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Export Controls: International Travel with SIUE or Personal Devices and Data

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Laptops, PDAs/cell phones, digital storage devices, data, and software are subject to federal export controls regardless of why you are traveling.  

Therefore, you must qualify for an exception or you may be required to obtain an export license.

The U.S. Department of Commerce's Export Administration Regulations (EAR) makes an exception to licensing requirements for the temporary export or re-export of certain items, technology, or software for professional use as long as the criteria outlined in the certification form are met.

The exception does not apply to:

· data that does not meet the fundamental research exclusion

· EAR satellite or space-related equipment, components, or software

· technology associated with high-level encryption products

· items, technology, data, or software regulated by the Department of State's International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

· when traveling to Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Libya, or Sudan.

A license from the U.S. government may be required if any of the above conditions apply, even when your travel is not for SIUE-related business. Written approval from the SIUE Office of Research and Projects is required if any of the above conditions apply and you are traveling on SIUE-related business.  For more information about obtaining an export license, contact the Associate Dean for Research at mailto:siueresearch@siue.eduor x2171. You should not take SIUE-owned equipment internationally except on SIUE-related business.

 US Customs officials are authorized to search or retain electronic devices—including digital cameras, cell phones, media players, and disk drives as well as the items listed above—even without probable cause, to look for violation of export control regulations as well as other laws and regulations.  Therefore, you may want to heed the following advice to reduce the time of any search.

  1. Leave behind any data you don’t want others to see—such as medical records, data files from your research, financial information, and photos.
  2. Have an alternative means of accessing data you will need when you reach your destination.
  3. Consider taking a device equipped with only ordinary, recognizable software and minimal data.
    • SIUE’s ITS has developed a program for international travelers to obtain clean laptops for use while they are abroad on SIUE-related business.  The laptops will provide both you and the University extra security in the event that the laptop is compromised and will assist both you and the University with maintaining export control compliance.  Below is the procedure.
    • To request a Clean Laptop for travel abroad, do the following. Email Sheryl Lauth in ITS at AND your name, eID, the date needed, and date to be returned.  Allow at least a week to prepare the laptop for travel.   ITS has a limited availability and requests will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.  The length of checkout should not be longer than a month.  If you must keep it longer, specify the reason in your request email.  Note that ITS may be unable to accommodate your request. VERY IMPORTANT:  Upon returning to the United States, your password will need to be changed as soon as possible.  DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD ON THE TRAVEL LAPTOP.

To satisfy recordkeeping requirementswhen traveling on SIUE-related business, file a signed copy of the Professional Temporary Export License Exception Form with the Associate Dean for Research (Box 1046) at least 2 weeks before you travel. Provide a detailed description of the item(s), including brand/model and SIUE inventory code. A snapshot of the program files list from a computer is adequate.

Remember that applications for travel support must be submitted to the Graduate School at least 2 weeks prior to the departure date.

Make sure to take a signed copy with you to use if Customs inspects your device(s).


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