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SIUE Graduate School Guidelines for RCR Mentoring on NSF Grant Awards

RCR Training Requirements for Postdoctoral Researchers

The National Science Foundation requires submission of a Mentoring Plan for any postdoctoral researcher employed on an NSF grant.

Guidelines for developing the Mentoring Plan may be found in the most recent version of the NSF GPG Chapter II C.2.j

These guidelines outline the requirements for submitting a postdoctoral mentoring plan (max 1 page) in the Supplementary Documents section of the proposal. This plan must be included for any postdoctoral researchers "irrespective of whether they will reside at the submitting organization, any subawardee organization, or at any organization participating in  a simultaneously submitted collaborative project."

Applicants are encouraged to examine possible mentoring avenues, which may include but are not limited to "career counseling; training in preparation of grant proposals, publications and presentations; guidance on ways to improve teaching and mentoring skills; guidance on how to effectively collaborate with researchers from diverse backgrounds and disciplinary areas; and training in responsible professional practices."

Resources are provided below as references for possible research mentoring plans.

Recommended On-line Resources

Online Ethics Org:
RCREC Internet Course:

Recommended Reading, Books and Reports

ORI Select bibliography

NSF Engineering Ethics Workshop Materials and Report

National Academies of Science (1995): On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research (Social Foundations of Science, Values in Science, Data Management, Conflicts of Interest, Publication, Authorship and Credit, Error and Negligence, Misconduct, Social Responsibility)
Free online: http://

Barnbaum DR, Byron M (2001): Research Ethics: Text and Readings , Prentice Hall, New Jersey. (Overview, Ethical theories and principles, Ethics and study design, Use of human and animal research subjects, Data management, Conflicts of interest, Research misconduct)

Shamoo AE, Resnik DB (2002): Responsible Conduct of Research , Oxford Univ. Press, NY. (Research ethics, Use of animal and human subjects, Data management, Conflicts of interest, Collaboration and authorship, Publication and peer review, Genetics, Research misconduct, Science and society)

Bulger RE, Heitman E, Reiser SJ (2002): The Ethical Dimensions of the Biological and Health Sciences ,
Cambridge Univ. Press, NY. (Ethics and integrity, Responsible conduct of research, Use of human and animal subjects, Data management, Authorship and publication, Collaboration, Science and society)

Steneck NH (2004): ORI Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research . (Shared values, Use of human and animal subjects, Data management, Conflicts of interest, Authorship and publication, Peer review, Collaboration, Mentoring, Research misconduct)
Free online:

Macrina FL (2005): Scientific Integrity , ASM Press, 3rd ed., Washington, D.C.. (Responsible conduct of research, Ethical theories and reasoning, Use of animal and human subjects, Data ownership and recordkeeping, Conflicts of interest, Authorship and peer review, Collaboration, Mentoring, Genetics)

Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty , Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Burroughs Welcome Fund, 2006.
Free online:

Scientific Integrity AAAS/NAS Bibliography :

Recommended Reading, Journals

Science and Engineering Ethics
"A multi-disciplinary quarterly journal, launched in 1995, exploring ethical issues confronting scientists and engineers."

Accountability in Research
"The journal publishes originalempirical, methodological, policy and theoretical papers, cases studies, conference reports and book reviews that address issues of integrity and accountability in research."

Hastings Center Report
"Promoting thoughtful, balanced reflection on the ethical and social issues of medicine and medical science."

American Journal of Bioethics
"Each issue of AJOB includes Target Articles that zero in on a pressing problem in healthcare or biomedical science, followed by Open Peer Commentary articles written about the Target Article by scholars in many disciplines."

The Journal of Research Administration
The Journal "serves to provide articles covering the changing research environment worldwide, and to highlight quality and innovation in research administration."

Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics
The Journal "publishes empirical research and reviews of empirical literature on human research ethics…In addition, JERHRE seeks to create collaboration among institutions and researchers concerned about the responsible conduct of research."

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