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Frequently Asked Questions for
Prospective Graduate Students

What specializations does the School of Nursing offer in the master's program?

The School of Nursing currently offers 4 master's specializations: Nurse Anesthesia (NA), Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Health Care and Nursing Administration (HCNA), and Nurse Educator (NE).

Are the master's specializations part-time or full-time programs? Can I work while in the master's program?

The university considers 9 hours to be full-time and 6 hours to be part-time for master's students. The NA specialization is a full-time program, and the FNP, HCNA, and NE specializations are part-time.

Students in the NA specialization are required to attend both day and evening classes. It may be possible to work during the first couple of semesters in the program, but once a student begins clinicals, working is strongly discouraged.

Didactic courses for the FNP are typically offered in the evenings, while clinical experiences are usually during the daytime (on weekdays). Students can continue to work while enrolled in these specializations but will most likely need to reduce working hours and have employer flexibility when enrolled in clinical courses.

The HCNA and NE specializations are offered completely online, with one or two clinical practicum experiences towards the end of the program.

I have a Bachelor's degree in a field other than Nursing. Can I still apply to the master's program?

You must have a Bachelor's degree in Nursing (BSN) in order to apply to our master's program. If you have a Bachelor's degree in another field, you may wish to explore our Accelerated BSN program. For more information about the Accelerated BSN program, please contact our Undergraduate Academic Advisor at 618-650-3974.

What is the minimum GPA requirement for the program?

When making admissions decisions, we review 3 different types of GPA calculations: Cumulative Bachelor's GPA, Nursing Course GPA, and Science Course GPA. Your Nursing Course GPA must be at least 3.0 in order to be considered for full admission. We prefer that your Cumulative GPA and your Science GPA are at least 3.0 as well.

When are applications due?

Applications for the NA specialization are due June 1 for the following May admission. Applications for the FNP, HCNA, and NE specializations are due March 1 for the following August admission.

Do I need to take the GRE or another standardized test?

No, we do not require any standardized tests for admission consideration.

Do I need to submit transcripts from every school I attended or just from the one at which I completed my Bachelor's degree?

You must submit transcripts from EACH institution that you attended.

Which physics and organic/biochemistry courses are acceptable as prerequisites for the Nurse Anesthesia specialization? Do I need to take labs with these courses?

The appropriate prerequisite courses at SIUE are CHEM 120b and PHY 111. You do not need to take labs with these courses. If you need assistance determining if a course at another college or university is equivalent to CHEM 120b or PHY 111, please contact the Graduate Academic Advisor at 618-650-3930.

Can I take classes before I am officially admitted to the program?

Sometimes students are able to take courses before they are officially admitted to one of the master's specializations. Students who are interested in doing so should submit an Unclassified Graduate Application to the Office of Admissions. You will not have to pay an additional fee if you have already submitted an application to one of the master's specializations.

Please note that we are only able to accommodate unclassified master's students in our classes AFTER our current students have enrolled. If we have space available in classes after current student enrollment, we will register unclassified students on a first-come, first-served basis.

To discuss taking courses as an unclassified master's student, please contact the Graduate Academic Advisor at 618-650-3930.

Do I need work experience before I can apply to the master's program?

Applicants to the Nurse Anesthesia specialization should have at least one year of experience as a Registered Nurse in which the individual has had the opportunity to develop as an independent decision maker, and demonstrate psychomotor skills and the ability to use and interpret advanced monitoring techniques based on a knowledge of physiologic and pharmacological principles, such as in a critical care area. Further questions about work experience should be directed to the Assistant Dean for the Graduate Program at 618-650-3936 or the Coordinator of the Nurse Anesthesia Specialization at 618-650-2182.

Students who apply to the FNP, HCNA, or NE specialization must have at least one year of experience as a Registered Nurse before enrollment in the first specialization clinical course. The one year of experience does not have to be completed before a student can apply to the program.

How much does it cost to attend the master's program at SIUE?

Detailed tuition and fee information can be found by clicking here.

What is the difference between the Master of Science degree and the Post-Master's Certificate?

Students who have completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree should apply to the Master of Science (MS) program.

Students who have already completed a Master of Science in Nursing degree from an accredited program may apply to the Post-Master's Certificate program. Post-Master's students are reviewed individually to determine their program of study based upon equivalent MSN coursework.

Can I transfer courses taken at other universities to SIUE?

A student is allowed to transfer up to 1/3 of the total required credit hours for a degree from unclassified status or from another university. Students who wish to transfer a course from another university will be required to submit a transcript showing successful completion of the course, as well as a course syllabus so we can determine equivalency. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to submit a syllabus for a potential transfer course PRIOR to taking it. Students must earn a grade of A or B in order for a course to be accepted from unclassified status or from another university.

What time of day are classes typically offered?

Classes for the NA and FNP specialization are offered both during the day and in the evenings. The HCNA and NE specializations are completely online except for the practicum experiences.

What is the Terminal Project?

Each Master's student must complete a Terminal Project in order to graduate. The Terminal Project consists of completion of an electronic portfolio during the program, writing a synthesis project in the final course, and presenting an oral presentation at Graduate Student Presentation Day. See the Terminal Project Guidelines on the School of Nursing website for more details.

What type of funding is available to master's students?

Prospective master's students are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at 618-650-3880 to discuss funding options. Any grant or scholarship opportunities that become available through the School of Nursing will be announced to students via email. Additional funding opportunities are available through the University Graduate School.

Can I meet with an advisor to discuss the master's program in more detail?

Prospective students are welcome to meet with Tina Noto, Graduate Academic Advisor, to discuss the specializations offered and the admission process. Please call 618-650-3930 or email to set up an appointment.