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Title: A Combined-Loop Magnetic Refrigerator
Project Leaders: Serdar Celik, Chris Euler, and Mehmet H. Kural
Unit: Mechanical Engineering (SIUE)
Executive Summary: This invention is related to a magnetic refrigerator where a magnetocaloric material is used which heats up when a magnetic field applied on it and cools down when the magnetic field is removed. In a general reciprocating magnetic refrigerator, a heat transfer fluid which is driven by a circulation pump flows through a heat exchanger-magnetocaloric material assembly and absorbs the heat when the material heats up. Due to space restrictions, heat exchanger designs are limited to compact models. The invention involves a compact and efficient heat exchanger along with a solenoid valve so that a compact magnetic refrigerator is achieved. In this invention, the warm and cold sides of the cycle are combined using a solenoid valve so that the one single loop is shared by both warm and cold fluids. Hence less space is occupied making it feasible for magnetic refrigeration systems to be applied to domestic refrigerators.
Patent Status: US patent application 20120222428 published September 6, 2012.
Contact: Susan Morgan, Associate Dean for Research, (618) 650-2171.
Title:   Methods For Treating Chronic Pain
Project Leaders: Bill Neumann (SIUE), Smita Rausaria (SIUE), and Daniela Salvemini (SLU)
Unit: School of Pharmacy (SIUE)
Executive Summary: One third of Americans suffer from some form of chronic pain, (30% being resistant to analgesic therapy), making it a significant health problem with serious economic impact (estimated cost of approximately $100 billion annually). Chronic pain associated with inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and chronic neuropathic pain is often difficult to treat in the clinic due to insufficient understanding of the nociceptive pathways involved. Current drug regimens are marginally effective and often display unacceptable side effects. Over the past decade, our multidisciplinary team has produced experimental results which clearly implicate the overproduction of peroxynitrite as a key mediator of inflammatory and chronic pain states in addition to the development of morphine-induced hyperalgesia and antinociceptive tolerance. Thus, the direct scavenging of this neurotoxic entity by small molecule drugs which act in enzyme-like catalytic fashion provides an unconventional approach to a completely novel analgesic strategy.
Brief Description: This invention relates to our design and synthesis of new membrane-permeable and orally active transition metal complexes which behave as catalysts for the decomposition and/or reduction of peroxynitrite in vivo.
Patent Status: US patent application 20120135973 published May 31, 2012.
Contact: Susan Morgan, Associate Dean for Research, (618) 650-2171.
Title: Digitial Potentiostat Circuit and System
Project Leaders: Bradley Noble and Micheal Shaw
Unit: Electrical and Computer Engineering; Department of Chemistry (SIUE)
Executive Summary: Research in fuel cell and solar cell technology requires the use of a "potentiostat", i.e. a device which can measure current output at carefully controlled electrical potentials. Our work has been to use inexpensive, programmable PSOC chips to design and demonstrate working models of digital potentiostats. Inexpensive yet high-quality potentiostats would benefit both research and education applications: hands-on experience with real electrochemical systems from the high-school through college level would lead to a generation with fundamental understanding of how energy-producing cells work.
Patent Status: US patent application 20120205258 published August 16, 2012.
Contact: Susan Morgan, Associate Dean for Research, (618) 650-2171.
Title: Bacteriocin/Bacteriophage Derived Methods to Control Lactic Acid Bacterial Growth
Project Leader: Ron Worthington
More information: Patent issued - Click title link above for more information.
Unit: School of Pharmacy
Executive Summary: The invention relates to compositions and methods for protection against bacterial contamination.
Contact: Susan Morgan, Associate Dean for Research, (618) 650-2171.
Title: Scale-Up of Corn Kernel Fiber or Whole Stillage Fermentation
Project Leader: Sabrina Trupia
Executive Summary: This invention transforms current ethanol plants into integrated biorefineries capable of production of ethanol via various non-food (aka second-generation) feedstocks.
Patent Status: US patent pending.
Contact: Susan Morgan, Associate Dean for Research, (618) 650-2171.
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