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Professor George Engel and Collaborators Form Blendics, LLC

Blended Integrated Circuit Systems (Blendics) is a Saint Louis based company that provides System-on-Chip (SoC) design services to companies that wish to develop complex proprietary, low-power integrated circuits (ICs). The company was organized as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) on May 22, 2007 in order to transfer to the public the results of research carried out at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) and Washington University in Saint Louis (WUSTL).

Founding members were Jerry Cox, Dave Zar, George Engel, and Tom Chaney. Engel has been a professor in SIUE's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering since 1993 where he teaches courses in analog/digital electronics and IC design. Dr. Engel serves as vice-president of Blendics.

The research at SIUE and Washington University which led to the formation of the company started with a 2005 SIUE FUR (Funded University Research) grant and a WUSTL "Bear Cub" grant. This initial collaborative effort resulted in a U.S. patent (Design of instantaneously restartable clocks and their use such as in connecting clocked subystems using clockless sequencing networks, Patent Number 7243255, 2007, United States of America.)

Blendics is currently partnering with researchers at SIUE and Washington University to develop proof-of-concept designs which utilize the company's revolutionary design methodologies. Since 2007, research at SIUE has been funded by both Phase I and Phase II STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer Research) grants. Several SIUE graduate students have helped develop the technology that Blendics is built on, and one foreign graduate student was employed by the company for a brief time before returning to China.

The company hopes to hire more SIUE graduates. The company's future looks bright with significant investments expected before year's end. To read more about Blendics, see

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