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Concept Commercialization Award

1. Award Goals and Scope

The Concept Commercialization Award (CCA) will stimulate interest in and involvement with intellectual property development and commercialization to promote public health, safety, and welfare of the community and the economic welfare of the University.  It will support the work of SIUE discoverers and inventors and support the surrounding community by encouraging industry investment.

The award is primarily intended for patentable inventions or discoveries but can also apply to trade secrets and copyrightable materials.  (Hereinafter, "invention" refers to a patentable discovery, trade secret, or copyrightable material.) The function of the award is to help advance an invention by covering costs not otherwise met by the University or other means. Such costs include, but are not limited to, prototype development, travel to meet with interested companies or potential investors, contracting with outside consultants, and development of co-products (such as pedagogical materials). The award may not be used to supplement applicant salaries, support basic research and development, or to fund work on an idea that has not yet demonstrated a strong likelihood of marketability as intellectual property. Disclosure of the invention is a requirement for eligibility, and MUST be done at least one month prior to the application submission deadline.

Awards will be given annually based on funding availability. Each application can request up to $15,000. Recipients cannot receive the award for consecutive funding cycles for the same invention.

2. Eligibility

2.1. Applicants All current SIUE employees and students are eligible for the award.  External collaborators are acceptable, but the applicant (i.e., principal investigator, or PI) must be an SIUE employee or student who is listed as an inventor on the associated invention.

2.2. Inventions  Patentable discoveries, trade secrets, and copyrightable material covered under the current University Policy Concerning Intellectual Property ( are eligible as long as the invention is currently active and has not been abandoned, gone expired, or been released to the inventor(s). The invention must have commercialization potential.

3. Application Process and Procedures

3.1. Application Requirements Applications must be submitted on the CCA Application form following the instructions.

3.2. Application Process and Deadlines Applicants must disclose their inventions to the SIUE Office of Research and Projects (ORP) at least one month before the application submission deadline.  Applications will be due by 4:30 p.m. the first business day of March.

4. Selection Criteria

Each application will be assigned a score and ranked based on the review criteria listed below.

  • Value: The invention should have both monetary and societal value (primary evaluation criterion).
  • Well-Conceived Plan: A well-conceived plan must be presented for development of the invention.
  • Intellectual Property Merit and Scope of Protection: Inventions with existing or developing intellectual property protection will be viewed more positively and patentable inventions will be viewed more positively than trade secrets and copyrightable material.
  • Market Transferability: The invention should have a strong likelihood of being transferred to the market or made available for the benefit of the community.
  • Business or Legal Consultations: Prior business or legal consultations, small business development initiatives, or interested potential licensees will be viewed positively.

Consideration will also be given to whether the applicant has received an externally-sponsored award for the same invention and the state of market readiness of the invention.

5. Selection Process and Procedures

5.1. Selection Committee The CCA Committee (CCAC) will be comprised of the following, assuming they are not current applicants:  Graduate School representative appointed by the Associate Provost for Research (APR), School of Business representative appointed by the Dean of the School of Business, and two members external to the University appointed by the Dean of the School of Business in consultation with the APR.

5.2. Ranking Process After the application submission deadline for a funding cycle, the CCAC will review all eligible applications. The members will assign scores to and rank each application based on the selection criteria.  The Director of the SIU Office of Technology Transfer or designee will serve as a consultant as needed.

5.3. Allocation Process The CCAC will develop funding recommendations for the APR. If the total funding requested by meritorious applications exceeds the available funds, the CCAC may recommend reduction of the submitted budget of some or all of the applications. If the total funding requested by meritorious applications is less than the available funds, the excess funds will be retained until the next funding cycle.

5.4. Terms and Conditions of Award Funding will be provided as milestones in the accepted proposal are met.  Therefore, periodic progress reports are required.  At the end of the funding period, awardees will be required to submit a final report.  An award recipient who does not submit required progress reports may be ineligible for continued funding of the award. 

An award recipient who does not submit a CCA final report within the allotted timeframe may be ineligible to receive future Graduate School funding. 

At one calendar year after the date of the award start, any remaining money will be returned to the CCA Fund.

Recipients may use award money for items not included in the budget if: 1) expenses listed in the budget have been met, 2) the extra expenses are allowable expenses under the award, and 3) a CCA Budget Change Form is submitted and approved by the APR.  Substantial unapproved alterations in budget use (i.e., using award money budgeted for travel or PI salary) will result in ineligibility to receive future awards.

The terms and conditions of this award are subject to review and may change at any time without advance notice.

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