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Mid January 2017

Phi Kappa Phi award
Online Graduate Assistantship Orientation
Spring Research Symposium
Thesis guidelines and deadlines
Chronicle Issue on Introverts and Interviewing
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Phi Kappa Phi award

 PHI KAPPA PHI Honor Society - SIUE Chapter 203

Our awards season is now open! We are seeking student applicants for our

o   Graduate Fellowship ($1,000 from SIUE PKP Chapter; forwarded to national office for additional fellowships)

If you are a student or know students who should apply, please steer them towards these opportunities! The application deadline is March 17. For more information, visit the Chapter 203 website at or see this document


If you are still interested in finding an assistantship for spring, visit our website to view postings or contact the individual departments to find openings.  In addition to contacting your major department, you may consider looking at student affairs, the library, or other academic departments for opportunities.  

If you already have an assistantship lined up for the spring, here are some important items to consider...

  • Do NOT begin working until you have signed your contract.  Students who begin working before the contract is processed may not receive payment for those days.
  • Your assistantship may provide a tuition waiver.  You are still responsible for all fees.
  • Read the handbook
  • If you make any changes to your classes once the semester begins, contact us right away.  Even if it seems like a simple switch, it may impact your tuition waiver and we need to update the system.  Email with course changes.

If you have any questions, contact us.  We're here to help.  

Online Graduate Assistantship Orientation

If you are a graduate assistant, you have access to the “Graduate Assistantship Orientation” in Blackboard once your contract is completely processed.  The site contains general information relevant to all GAs (such as regarding tuition waivers) as well as specific information for RAs and for TAs.  If you want, you can complete the relevant certificate.

To access the site, log into Blackboard, click “myOrganizations” in the top menu bar, and click “Graduate Assistant Orientation” in the list on the left side of the screen. 

You should have access to the site as long as you have an active GA contract, so you can refer back to the information.

Spring Research Symposium

Save the Date!

The 2017 Graduate Student Research Symposium will be held on March 21 from 10:00-11:30 in the Morris University Center at SIUE.  All graduate and professional students are invited to display their research and creative activities.  Students nominated by their departments will participate in a 3-minute SLAM to simply summarize their research in a way that the entire audience can understand.  

Please consider participating, or attending to support your classmates.  Details and registration to come in the February digest.

Thesis guidelines and deadlines

Thesis Guidelines

If you are preparing for your final thesis or dissertation, there are specific formatting guidelines that you must follow in order for it to be complete. The Graduate School has provided those guidelines for you on their website, along with deadline dates. Please make every effort to read the guidelines and to follow their instruction. The guidelines will prevent you from having several rounds of revisions.

Thesis Workshops will be available for students who want an interactive approach to address thesis formatting issues.

Please go to the following links for thesis information.

Thesis Home Page:
Thesis Guidelines:
Thesis Deadlines:
Thesis Workshops:  Will be announced at a later date.

If you have further questions, you may contact Daleana Wylde at the Graduate School, or (618) 650-3010.

Thesis Deadlines





Graduation Application Deadline (Registrar’s Office)




Register Thesis/Doctoral Project Title (Registrar's Office)




ETD Submission Deadline – First Draft (ProQuest/Graduate School)




Defense – Final Exit Deadline (Registrar's Office)




Final Approved Thesis/Doctoral Project Submission




Chronicle Issue on Introverts and Interviewing

As some of you are preparing for graduation this semester, you may be searching for jobs, polishing your resume, and preparing for interviews.  This article, Introverts and Interviews, may help.

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