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Guidelines for the 2016 Distinguished Research Professor Competition are in development. The estimated deadline is set for November 23, 2015. Please keep abreast of this website for further deadlines. The previous year's guidelines below may be used as a guide until the 2016 updated guidelines are posted.


Past Winners


The SIUE Distinguished Research Professor is an academic rank awarded to SIUE faculty members in order to recognize outstanding and sustained contributions to research and creative activities.


Tenured members of the SIUE faculty who have held the rank of Professor at SIUE for at least five years are eligible for this recognition.

Nature of Award

The Distinguished Research Professor rank recognizes faculty members who have made an outstanding contribution to research as a result of their continued commitment to scholarship beyond the period of their promotion to Professor. Recipients of the Award will be recognized with the rank of "SIUE Distinguished Research Professor" for the duration of their tenure at SIUE. The recipients will be officially listed as “Distinguished Research Professor of [name of academic discipline].”

Recipients of the rank of “Distinguished Research Professor” will receive a $1,000 increase in their academic year base salary. They will also be provided with one semester of Assigned Time for Research, at a time to be negotiated with their department chair and school/college dean. Additionally, recipients of the “Distinguished Research Professor” rank will receive a medallion to be worn with their academic regalia, and their names will be placed on plaques displayed in the Rendleman Building.

The SIUE Distinguished Research Professor recognition will not be given automatically; it will only be awarded to nominees demonstrating superior merit. Therefore, although up to two awards may be given each year, the rank will be awarded only in years in which there are deserving applicants.

Application Procedures

Completed applications are due in the Graduate School by 4:30 p.m. on the due date. The completed application consists of the following:

1) A completed cover sheet.

2) A detailed introductory description, of no more than five (5) pages, supplying evidence of the significance of the research or creative activity and the level of sustained activity at the rank of Professor. The description should highlight activities that demonstrate a sustained commitment to scholarship subsequent to the nominee's promotion to full professor.

Include research or creative activity achievements in the following areas:

• involvement in externally-sponsored research or creative activities;

• significant publications and/or nationally or internationally recognized exhibits, or productions

• nationally or internationally significant presentations;

• significant impact of the scholarship upon the discipline;

• mentoring of students and faculty in research or creative activities;

• significant service to the dissemination of research or creative activities through professional organizations.

Statements outlining activities in the above areas should demonstrate ways in which the applicant has accomplished particular “distinction” in the field. Such benchmarks of distinction may include, but are not limited to:

• invitations to serve as a plenary speaker, member of a conference organizing committee, or thesis board member, etc.

• invitations to serve as editor of a significant journal in the field

• evidence of publications that have a high impact rating (h-index)*

• evidence of publications in journals with a high impact rating (h-index)*

• evidence of externally-funded research or creative activity with the applicant serving as the Project Director.

**Note: Applicants may improve the strength of their impact statement by providing quantifiable evidence of the impact of their publications. For more information on gathering this information, applicants may contact their subject librarians or refer to the LibGuide “Your Research Impact” by Jamie Conklin and Therese Dickman on the Lovejoy Library Website.

3) A minimum of five letters of support, solicited in consultation with the applicant’s department chair or associate dean, that address the applicant’s sustained contribution to research and/or creative activities. At least three of the letters must come from faculty and/or distinguished colleagues from outside the University. One of the remaining letters must be from the applicant’s department chair or, if needed, associate dean. Department Chairs are strongly encouraged to assist the applicants in targeting distinguished external peers to provide letters of support.

Applicants must provide a cover sheet for each recommendation letter summarizing the expertise of the recommender to testify to the applicant’s contribution to the field. The cover sheet should also describe the relationship of the recommender to the applicant and list any shared publications, shared committee activity, or other collaborative work. This summary will be employed by the Committee to determine the significance of the recommender to the field and the relationship to the applicant.

4) Curriculum Vitae
Applicants should provide an up-to-date curriculum vitae.

5) Relevant Appendices in support of the application. These may include selected samples of publications or other works since promotion to full professor.

Selection Criteria

The Graduate School will appoint an ad hoc review committee consisting of experts in fields relevant to those of the applicants. The review committee shall assume responsibility for reviewing applications and making recommendations for the SIUE Distinguished Research Professor Award to the Graduate School. The evaluation of nominees will include, but is not limited to, consideration of the following:

• the record of research or creative activity that is original and that the nominee has sustained while at the academic rank of Professor;

• the significance of the nominee's work to the discipline; and

• the extent to which the nominee is recognized not only by colleagues but also by distinguished scholars in the field.

The review committee will recommend to the Graduate School only those nominees who have made a significant and sustained contribution to the scholarship of the discipline.

Definition of Research

Research is broadly defined as all creative, critical, scholarly, and/or empirical activity that expands, clarifies, reorganizes, or develops knowledge or artistic perception. This definition of research includes the demonstration, implementation, application, and dissemination of research results. The definition of research includes the scholarship of discovery, the scholarship of application, the scholarship of integration, and the scholarship of teaching. This definition of research does not include departmental curriculum development, faculty development (learning an established technique, a language, or a methodology; dissertation research), institutional research (studies related directly to the operation of the University), and public service and consulting activities.


  • December 4, 2014 - Completed applications are due to the Graduate School by 4:30 p.m.

  • January-March: The Evaluation Committee analyzes application materials, requests more information if necessary, contacts outside evaluators and referees, etc., and makes recommendations for the award to the Graduate School.

  • Beginning of March, 2015: Award announced

  • March 31, 2015: Award is formally presented at Graduate School Research Symposium Luncheon

  • Summer 2015: Award disbursement made through University payroll system.


Program Guidelines

Application Cover Sheet

Past Winners

2014 Distinguished Research Professor: Albert Luo

2013 Distinguished Research Professor: Majid Molki

2012 Distinguished Research Professors: Richard Brugam, Keqin Gu

2011 Distinguished Research Professors: Allison Funk, Edward Sewell

2010 Distinguished Research Professors: Steve Rigdon and Ronald Schaefer

2009 Distinguished Research Professors: Margaret (Peg) Simons, Leah O'Brien

2008 Distinguished Research Professors: Paul Dresang, Ursula Ledzewicz

2007 Distinguished Research Professors: Rik Hafer, Krzysztof Jarosz

2006 Distinguished Research Professors: Timothy Patrick, Marian Smith

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