Bryant, Leesa; Chen, Zhoumou; Doyle, Tim; Shaw, Michael J.; Salvemini, Daniela; Neumann, William L. “Retooling Manganese(III) Porphyrin-Based Peroxynitrite Decomposition Catalysts for Selectivity and Oral Activity: A Potential New Strategy for Treating Chronic Pain” J. Med. Chem. 2011, 54, 8658-8669.

Lee, Nam S.; Sun, Guorong; Lin, Lily Yun; Neumann, William L.; Freskos, John N.; Karwa, Amolkumar; Shieh, Jeng J.; Dorshow, Richard B.; Wooley, Karen L: “Tunable dual-emitting shell-crosslinked nano-objects as single-component ratiometric pH-sensing materials.” J. Mater. Chem. 2011, 21(37), 14193-14202.

Rajagopalan, Raghavan; Neumann, William L.; Poreddy, Amruta R.; Fitch, Richard M.; Freskos, John N.; Asmelash, Bethel; Gaston, Kimberly R.; Galen, Karen P.; Shieh, Jeng-Jong; Dorshow, Richard B: “Hydrophilic Pyrazine Dyes as Exogenous Fluorescent Tracer Agents for Real-Time Point-of-Care Measurement of Glomerular Filtration Rate.” J. Med. Chem. 2011, 54, 5048-5058.

Nam S. Lee, Lily Yun Lin, William L. Neumann, John N. Freskos, Amolkumar Karwa, Jeng J. Shieh, Richard B. Dorshow, Karen Wooley: “Influence of Nanostructure Morphology on Host Capacity and Kinetics of Guest Release.” Small 2011, 7, 1998-2003.

Smita Rausaria, Andrew Kamadulski, Nigam P. Rath, Leesa Bryant, Zhoumou Chen, Daniela Salvemini, and William L. Neumann: “Manganese(III) Complexes of Bis-Hydroxyphenyldipyrromethenes are Potent Orally Active Peroxynitrite Scavengers.” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 4200-4203.

Daniela Salvemini, Joshua W. Little, Timothy Doyle, William Neumann: “Roles of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species in Pain.” Free Rad. Biol. Med. 2011,51, 951-966.

Jennifer L. Sorrells, Ritu Shrestha, William L. Neumann, and Karen L. Wooley: “Porphyrin-crosslinked Block Copolymer Assemblies as Photophysically-active Nanoscopic Devices.” J. Mater. Chem. 2010, 21, 8983-8986.

Muscoli C, Doyle T, Dagostino C, Bryant L, Chen Z, Watkins LR, Ryerse J, Bieberich E, Neumman W, Salvemini D: “Counter-Regulation of Opioid Analgesia by Glial-Derived Bioactive Sphingolipids.” J. Neuroscience 2010, Nov 17;30(46), 15400-15408.

Viral V. Brahmbhatt, Carolyn J. Albert, Dhanalakshmi S. Anbukumar, Bryce A. Cunningham, William L. Neumann, David A. Ford: “ω-Oxidation of α-chlorinated fatty acids: Identification of α-chlorinated dicarboxylic acids.” J. Biol. Chem. 2010, 285, 41255-41269.

Anbukumar, Dhanalakshmi S.; Shornick, Laurie P.; Albert, Carolyn J.; Steward, Melissa M.; Zoeller, Raphael A.; Neumann, William L.; Ford, David A: “Chlorinated lipid species in activated human neutrophils: lipid metabolites of 2-chlorohexadecanal.” Journal of Lipid Research 2010, 51(5), 1085-1092.

William L. Neumann, Daniela Salvemini: “Targeting peroxynitrite driven nitroxidative stress with synzymes: A novel therapeutic approach in chronic pain management.” IUBMB Life Sciences, 2010, 86, 604-614.

Guorong Sun, Nam S. Lee, William L. Neumann, John N. Freskos, Jeng J. Shieh, Richard B. Dorshow, Karen L. Wooley: “A fundamental investigation of cross-linking effieciencies within discrete nanostructures, using the cross-linker as a reporting molecule.” Soft Matter, 2009, 5(18), 3422-3429.

William L. Neumann, Daniela Salvemini: “Peroxynitrite: A Strategic Linchpin of Opioid Analgesic Tolerance.” Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, 2009, 30, 194-202.

Nam S. Lee, Guorong Sun, William L. Neumann, John N. Freskos, Jeng J. Shieh, Richard B. Dorshow, and Karen L. Wooley: “Photonic Shell-Crosslinked Nanoparticle Probes for Optical Imaging and Monitoring.” Advanced Materials 2009, 20, 1-5.

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