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SIUE SOP Diversity and InclusionSIUE School of Pharmacy is committed to respect, civility, and the fostering of a harmonious community climate, open to diverse ideas and life‐experiences. Through cooperation, open communication, and inclusion of individuals, groups, and communities both regionally and abroad, we strive to promote good citizenship for the benefit of society and healthcare. We are fostering an inclusive environment for all and preparing students to serve our diverse world!

"At the SIUE School of Pharmacy we value diversity and inclusion deeply. One of the six goals in our strategic plan is to “cultivate diversity and inclusion” at the school. As a school we are not only preparing our students to be competent pharmacists, we are also preparing them for life. And it is imperative that to be effective, health care professionals understand and respect differences among their patients. We are therefore committed to firmly embedding diversity and inclusion into our culture.

A quote by Gandhi is perhaps the best epitome of what we at the SIUE School of Pharmacy value about our culture, “I do not want my house (school) to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stuffed. I want the culture of all lands to be blown about my house (school) as freely as possible.”

Gireesh Gupchup, PhD
Dean, SIUE School of Pharmacy

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