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The SIUE School of Pharmacy is committed to continuous program evaluation and improvement. The full assessment plan for the School of Pharmacy appears in the link below. The assessment plan outlines the types of data that is collected, how often it is collected, who is responsible for collecting the data, and who the data is disseminated to. The items that are assessed include: achievement of learning (knowledge, problem solving and critical thinking, oral communication, written communication, social awareness, life-long learning), stress and satisfaction with school experiences, faculty teaching, scholarship, service and collegiality, pre-pharmacy preparedness and effectiveness of student admissions decisions, effectiveness of academic programs, professionalism, success of student organizations, satisfaction with school graduates, satisfaction with student experiential education, perceptions of quality and ranking of school, contributions to society, and success of development and external outreach efforts.

AACP SOP Assessment Poster 2005
Assessment Plan
Annual Performance

Educational Outcomes for the Doctor of Pharmacy Program

The SIUE School of Pharmacy adopts the Educational Outcomes developed by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Center for the Advancement of Pharmaceutical Education (CAPE) as revised in 1998 and 2004. The competency statements and enabling objectives that guide the curriculum and co-curricular activities can be found in the link below:

Educational Outcomes

Strategic Plan

From 2003 to 2008 the School of Pharmacy operated from a Master Plan for hiring of faculty and staff. In 2008-2009 a new strategic plan for the school was outlined with input from students, faculty, staff and the School of Pharmacy advisory board. Seven strategic initiatives were outlined. These appear in the link below. Task forces have been created and the task forces and appropriate committees have received charges from the strategic plan and developed action item worksheets. The strategic plan takes the School through 2014; however, the plan is revisited yearly to reassess the appropriateness of each initiative and how the task forces and committees are moving forward on the items.

SIUE SOP Strategic Plan 2009-2014

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