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Research and Development Committee

  1. Functions of the Committee

    The R&D Committee reviews applications for funding for the STEP Program and other programs reviewed by disciplinary areas or as needed by the Graduate School.
  2. Membership

    R&D will consist of 8 total at large elected members, 2 members for each of the following four academic disciplinary groups:
    Group 1: Life Sciences and Biomedical Disciplines
    Group 2: Physical Sciences and Engineering
    Group 3: Social Sciences, Business, and Education
    Group 4: Arts and Humanities

    The members should meet minimum qualifications, including but not limited to experience with external funding. These representatives are elected by the Graduate Council. The Graduate Dean also appoints one person to represent the Graduate School. The Graduate Dean appoints the chair of the committee from among the membership.

  3. Selection Procedures

    Elected members of the committee are selected by the Graduate Council and serve three-year staggered terms.

    1. The Educational and Research Policies Committee (ERP) of the Graduate Council solicits nominations from the graduate faculty and, having determined that those to be placed on the final slate of nominees would be willing to serve if elected and are qualified to serve, prepares a slate of candidates, preferably with no fewer than two for each Group and preferably with representation across the schools/college.

    2. The slate of candidates is forwarded to the Graduate Council, along with the candidates' vitae. Ballots listing the candidates are made available to the members of the Graduate Council. Each Council member votes for the open positions. The individuals receiving the highest number of votes for each Group will be elected.

  4. Conflicts of Interest

    No member of the R&D Committee may participate in the review of proposals for a specific competition if (s)he also has a proposal for funding under consideration at that same competition. After the completion of the competition, individuals so affected will resume responsibilities on the committee. When a member of the committee is excused, the Graduate Dean, in consultation with the school or college dean, will appoint a temporary replacement from the faculty.

Approved by the Graduate Council December 17, 2015

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