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October 4, 2004

SIUE Business School To Offer First Alumni Reunion

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) The School of Business at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville will present its first Alumni Reunion on Oct. 16-17 that will give special recognition to the 25th anniversary class of 1979.

Special reunion events for the School reunion kick-off on Saturday, Oct. 16, with a lecture, An Economist Looks at the 2004 Election, by Garett Jones, at 1:30 p.m. in the Korte Classroom, Room 2407 of Founders Hall.

Alumni may renew friendships and network with former classmates, faculty, and also meet Dean Gary Giamartino at the Reunion Reception that same day at 6 p.m. in the second-floor University Gallery of SIUE's Morris University Center; dinner follows at 7 p.m.

Weekend festivities end with a School of Business Alumni Brunch from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 17, at the Dean's Suite, Room 3307 of Founders Hall. Cost of the dinner is $35 per person; the brunch is $15 per person. For more information or to make reservations, contact Cheryl Camp by telephone: (618) 650-3363, or, by e-mail:

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October 4, 2004

SIUE's Meridian Society To Begin Second Year Of Granting Awards

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Southern Illinois University Edwardsville faculty and staff are encouraged to attend an Oct. 12 meeting of The Meridian Society, the first philanthropic women's group of its kind at SIUE, as the society requests proposals for funding grants.

The society is entering its second year of granting awards to university-based individuals or groups whose objectives epitomize two of SIUE's Long Term Goals-Active Community Engagement: "Achieve an integral and indispensable relationship with Illinois and the St. Louis metropolitan area; work cooperatively within SIU to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts"; and Excellent Reputation: "Participate and excel in actions that earn national recognition for quality."

The "Request for Proposal (RFP)" meeting is scheduled from 3:30-5 p.m. in the Events Room of B. Barnard Birger Hall on Oct. 12. "We will be accessible to answer questions concerning our application and evaluation processes for the year 2005-2006," said Rowena McClinton, assistant professor of Historical Studies at SIUE.

"Application forms will be available at the meeting," she said. "We urge those wishing to participate to send a representative of a proposed project, if unable to attend. We have asked last year award recipients and or representatives to attend to assist with questions."

For more information, contact Professor McClinton by telephone: (618) 650-2229, or, by e-mail:

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October 7, 2004

Chancellor Vandegrift Calls For Creation Of 'An Intentional Future'

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Calling for the university community to create its own "intentional future," Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Chancellor Vaughn Vandegrift stated today that SIUE is a premier metropolitan university, affirming that SIUE will continue toward goals of attaining "excellence to the fullest" and becoming a nationally known university.

Vandegrift set 2010 as the goal for SIUE to "make material progress" toward his goals, and also set 2015 as the ultimate year to successfully complete the challenge.

He also named three major themes for continued improvement and achieving national recognition: 1) to further attract and retain increasingly better students; 2) strive to position SIUE as a premier metropolitan university "in the marketplace of ideas"; and 3) further develop the university's resource base.

Addressing faculty, staff, retirees, and students, Vandegrift today said he was giving what he called his "First Impressions" speech rather than a state of the university address because he has been chancellor only since July 1.

Vandegrift, who was provost of Georgia Southern University, took the SIUE post when Emeritus Chancellor David Werner retired. Vandegrift acknowledged Werner's efforts and thanked the former chancellor for his leadership in striving to make SIUE a premier metropolitan university, calling for the university community to "boldly embrace the future we have articulated in our Vision Statement."

The university's vision states: "Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, as a premier Metropolitan University, will be recognized nationally for the excellence of its programs and development of professional and community leaders."

In support of his announcement that the university has achieved status as a premier metropolitan university, Vandegrift cited schools, academic departments, and university initiatives as proof. He also praised the faculty for scholarly efforts nationally and internationally, and staff for efficiently managing university systems and "maintaining a beautiful campus." He also noted several students who have excelled in their studies and activities.

"I mention these programs and people because I believe that now is the time to call attention to examples of excellence at SIUE," Vandegrift said. "I mention these programs and people because now is the time to recognize ourselves for our excellence."

He also noted recent peer rankings in U.S. News and World Report that gave SIUE high marks as further proof of the university's excellence. "These peer reputation rankings suggest to me, and I want you to note with pride, that we are already recognized for having a top tier faculty," Vandegrift said. "Indeed, I want you to know that I am fully convinced that we are a premier metropolitan university. And we should do what is necessary to gain national recognition for what we are."

The new chancellor said that he had visited nearly every campus building since arriving at SIUE and has been impressed by the "kindness, generosity, openness, and friendship" shown to him. "I have learned that SIUE has a well-formed sense of community, clearly articulated values, and a welcoming environment," Vandegrift said. "These qualities were not produced by chance, but through hard work and dedication of talented Edwardsville faculty, staff, and administrators.

"But, if we truly seek to be recognized nationally as being premier, we must believe in ourselves to achieve that recognition.

"The purposes of higher education lie in the fulfillment of human potential," he said. "We add value to people's lives. Since higher education is inherently a people business in the end, it is people who make the process successful. At SIUE we have wonderful people, clearly articulated values and goals, and a strong commitment to make our vision a reality.

"To achieve our shared vision we need only to believe in ourselves, to believe in our life's work, and to believe in the strength of our university community."

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October 11, 2004

SIUE's Early Childhood Center To Celebrate 35th Birthday

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) The pre-schoolers who toddled through the doors of the first childcare center at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 1969 were nurtured by a group of caring personnel and students who were dedicated to early childhood education.

Those children are now in their late '30s and are no doubt better for their experience as part of the SIUE Early Childhood Center (ECC). In fact, some of them probably brought their own children to the ECC during the next 35 years.

Well, the ECC would love to see them and/or their offspring at the 35th anniversary open house at the center, located just across from the SIUE Rec Plex on Northwest Road. "It's our own birthday party," said Rebecca Dabbs-Kayser, director of the center since 2000.

The party takes place from 5-7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 22, and will include a birthday cake, craft activities for children, face painting, an art and photo exhibit, and popular local storyteller Marilyn Kinsella. "It's going to be a great time in which our past 'alums' and their parents can visit with old friends and maybe make a few new ones," Dabbs-Kayser said.

"It's also a chance to learn about our scholarship program for SIUE student families."

As for the caring nurturing atmosphere that was at the center when it began, the tradition continues. "Our staff is a dedicated group of teachers who are committed to our children," Dabbs- Kayser said. The center cares for about 50-60 children ranging in age from two to five-year-olds, offering activities that foster creativity and problem-solving.

The ECC is accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs, and all ECC teachers have degrees in early childhood education and many are working on advanced degrees. SIUE student assistants also participate in the ECC curriculum with the children.

Throughout the year, the staff creates a portfolio for each child, recording accomplishments, activities, and special events, such as the Annual Vehicle Day, in which ECC children are able to explore various vehicles, from fire trucks to U.S. Army vehicles. "Each day at the center is an adventure, from watering the garden to painting at the easel," Dabbs-Kayser said. "We offer our children the opportunity to make choices for themselves in a diverse, educationally sound environment."

The scholarship endowment was established by Dabbs-Kayser's predecessor at the center for 29 years-S. LaVernn Wilson, who believed that student families faced special challenges in pursuing and reaching their academic goals. "LaVernn knew, as we know, that many SIUE students with children have to juggle their studies and work a night job to make ends meet," Dabbs-Kayser said.

"So, when she retired, LaVernn established a scholarship endowment through the SIUE Foundation to help these students and their families." The scholarship assists student families with childcare costs at the ECC. "This is a huge help to students with children on their way to graduation," Dabbs-Kayser said. "But we need more donations for the endowment to fund the scholarship.

"Our hope is that our alums will want to give back to the ECC, and we'll provide a way for them to do that."

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October 11, 2004

New Organization Seeks Students Interested In Entrepreneurship

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Taking job creation and expansion as a whole, the largest growth is in the area of small business, according to the Small Business Administration. This economic trend is something that college students ought to be aware of and familiar with because many could be employees or owners of small businesses in the future.

This is where CEO comes in. Collegiate Entrepreneurial Organization is a new student organization at SIUE that helps students explore entrepreneurship as a career path.

While the group is primarily targeted toward students who are interested in starting their own businesses, senior Michelle Kosteck says that it also helps "to raise entrepreneurial awareness among all students."

Kosteck said CEO is needed "so students … can develop business skills, acquire specialized expertise, and receive encouragement. This is important because our free market economy relies upon the innovation of business creators," she said.

CEO's mission is to inform, support, and inspire college students to seek opportunities through enterprise creation. Activities that will likely be sponsored by CEO include a national conference in Chicago this November, featuring entrepreneur speakers, informational forums, and honorary achievement gatherings.

Although CEO can be beneficial for students seeking a Business degree, it also may be helpful to non-business students. A dance student, for example, might want to join CEO to learn about principles necessary to open a dance studio.

While many student organizations are restricted to majors, CEO hopes to attract students in all fields. Jim Mager, director of the SIUE Small Business Development Center, stresses that the new organization is not exclusive. "One challenge that we face is letting the students know that it is for everyone," Mager states.

In addition to CEO helping students consider business ownership, it is also an organization for students wishing to gain more knowledge about entrepreneurship. Mager says, "If students have an appreciation for entrepreneurship and don't start a business, they will be better employees."

Kosteck is optimistic about the group. "Students have come up to me and asked about it," she said.

The first CEO meeting was conducted Sept. 14. For more information, contact Jim Mager: or Michelle Kosteck:

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October 11, 2004

EDITORS: Photos suitable for print are available

Tickets Still Available For Dean, Blankley Debate Oct. 13 At SIUE

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Tickets still are available for the Oct. 13 appearance of former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean and well-known political pundit Tony Blankley, both of whom will offer lively debate as part of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's Arts & Issues series at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 13, in Meridian Ballroom, on the first floor of SIUE's Morris University Center.

Dean and Blankley replace Marlin Fitzwater and Joe Lockhart on the Arts & Issues 2004-05 bill because of scheduling conflicts.

Appearing on the covers of Time and Newsweek, all eyes were on Howard Dean earlier this year as he mounted an influential campaign as a candidate for the 2004 Democratic nomination for President. Dean, a medical doctor, has previously shared a private practice with his wife, Dr. Judith Steinberg Dean, in Vermont. He earned a bachelor's at Yale and received a medical degree at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.

Dean was a member of the Vermont General Assembly from 1983-85 and was elected lieutenant governor of the state in 1986, gaining re-election in 1988 and 1990. He became governor upon the death of Gov. Richard A. Snelling in August 1991 and was elected to a full term in November 1992, gaining re-election in 1994, 1996, 1998, and in 2000.

Blankley served for seven years as press secretary for then-U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. In that role, Blankley became the leading spokesman for the "Contract with America." Before his career on Capitol Hill, Blankley had served as a speechwriter and senior analyst for President Ronald Reagan.

After leaving Gingrich's staff in February 1997, Blankley joined George magazine as a contributing editor. He currently is a regular panelist for the McLaughlin Group and he also appears regularly on CNN's Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer, as well as CNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, Rivera Live, The News with Brian Williams, and MSNBC.

In June 1999, Blankley joined the Washington Times as a weekly political columnist; he also is a popular columnist for the Los Angeles Times.

Tickets for the Oct. 13 Arts & Issues event are $12; students, $6. A season brochure is available by contacting John Peecher, (618) 650-2626, or by e-mail: Individual tickets also may be purchased at the Web site:

The remaining Arts & Issues season includes: Windham Hill Winter Solstice Holiday Tour (Nov. 19) is SOLD OUT; Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Kathy Mattea (Jan. 21, 2005); The Acting Company with its rendition of Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen of Verona (Feb. 27, 2005); the powerful a cappella singing of Ladysmith Black Mambazo (March 19, 2005); the exciting sounds of the Dallas Brass (April 22, 2005); the special appearance of the "funkified" gospel music of The Blind Boys of Alabama (Feb. 4, 2005) is SOLD OUT.

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October 11, 2004

SIUE International Trade Center To Co-Sponsor Two October Seminars

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville International Trade Center, with the help of speaker John Kolmer of Bradley University, will sponsor two seminars-Monday-Tuesday, Oct. 18-19-for companies having problems understanding NAFTA's Certificate of Origin (CO) and Rules of Origin.

The seminars are scheduled from 1-5 p.m. Monday (Level I) and from 8 a.m. to noon Tuesday (Level II), both on the second floor of SIUE's Morris University Center.

Kolmer, NAFTA trade specialist for the International Trade Center/NAFTA Opportunity Center at Bradley, will conduct the seminars. Kolmer coordinates a program of counseling and training for current and future exporters to Canada and Mexico.

Some of the topics to be discussed in this seminar are:

Level I

Harmonized Tariff Schedule Numbers and how to obtain them
Advanced Rulings from Customs Authorities from Canada, Mexico, and the US
Certificate Blanket Periods
NAFTA Rules of Origin
Preferential Criteria
Regional Value Content Requirements
Producer or Supplier Declarations
Record Keeping Responsibilities
Managing Customs Audits

Level II

Country of Origin Marking Rules for Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.
Understanding Tariff Shift
Application of the DeMinimis provision
Case Studies and Group Exercises:

• Tariff Classification
• Preference Criteria Determination
• Regional Value Content Calculation

Silvia Torres, director of SIUE's International Trade Center, said the seminar is helpful in keeping up with any changes in NAFTA regulations. "Even if a company's freight forwarder is filling out the CO for them, that company still is directly responsible for the information declared and the proper record-keeping requirements needed to back up their declarations," Torres explained.

"U.S. Customs has shifted the burden to the exporter of record, not a company's freight forwarder or customs broker," she said. "It is in the company's best interest to at least review the CO prior to sending their NAFTA customer a copy."

For more information about the seminar, contact the SIUE International Trade Center, (618) 650-3851, or by e-mail:

The fee for the Level I seminar is $60; Level II, $40. Each seminar includes a NAFTA handbook, free parking, and refreshments.

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October 14, 2004

SIU Board Approves Change Of Scope For Boiler System Project

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) The Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees voted today to explore its options in light of a recent decision by Illinois Power Co. (now AmerenIP) to terminate a 33-year agreement between the utility and SIU Edwardsville under which natural gas has been provided.

Under the current agreement, IP monitors the university's use of natural gas through a single "master meter," while owning and maintaining the gas lines that service the university's hot water and boiler systems.

IPC announced in March its decision to terminate the agreement. That decision left the university with three options to consider: 1) allow the utility to meter each of the buildings so that IPC continues to own and operate the existing distribution lines on campus; 2) leave the existing master meter in place and SIUE purchase the existing distribution lines from IPC; or 3) leave the master meter in place and SIUE replace the existing IPC distribution with one owned and operated by the university.

Today's board action calls for an engineering study to make recommendations about what the best course of action is for SIUE. If the second option were chosen, the matter would again come before the board.

In December of last year, the SIU board voted to discontinue use of the campus-wide boiler system and provide gas-fired, hot-water boilers and domestic water heaters in each of the core campus buildings as a cost-cutting measure. Because of favorable bids on the base project, the cost of today's proposed change in scope will be funded from within the original approved amount.

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October 21, 2004

School Of Business Entrepreneurship Center To Conduct Series

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) The Entrepreneurship Center, part of the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Business, will conduct a Nov. 10 forum, the first in a four-part series with topics ranging from assisting entrepreneurs seeking equity investment to putting together a management team. It's part of the center's Entrepreneurship Forum Series.

The Nov. 10 forum, Capital Formulation, will help entrepreneurs and current business owners learn how to present a business concept or business expansion to investors. In addition, the series will provide opportunities for individuals to communicate business ideas to others who might have an interest in partnering or in funding a business plan.

Nov. 10 panelists Jack Cranley, an attorney, and Trevor Gonterman, a venture capitalist consultant, will discuss "tricks of the trade" for approaching and attracting equity investment. They will provide tips on where and how to seek equity investors, how to protect a business idea, and how ideas can be turned into assets.

The first forum is scheduled from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Ramada Inn, Fairview Heights; cost is $25 per person, which includes refreshments. For more information, contact Center Director Jim Mager by telephone: (618) 650-2669 or by e-mail:

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October 21, 2004

SIUE School Of Nursing To Offer Management Program

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Nursing will begin offering a 12-credit-hour nurse management program in January. The program will feature online courses for nurse managers and nurses who want to move into management positions. Registration deadline is Nov. 19.

The program is designed to strengthen and expand the management skills of registered nurses in hospitals, home health agencies, long-term care, and other health care settings in which registered nurses serve as managers. Enrollment is for registered nurses with an associate degree, diploma, bachelor's degree, or graduate degree. The program will include four courses, each for three hours of academic credit.

The courses will be delivered online with one or two classroom meetings in each course. Students must have basic e-mail, internet, and word processing skills to use the online format.

Duration of each course will be eight weeks, with the first course beginning at the start of spring semester and the second beginning at mid-semester. Students enrolling in two courses each semester will complete the program in two semesters. Credit earned in the nurse management program may be transferable to the RN-BS program or the graduate program in the SIUE School of Nursing. Experienced nursing faculty will teach the courses.

Course content will include: The dynamic role of the nurse manager in the health care organization; principles of nursing management; leader and management theories, skills and behaviors; and leadership concepts including power, teamwork, collaboration, planning, empowerment, motivation, and decision making, to name a few.

For more information, contact Doris Davis in the School of Nursing by telephone: (618) 650-3960 or (800) 234-4844, or, by e-mail:

Participants may register on the first night of class, but a spot must be reserved by Nov. 19 to ensure enrollment.

The first class of the spring semester will begin the week of Jan. 10. Students will be notified of a day, time, and location for an orientation session during that week.

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October 28, 2004

Poet, Playwright Sonia Sanchez Comes To SIUE Nov. 3

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Sonia Sanchez, an award-winning poet, playwright, activist, and Black Studies pioneer, whose poetry appeared in the movie Love Jones, will bring her "Full Moon of Sonia" performance to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 3.

She'll perform in the Conference Center, on the second floor of SIUE's Morris University Center. Billed as a family program, the performance is free to the public.

Sanchez also will tour historic sites in East St. Louis, such as the Katherine Dunham Museum, and meet with local school students and members of the Eugene B. Redmond Writers Club.

Among her many accolades and honors, Sanchez won Lifetime Achievement Awards this year alone from the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta and the Furious Flower (Black) Poetry Conference in Virginia.

The author of more than 16 books, including We a BaddDDD People, I've Been a Woman, Homegirls and Handgrenades, and Wounded in the House of a Friend, Sanchez also is a contributing editor to The Black Scholar magazine.

Sanchez's book, Does Your House Have Lions? was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. And, in 2000, she served as one of 17 special contributing editors of "Words from 15 Cities: Poetic Voices of Contemporary Urban Cultures (in the U.S. & Nigeria)", a special edition of Drumvoices Revue, the university's multicultural literary journal edited by the EBR Writers Club, and for which Maya Angelou wrote the foreword.

A professor emerita of English and Women's Studies at Temple University in Philadelphia, Sanchez is currently promoting her new CD, Full Moon of Sonia.

Sponsors of the Nov. 3 event include the English Language and Literature Association (ELLA),

Student Activity Fees, the SIUE College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of English Language and Literature, Drumvoices Revue, and the SIUE Office of Cultural and Social Diversity.

For more information, write or call the department/EBR Writers Club: (618) 650-3991.

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October 28, 2004

FOTAD Presents Its Annual Mystery Dinner Theater At SIUE

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Have you been waiting for an evening of dinner, shopping, and detective work? A perfect opportunity to accomplish all three will take place at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville on Sunday, Nov. 7, with Murder in the Air, this year's Mystery Dinner Theater presentation and silent auction from SIUE's Friends of Theater and Dance (FOTAD).

Doors open at 6:15 p.m. to the University Restaurant on the second floor of SIUE's Morris University Center, where guests may view silent auction items until approximately 7 p.m. when the play will begin and dinner will be served. Reservations must be made by Nov. 5.

FOTAD is a support organization for the SIUE Department of Theater and Dance. Tickets are $35 per person and include dinner as well as several chances to win attendance prizes. Proceeds from the Nov. 7 event benefit FOTAD's scholarship fund.

For reservation information, call the SIUE Fine Arts box office, (618) 650-2774, or, from St. Louis toll-free, (888) 328-5168, Ext. 2774.

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