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The Graduate School is happy to bring general or customized workshops to your meeting. For compliance-related topics, contact our Research Compliance Specialist. For topics related to finding funding, creating teams, writing proposals, etc., contact the Director of Grant Development. For topics related to managing funded projects and new PI training, contact the Director of Award Management. For topics related to intellectual property, contact the Director of the SIU Office of Technology Transfer. Click here for Contact Information.

ORP Workshop Schedule


August 18


Washington University in St. Louis

Simon Hall


One-on-one meetings with 14 federal agencies are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Local applicants who have been successful in tapping this valuable funding resource will share their stories from 1:00 – 3:00, and from 2:00 -3:00 a panel will discuss regional resources to help people interested in making an application.

While it is strongly recommended that small businesses and faculty attend together, it is not required. Faculty can benefit from learning how the programs work and how their work may dovetail with government priorities and commercialization opportunities.

To register, click here. Those who provide proof of attendance to the Graduate School will be reimbursed for the registration cost.


September 9


MUC Meeting Room A

Intellectual Property Policy and Process Overview

SIUE is now under the new system intellectual property (IP) policy. Rob Patino, Director of the SIU Office of Technology Transfer (OTT), will provide an overview of the policy, explain the services available through the OTT, and discuss the disclosure and evaluation process. Jo Ann Di Maggio May, Interim Director of the Metro East Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at SIUE, will explain the services available through the SBDC for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Introduction to the Grant Forward Funding Database

A new funding database called Grant Forward has arrived at SIUE to accommodate searches for external funding sources. Users have access to over 8,000 federal opportunities and 6,000 foundation opportunities in the arts, medical sciences, education, humanities, social sciences, business, technology, physical sciences, law, and more. Saving searches makes it simple to return to and revise your search terms. In addition, researcher profiles allow one to search the extensive database for qualified collaborators.
This one-hour session will introduce participants to profile creation and basic search methods in the database. No previous experience with databases is required.

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The Uniform Guidance

Information Session on New Federal Regulations Governing Grants and Contracts

Download the presentation slides here.

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Author Intellectual Property Rights in a Digital Publishing Environment

New tools and services make it easier than ever for authors to share research with the world, but authors often must balance the desire (or mandate) to share with the need to publish through traditional channels. This workshop will explore the current environment of policy and funding mandates for open access, challenges authors face and techniques for preserving the ownership and copyright of their intellectual property, and available tools to facilitate open access sharing of research and creative works.

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Speed Networking: The Science of Intervention

For educators, health workers, social workers, artists, and inventors, theoretical viewpoints have their limits when trying to understand the true problems experienced by students, patients, subjects and projects. Studies are needed on the most pragmatic approaches, tools and interventions used in our everyday practice. Researchers are interested in intervention studies measure the impact of applied models, study instruments, methods, techniques and outreach strategies. Disciplines interested in intervention studies may include: clinical nursing, pharmacy practice, social work, sociology, public policy, education, engineering, and others.

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ORCID and Your Online Scholar Identity

Today’s online tools have revolutionized the way scholars are able to search and find significant research and collaborators in their fields. The ability to locate a researcher’s profile and publications online now has broad implications for one’s research impact. One tool, called the ORCID, is providing a means for researchers to create a persistent digital identifier and online profile that a) creates automatic connections to one’s research productions and b) makes one more readily identifiable by fellow colleagues. This workshop provides a brief introduction to the ORCID and other author identifiers that allow one to showcase scholarly contributions.

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Speed Networking: Policy Research

 Many scholars conduct research in areas to generate information that can influence public policy. But what about the research of policy and policy creation itself? How policy is developed, created and enacted can tell us much about the ways governments and other agencies are able to respond to public need, global crises, and public will. In this speed networking session, we encourage researchers from all areas that encompass the exploration of policy and its impacts. Disciplines may include: the social and behavioral sciences, policy analysis, public and non-profit administration, communications, journalism, psychology, economics, management, philosophy/ethics, and political science.

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Graduate School Spring Symposium

Plan to attend the 19th Annual Graduate School Spring Symposium. The 2015 Symposium is scheduled for Tuesday, March 31st. Participate in such as the Graduate Student Poster Presentations and Scholarly Activity SLAM, Faculty Scholarship Display, Health-Related Speed Networking, and more.

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Speed Networking: Health Topics

Set to occur during the annual Graduate School Spring Symposium, this session aims to create new relationships among researchers interested in biomedical, social-behavioral, and bio-behavioral research. Practice your 3-minute “elevator speeches” as you participate in a fast-paced, fun event meant to expose you to research on campus as well as regionally and inspire you to establish new, productive relationships. Researchers will share their topics in an accelerated fashion with a group of researchers sharing similar interests. Topic areas will include a wide range of biomedical and biobehavioral research areas of participating faculty in order to facilitate collaborations.

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