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Budget Preparation

This is where you will find the Budget Preparation package that should help streamline the process of creating your grant budget. Contact information for our Pre-Award Staff can be found here:

Budget Preparation Tools
Budget Preparation Guidelines
Overall Award Preparation Checklist
Budget Worksheet/Template

Budget Preparation Tools

Budget Worksheet
Quick Grant Reference - contains institutional information, eg. mileage, fringe rates, student salary rates



The following elements should be considered when constructing a budget for direct cost support from a funding agency:

1. Salaries and Wages
a) Institutional policy on academic year salary recovery
b) Summer Salary
c) Graduate Students (salaries or stipends?)
d) Technical Support
e) Clerical Support
f) Undergraduate Students
g) Postdoctoral research associates
h) Use of percent of effort
i) Increases for COLA (cost of living allowance) and merit-based

2. Fringe Benefits
a) Use correct rates; if multi-rates, are they applied correctly?

3. Equipment
a) Be aware of potential differences between equipment definitions (sponsor/institution)
b) Capitalization policy. SIUE's capitalization on equipment is $500.00 versus federal of $5,000.00

4. Expendable supplies and materials

5. Travel
a) Adhere to SIUE's policy and the funding agency guidelines
b) Distinguish between foreign and domestic travel
c) If foreign travel is required and is to be funded by a federal grant, federal international per diem rates should be used.

6. Subcontracts and consultants
a) Ensure that proposed costs are reasonable and allowable and that the authorized subcontract representative/consultant has signed the proposal or a confirmatory letter

7. Other
a) Communications
b) Publications
c) Animal Care Costs
d) Human Subjects Costs
e) Maintenance/service contracts
f) Computer Costs
g) Graphic Arts/photographic services
h) Rental/lease of facilities
i) Construction/renovation/remodeling costs

Inflationary adjustments should be considered, especially for multi-year grants.

*Include both Direct and F&A Costs
*Budget should be detailed
*Include only allowable costs
*If necessary, include matching or cost-sharing (if cost sharing is proposed it should be proportional between direct and F&A costs)
*Be consistent with funding agency policies and requirements

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It is not a bad idea to print out the following guidelines to consult as a checklist in preparation for managing your award.

AWARD & NEGOTIATION: Items for review

1. Statement of Work
2. Technical and other non-fiscal reporting
3. Period of Performance

1. Compensation (is overload allowed?)
2. Assignment (is effort reasonable)
3. Equipment Title (who retains title, SIUE or agency?)
4. Indemnification (SIUE cannot indemnify the sponsor)
5. Hiring restrictions
6. Restrictions on working with other sponsors
7. Publicity
8. Data Ownership
9. Proprietary information
10. Intellectual Property
11. Publication Restrictions
12. Termination
13. Use of Name
14. Warranties and Guarantees
15. Subcontractor status with sponsoring agency (debarred or suspended?)


1. Understand the Financial Reporting Requirements of your Grant
-Can the university accounting system accommodate your needs for keeping track of your expenditures or should you develop your own method of recording (e.g. - spreadsheet program)?

-Cost sharing or matching - are they real dollars or in-kind? what documentation should be maintained? how do you prepare a cost share report?

2. Rebudgeting
-Try to get the maximum flexibility
- Know whether your granting agency has instituted an institutional administrative authority policy or if prior approval is required.

3. Method of Reimbursement
- Letter or credit, cash reimbursement - monthly, quarterly, etc.

4. Withholding Payments
- Payment from funding agency should not be tied to deliverance, but should be based on best effort.

6. Travel Policy (usually travel policy is defaulted to University Policy).

7. Conflicts with state laws - are there conflicts - who supercedes who?

8. Transfers - what is allowable ? How are transfers handled and processed?

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