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March 2012

SIUE Music Department To Present Big Band Jazz Concert At Wildey

30 March 2012, 2:08 pm

The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Department of Music will present the annual Spring Big Band Jazz Concert featuring the SIUE Concert Jazz Band directed by Brett Stamps at 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 17, at the Wildey Theater in downtown Edwardsville.

Stamps, who is a professor of music, has been the director of jazz activities at SIUE since the formation of the jazz degree program in 1982. He directs SIUE ensembles, including the Concert Jazz Band, and teaches jazz improvisation, jazz arranging, jazz brass, jazz education and jazz history.

This performance will mark Stamps' final appearance with the Concert Jazz Band before retiring after 32 years of employment at SIUE. The concert will offer a variety of big band music styles, including work from such notables as Doc Severinsen and Woody Herman, as well as Stamps and SIUE graduate Mike Dee. The audience can expect a grand finale featuring graduates of the SIUE Jazz Program from the last 30 years.

Admission is $10 general, $7 for seniors and those under the age of 18. SIUE students with a student ID are admitted free, compliments of Arts-for-All. All tickets can be acquired at the SIUE Fine Arts Box Office, (618) 650-2774.

The IERC At SIUE Releases Study on College Readiness

29 March 2012, 2:59 pm

The Illinois Education Research Council (IERC) at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville released a report today highlighting the associations between college readiness and college outcomes.

Understanding how college readiness relates to college enrollment and degree completion has direct policy implications, particularly for states such as Illinois. According to the IERC, many states currently are developing definitions of and metrics for college readiness to meet requirements for a No Child Left Behind waiver. Understanding how college readiness is distributed and relates to postsecondary outcomes also could help pinpoint problem areas in the educational pipeline, said Eric Lichtenberger, associate director for research for the IERC and an assistant research professor at SIUE.

"This knowledge could assist policymakers as they define college readiness and develop ways to measure it, not only to obtain an NCLB waiver, but to support the state's goal to increase the proportion of individuals with quality postsecondary degrees and credentials to 60 percent by 2025," he said.

The report focuses on 115,677 graduates from the Illinois high school class of 2003 and follows them through postsecondary education. It starts by describing how college readiness, as measured by the college readiness benchmarks set by the ACT, is distributed among the Class of 2003. The report also establishes the college readiness of various groups based on select demographic characteristics. Finally, the relationships between college readiness, student characteristics and college enrollment, persistence, and bachelor's completion are analyzed.

Findings from the report indicate the following:

• About half the Class of 2003 was adequately prepared to have a high probability of postsecondary success in at least two of the subject areas covered by the ACT;

• Given the relatively high benchmark in Science (24), those who met this benchmark had a high probability of meeting all of the other benchmarks: English (18), Reading (21), and Math (22);

• Missing a benchmark in either English or Math had a much more detrimental impact on the rates of enrollment at four-year colleges and bachelor's degree completion relative to missing a benchmark in Science or Reading.

• Although a higher proportion of male students met all of the college readiness benchmarks, they lagged behind female students in terms of bachelor's degree completion;

• Minority students meeting all of the benchmarks had significantly higher rates of four-year enrollment and enrollment at the most competitive colleges relative to their white peers;

• However, African-American and Hispanic students had significantly lower rates of bachelor's completion relative to white and Asian students.

• It should be noted that enrolling at a more competitive college appeared to narrow the racial gap in terms of bachelor's completion, particularly for underserved minority students enrolling in a highly competitive institution.

The study provides evidence to show that for college enrollment and bachelor's completion, college readiness matters. Meeting three or more-and in some cases two (Math and English)-of the benchmarks was related to increased rates of postsecondary success. This was particularly true for students from wealthier families and those enrolling at more competitive institutions. However, differences in the importance of meeting the benchmarks varied across demographic groups and the outcome being measured. This suggested that the definition of college readiness should be multi-dimensional.

According to Lichtenberger "future work will explore how non-academic factors, such as first generation college status, could help explain the difference in bachelor's completion rates for students meeting the same number of college readiness benchmarks."

For more information, contact Lichtenberger, the author of the report, (618) 650-2840 or (866) 799-4372. A complete report is available at

SIUE's Jazz Station To Begin 'From The Sidelines' Feature Series

28 March 2012, 4:24 pm

WSIE-FM (88.7) The Jazz Station-broadcasting from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville-begins a new feature, From the Sidelines, on April 3 just after the 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. news on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The series of vignettes-musings, memories and humorous anecdotes-is written and anchored by Tom Dehner, retired WSIE news and public affairs director and a veteran of 40 years in broadcasting, public relations and higher education in the St. Louis area. The series is being underwritten by TheBANK of Edwardsville and The Simmons Firm of Alton.

"Dehner presents slice-of-life stories and personal reflections on experiences as well as observations, all designed to inform, entertain, inspire and hopefully motivate our St. Louis area listeners," said Greg Conroy, WSIE general manager. "Tom's style is personable, using humor, anecdotes, human interest and events past and present in conveying thoughts and ideas about both common, everyday goings on and the people and events of day-to-day life," Conroy said.

From the Sidelines finds Dehner waxing eloquent about many topics, including how technology is not his friend, about students and co-workers and about others who have over the many years made an impression. "From time-to-time I offer different perspectives on issues from what might be considered the norm or politically correct," Dehner said.

From the Sidelines focuses on such diverse topics as Sniglets, Spitwads, Separation Anxiety and the Secret Service; Grandpa's Oatmeal and Ostrich Racing; Pancakes, Performance Enhancers and Political Action Committees; Baseball, Bucket Lists and a special lady known affectionately as Ms. Blue. Content ranges from serious to tongue-in-cheek.

"For example, there's an episode from my college days, in the '60s, when a group of us marched 60 miles, carrying blank signs to 'Protest Nothing' and another about how public relations is more challenging than rocket science," he said. "I share work experiences and the lessons learned from people I've been fortunate enough to meet and work with-some celebrities, some not.

"Successes and failures in radio and during my time in PR also are chronicled, with a moral to each story discussed at the end. Yet, it's not preaching," Dehner assures. "The programs present what I think are thought-provoking, often funny, occasionally inspiring glances at life.

"My son asked why anyone would be interested in anything I have to say. That's a good question. I replied that the From the Sidelines tells stories that everyday people can identify with-because I am 'Joe Lunchbucket' myself." Conroy said the title is derived from Dehner's recent retirement. "Tom has moved from being on the field and in the game, so to speak, to viewing life more as an observer." Says Dehner: "But I'm not ready to just sit idly in the bleachers."

According to Conroy, those who know Dehner are enthusiastic about hearing what he has to say because "while at the station he always seemed to have something to say. The segments last a couple of minutes each and we think the audience will find them enjoyable listening and time well spent," he said.

SIUE To Launch Dream Machine Recycling Initiative

27 March 2012, 3:12 pm

The PepsiCo Dream Machine recycling program will be arriving in the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Morris University Center (MUC,) providing students, faculty, staff and guests with a convenient and rewarding way to recycle bottles and cans on-the-go.

The Dream Machine recycling initiative, created by PepsiCo in collaboration with Waste Management, is introducing thousands of recycling bins and kiosks at popular public locations across North America. Dream Machine kiosks are computerized receptacles that include a personal reward system, powered by Greenopolis, which allows users to earn points for every bottle or can they recycle in the kiosk and redeem those points for local discounts on entertainment, dining and travel at

"We are excited to have the Pepsi Dream Machines in the (MUC) and we want to encourage all of our customers to take advantage of this exciting new initiative to encourage recycling plastic bottles on our campus," said Joseph Pearson, MUC director.

The more bottles and cans people recycle in the Dream Machines at SIUE and in Dream Machine kiosks and bins across the nation, the more support PepsiCo will provide to the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV), a national program offering free experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management to post-9/11 U.S. veterans with disabilities.

"We are so pleased that (SIUE) has partnered with the Dream Machine program to make Dream Machines available to students and faculty," said Jeremy Cage, senior vice president and head of the Dream Machine Recycling Initiative at PepsiCo. "Those who recycle in a Dream Machine can earn rewards and help make a real difference for our planet, and in the lives of disabled U.S. veterans."

The Dream Machines on SIUE's campus are located in the MUC, the campus' main hub for student dining. The machines can be found in the lower level of the building and outside Center Court dining.

With approximately 4,000 Dream Machine bins and kiosks currently located in 40 states, the program aims to create strategic partnerships to help increase the U.S. beverage container recycling rate to 50 percent by 2018.

"Experience tells us that people are much more likely to recycle if it's convenient and they are rewarded for doing so," said Paul Wolff, operations manager at Greenopolis. "We look forward to working with (SIUE) to enable a recycling experience that is fun and rewarding on many levels."

To learn more about the Dream Machine, please visit

SIUE School of Pharmacy Is National Runner-Up

27 March 2012, 2:55 pm

During the annual meeting for the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (APh-ASP) in March, the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Pharmacy student chapter received the national runner-up Chapter Achievement award in the AAA Category. The Chapter Achievement Award recognizes outstanding activities of the APh-ASP chapters in pharmacy programs across the United States. The AAA Category is classified as having a student enrollment of fewer than 350 students.

According to its website, the APhA-ASP organizes the award system to recognize "superior programming among chapters that envision the future of pharmacy by creating opportunities for student participation. The awards program also embraces the core ideas of APhA-ASP's mission to create new standards of leadership, professionalism, membership, patient care and legislative advocacy among student pharmacists nationwide."

"Our students are seeing their educational work compete with big name schools, and for our smaller school to be recognized on a national level is huge." said Dr. Jessica Kerr, associate professor of Pharmacy Practice in the SIUE School of Pharmacy and co-faculty advisor of the SIUE APhA-ASP Student Chapter.

The APhA-ASP organizes more than 20 events annually. Students work with the public on a one-on-one basis at events such as Operation Immunization, a program that allows student pharmacists to expand their education outside the classroom and practice in a clinical setting, while educating the public about the benefits and safety of vaccinations, and Generation Rx, a re-occurring event in local communities during which student pharmacists educate middle- and high-school aged students about the dangers of prescription drug abuse, and answer prescription drug questions.

More information about the Chapter Achievement Award can be found at

ASEE Data Names SIUE Engineering School Among Its Top 20

27 March 2012, 2:51 pm

Recently the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) released data highlighting the past year and named Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's School of Engineering 17th of 258 public and private institutions for students graduated per faculty member. The data indicated that for every tenured/tenure-track faculty member, 4.93 bachelor's degrees were awarded.

"This is simply a well-deserved testament that our programs are operating most efficiently and maximizing their resources," said SIUE School of Engineering Dean Hasan Sevim. "We should credit our dedicated faculty and staff for such an impeccable accomplishment."

According to its website, the ASEE is "a nonprofit organization of individuals and institutions committed to furthering education in engineering and engineering technology" through "promoting excellence in instruction, research, public service and practice; exercising worldwide leadership; fostering the technological education of society, and providing quality products and services to members."

Through the development of policies and programs, the ASEE works in collaboration with national and international organizations in pursuit of academic excellence, the site stated.

Through hands-on training and instruction from highly qualified faculty, SIUE's School of Engineering prepares students for careers in the growing fields of engineering, computer science and construction. The School supports the technical growth and economic development of the region, placing nearly 100 percent of its graduates in engineering careers.

SIUE Donates Hundreds Of Cases Of Food To Area Shelter

26 March 2012, 5:27 pm

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville students recently had an opportunity to champion the needs of hungry people in the area by just purchasing a bowl of cereal. SIUE teamed up with Kellogg cereal's Food Away From Home initiative and Feeding America, the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief organization, to participate in the six-week food program, "Be A Hero Everyday."

Kellogg's agreed to donate an eight-ounce bowl of dry cereal to a shelter for every bowl purchased. The results netted 8,520 bowls of cereal, or 213 cases, which were donated to the St. Louis Area Food Bank.

"This is the first time we've done this kind of promotion," said Melissa McEldowney, production manager for the SIUE Morris University Center. "But our Kellogg's representative knew how passionate we were about contributing to food shelters." McEldowney and SIUE Dining Services employee, Joy L. Stevens, have long wanted to routinely donate left-over University food to local pantries. The concern, however, was the University's liability in sharing food with those in need. McEldowney researched the subject and discovered Operation Food Search, based out of St. Louis. Operation Food Search is the largest distributor of free food in the St. Louis bi-state region. The agency receives food from various providers and takes 100 percent of the liability. Operation Food Search picks up the food from contributing vendors and delivers it to specified pantries and shelters. According to Feeding America, nearly one out of six people in the U.S. do not have enough to eat.

SIUE began working with Operation Food Search in 2010 and is one of the program's 265 partner agencies. Operation Food Search covers 20,000 square miles and 31 counties in Missouri and Illinois. Since November 2010, the University has weekly donated left-over food to the Community Care Food Shelter in Granite City, which serves more than 350 hot meals per day.

"Kellogg's 'Be A Hero Everyday' program fit right into our vision and provided us with an opportunity to expand our community outreach," McEldowney said. Kellogg has supported food banks across the U.S. for almost 30 years. On average, the company annually donates $20 million of products. Last year, Kellogg provided an estimated 530,000 servings of cereal with the support of 118 universities across the country.

SIUE Launches Free Mobile App, Brings Interactive Campus Experience to Smartphones

23 March 2012, 3:29 pm

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville today announced the launch of SIUE Mobile, a free mobile campus application that brings university life to popular smartphones and mobile devices.

SIUE Mobile lets the SIUE community get and stay connected wherever they are. The app offers mobile access to campus maps, the entire course catalog, event calendars, sports schedules and more. It even has a directory that allows students to email or call professors and classmates.

Students, faculty and staff can download the application for free through app stores. Developed by Blackboard Mobile, a division of education technology company, Blackboard Inc., the app also is expected to be popular with prospective students, parents, alumni and other members of the University community.

"We want to offer our students and other members of our community the best in technology and access, and that means making SIUE services and information available to mobile users," said Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Jennifer Vandever.

Current features include:

• Courses-Access the current term course schedule. Each course includes information such as descriptions, prerequisites, times, days of the week, building location and instructor. The course listing can be used to locate the course on the campus map or add the instructor to a contacts list.

• Campus Map-Search for buildings by name to see physical campus location. Users can see where they are on the Edwardsville campus in relation to the building they're looking for, and even get a photo of, and information about, the building.

• Campus Directory-Search for faculty, staff and student contact information. When users find the person they're looking for, adding them to their device contacts is as simple as clicking a button.

• Event Calendar-View events happening across campus by category.

• Athletics-Get news, schedules and scores for favorite Cougar sports.

• Mobile Web-Get access to the latest mobile web content directly from the SIUE Mobile app with the click of a button.

For questions about the SIUE Mobile App, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 618-650-5500.

SIUE Mobile is available free from Android™, BlackBerry®, and Apple® iOS application stores. For all other browser-enabled phones and devices, browse to For more information about Blackboard's mobile solutions, please visit

SIU Board of Trustees Approves SIU Edwardsville Projects

22 March 2012, 5:44 pm

The Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees today approved several projects scheduled for the SIU Edwardsville campus. The action came today at the Board's regular meeting at the SIU Carbondale campus.

The Board approved planning and obtaining cost estimates to renovate the Union Station store in the Morris University Center (MUC). The project will be funded from the MUC's reserve, repair and replacement fund. Final project and budget approval, and award of contracts will require further Board consideration. The facility faces issues with congestion, Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility, re-stocking functions and customer point-of-sale systems.

The Board approved a cleaning contract for three residence halls-Bluff, Prairie and Woodland halls-and the Cougar Village Apartments on the SIUE campus. Alpha Building Maintenance, of Homer Glen, received the four-year contract at a cost of $678,908 per year. The contract will be funded from University Housing Operating funds.

The University retains a cleaning service to prepare student apartments for occupancy. While partial cleaning is required after conference housing and short-term occupancies, a full cleaning is required whenever students move out. Evergreen Hall will be bid separately and awarded in accordance with the state and the University's purchasing policies.

The Board approved a 36-month lease program with the Illinois Public Higher Education Cooperative (IPHEC) to manage computer workstations on the SIUE campuses. This program will service some 2,700 workstations at a cost of approximately $1,400 per workstation funded through departmental operating funds. SIUE has had a successful computer-leasing program for the past 12 years.

This program provides for the leasing of computer workstations for administrative and academic use, as well as maintenance and service support for each workstation. Leasing provides high-quality computing service for a fixed, predictable monthly expenditure, which includes shipping, installation, repair parts, financing and service.

Every 36 months, leased workstations are replaced with new ones. As a result, the University receives the benefits of equipment that incorporates the advantages of the latest technology, and assists in the elimination of obsolescent, failure-prone computers.

The Board also approved a project and the budget for the renovation of the National Corn to Ethanol Research Center (NCERC) in SIUE's University Park. The renovation will involve installing up to six fermentation tanks. The estimated cost of the work is $2.5 million and will be funded through a grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. Award of contracts will require further Board approval.

The fermentation renovation will provide additional small and intermediate scale fermentation capacity for the NCERC. This project will enable the NCERC to serve a broader, diverse client base to perform cell mass growth and specialty chemical development; thus, continuing biofuels research.

In other business, the Board's Executive Committee has been authorized to award contracts related to the resurfacing of the existing track at Korte Stadium. The estimated cost of the project is $1.3 million and will be funded with University Plant funds. Bids are expected in late March and the resurfacing is estimated to be completed by Aug. 9, to be ready for fall semester competition.

During its December 2011 session, the Board approved the Korte project, which will involve resurfacing the track and the associated runways and pits, and making needed drainage improvements.

The Board's Executive Committee has also been authorized to award contracts related to the resurfacing of North University Drive. The estimated cost of the project is $1.5 million and will be funded from the University Plant fund. Bids are expected before the May meeting of the Board.

The proposed project calls for the resurfacing of a portion of North University Drive and the addition of asphalt shoulders along North and East University drives. Project completion is expected prior to the start of fall semester.

SIUE Fee Changes Considered By SIU Board Of Trustees

22 March 2012, 5:41 pm

During its meeting on the Southern Illinois University Carbondale campus today, the SIU Board of Trustees considered fee-related changes that will affect the SIU Edwardsville campus, including changes in the student fees for Information Technology, Intercollegiate Athletics and textbook rental.

Other student fee changes considered include those for University Housing occupancy rates, the Student Fitness Center, the Student Welfare and Activity (SWAF) fee, Textbook Rental, the University Center and the Facilities fees. The fees will be on the May meeting agenda for final approval.

If approved by the Board in May, a full-time undergraduate student taking 15 credit hours would pay an Intercollegiate Athletics fee of $165.70 per semester beginning in the fall, a change from the current rate of $160.85. The proposed increase of $4.85 per semester would support the annual operating expenses associated with an NCAA Division I program and would move the program toward established fund balance targets.

If approved in May by the Board, the Information Technology fee would change from $6.65 per credit hour to $6.85, resulting in a full-time undergraduate student paying $205.50 annually-two academic semesters of 15 hours each-compared with $199.50 currently paid for two semesters. This fee helps defray the costs of supporting computing resources and networking infrastructure on campus.

Textbook Rental fees are proposed to increase $9 per semester effective in the fall. The fee is assessed at the same rates during a semester and the summer session. The semester rate for 15 hours would increase from $166.50 to $175.50 and would offset other inflationary

operating cost increases in salaries and general administrative costs, provide necessary levels of service and maintain an appropriate fund balance.

Below is a chart of the proposed changes in other student fees:

Annually (for a full-time student enrolled in 15 hours or more during fall and spring)

FY12 FY13 Change

• SWAF $219.90 $225.80 +$ 5.90

• Student Fitness Ctr. $159.60 $163.50 +$ 3.90

• Facilities Maint. $540.00 $555.00 +$15.00

• University Ctr. $303.90 $313.50 + $ 9.60

The Board also considered changes in SIUE's housing rental fees for the fall term.

Under the proposals, rental rates for a shared room at Woodland, Prairie and Bluff residence halls would be $2,635 per semester compared with the current charge of $2,560. A deluxe single room would cost $10,540 annually compared with $10,240 now. Housing rates at Evergreen Hall would be $5,600 annually for a shared apartment compared with $7,480 for a private apartment or a private suite rate of $6,340 annually.

Upperclassmen residing in Cougar Village Apartments would pay $4,010 per year for a shared room compared with $3,890 paid currently per year, while a single room would cost $5,950 annually compared with $5,780 now. A deluxe single room would be assessed at $8,020 per year compared with $7,780 per year now.

Families in Cougar Village, now paying $960 per month for a two-bedroom, unfurnished apartment, would pay $990 in the fall and $1,020 in fall 2013. The same family paying $1,125 per month now for a furnished two-bedroom apartment would pay $1,160 per month in fall and $1,195 in fall 2013. Families in a three-bedroom unfurnished apartment now paying $1,080 per month would pay $1,110 per month in fall and $1,145 in fall 2013; a three-bedroom furnished apartment is now $1,260 per month and would be $1,300 in fall and $1,340 in fall 2013.

SIU Board Of Trustees Considers Proposed SIUE AY 12-13 Tuition

22 March 2012, 5:26 pm

The Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees today considered a proposed tuition plan for the 2012-13 Academic Year calling for a $318 increase, or a 4.8 percent increase, over last year for in-state undergraduates. A $192 annual increase, reflecting a 3.0 percent increase, also was considered today for graduate students at SIUE for the fall.

In addition, the board also considered other tuition change proposals for SIUE that would mean an annual increase for students, including nursing accelerated students and graduate students, as well as for students enrolled in the professional schools of Dental Medicine and Pharmacy. The overall tuition proposal was considered today during the board's regular meeting conducted on the campus of SIU Carbondale.

Under the guidelines considered, if approved by the Board in May, the annual tuition rate would be $6,948 for new undergraduate students entering this coming fall. Undergraduate students currently in a guaranteed tuition plan would see no increase in their annual tuition rate. Students in the SIUE Graduate School would pay $6,504 in tuition.

The board also considered a 4-percent increase to $22,100 annual tuition for the SIUE School of Pharmacy, a 5-percent increase to $27,720 annual tuition at the SIU School of Dental Medicine and a 4-percent increase to $18,249 annual tuition over 66 credit hours for the accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing program.

Four SIUE Chancellor Candidates to Visit Campus

21 March 2012, 3:49 pm

Southern Illinois University President Glenn Poshard is pleased to announce that the search to secure the successor to retiring SIU Edwardsville Chancellor Vaughn Vandegrift will continue as four candidates, recommended by the Chancellor Search Advisory Committee, will visit campus beginning Sunday, March 25. The original pool of 37 candidates has been narrowed to the following:

• Raymond W. Alden III, Ph.D., ( has served as executive vice president and provost at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb since 2006. He was executive vice president and provost at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas from 2000-2006 after serving as UNLV"s dean of College of Sciences from 1997-2000. He holds a Ph.D. in zoology from the University of Florida in Gainesville.

• Julie A. Furst-Bowe, Ed.D., ( has served as provost and vice chancellor for academic and student affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, Wisc, since 2005. Since joining UWS as a faculty member in 1990, she has progressed through the administrative ranks as chair of the department of communications, education and training; associate vice chancellor, academic and student affairs; and assistant chancellor, assessment and continuous improvement. She holds a Ed.D. in work, family and community education from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

• Gloria J. Gibson, Ph.D., ( has served as executive vice president and provost at the University of Northern Iowa since 2009. She also is a professor in UNI's department of communication studies. Prior to her UNI tenure, she was dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Ark., for five years. She holds a Ph.D. in folklore, ethnomusicology concentration from Indiana University in Bloomington.

• Carl Anthony Stockton, Ph.D., ( has served as provost and senior vice president for academic affairs at the University of Houston-Clear Lake in Houston, Texas, since 2007. He also is a professor in UHCL's School of Human Sciences and Humanities. Prior to his current post, he was dean and chair for education, in the School of Education at the University of Texas at Brownsville. He holds a Ph.D. in health education from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Search advisory committee chairman John Navin, Ph.D., a professor of economics and finance in the SIUE School of Business, has led the 16-person committee through the 3-month process. Each candidate will participate in forums with various groups across campus during their visits. The committee is composed of representatives of various groups across the campus and the community. The new chancellor is expected to be confirmed at the SIU Board of Trustees meeting in May.

For more information on the search process, their visit schedules and a list of committee members, please visit

SIUE Renaissance Musical Fest Welcomes Spring

20 March 2012, 3:48 pm

Bring the family and experience a melodic time from the past when Southern Illinois University Edwardsville presents the University's first Spring Renaissance Musical Fest and Feast.

The fun is set for 2:30-5 p.m. Sunday, April 15 at the Holiday Shores Clubhouse and Grounds, 1 Holiday Point Parkway in Edwardsville.

The Renaissance Musical Festival will feature the popular SIUE Madrigal Singers and Concert Choir, directed by Dr. Joel Knapp, professor of music. Also included in the afternoon will be other University top musicians and theatrical performers.

Guests taking part in the "renaissance village" will celebrate the arrival of spring, complete with jugglers, a magician, face painting and dancing. Guests will also mingle with the "King and Queen," lords and ladies, the Dancing Bear and even Robin Hood. In addition, there will be archery, numerous games and a craft area for children. Adding to the merriment will be various kinds of food and drinks.

The festival is being presented, courtesy of the SIUE Department of Music and the Friends of Music, a volunteer organization dedicated to raising scholarship money for SIUE music students.

"What's different and exciting is gearing the festival toward families and for the first time having ticket prices available for children," said Kathy Mendelsohn, SIUE Friends of Music event committee chair. "Our first spring Renaissance Festival promises to be engaging and enjoyable for everyone." Ticket prices are $40 for adults, $20 for students with valid identification and $12 for children ages 13 and under. Adult tickets include a $20 gift to be used to provide scholarships for talented music students and help build the Friends of Music Endowment Fund at SIUE. This gift is considered a tax deductible contribution.

For tickets and reservations, call the SIUE Department of Music, (618) 650-3900 or go online at Reservations are required by April 6.

SIUE Students Engage In Alternative Spring Break, Help Community

19 March 2012, 4:41 pm

The SIUE group of students on the final day of the service project, pictured are John "Alex" Wilson, Arjun Sabhaya, Alex Howell, Cathy Dye, Rosie Keith, Chris Felchlia, Sheena Mathis, Sarah Laux, Travis Herman, Merry Baldwin, Kate Alexander, Micah Duncan, Jessica Lewis-Walton, Lawandria Freeman, Antinique Graham, Victoria Little, Olivia Parker, Brianne Graunke and Brooke Smith.Students repairing the siding on a storm-damaged church. Pictured: Brianne Graunke, Brooke Smith, Olivia Parker, Jessica Lewis-Walton, Rosie Keith, Micah Duncan, Arjun Sabhaya and Travis Herman

Students repairing the siding on a storm-damaged church. Pictured: Travis Herman, Arjun Sabhaya, Micah Duncan, Rosie Keith, Olivia Parker, Brooke Smith, Jessica Lewis-Walton, Brianne Graunke, Sheena Mathis, Kate Alexander, Victoria Little and Cathy Dye

This year, several Southern Illinois University Edwardsville students chose to bypass the stereotypical college Spring Break experience, instead volunteering their time for a community service trip to New Orleans.

SIUE Volunteer Services offers an alternative spring break trip to students who wish to participate in an extended community service opportunity. These overnight trips provide students with a truly unique and fulfilling volunteer experience, bringing together service and learning. Students immerse themselves in communities and cultures with issues, such as urban and rural poverty, racism, hunger, inadequate housing and environmental damage. The purpose of the trip is to promote lifelong community involvement and critical thinking about societal problems.

This year, students traveled to New Orleans to assist homeowners displaced by Hurricane Katrina, helping them return to their homes, restoring community pride and increasing community involvement through community service.

Students worked with The United Saints Recovery Project, a disaster response agency dedicated to long-term recovery assistance in communities that have been affected by a natural disaster. The organization's mission is to assist economically distressed neighborhoods in recovery from disaster and become more resilient to the disasters of the future. The agency does this with the help of local, national and international volunteers.

During the trip, SIUE students worked on three houses and one church. To aid a local church, students repaired the wood siding of the building. The congregation had raised enough money to fix the inside of the church, allowing them to continue service, but the outside was still noticeably storm-damaged. SIUE students assisted in returning the church to its former glory.

The students also took advantage of a Social Justice Tour offered by the United Saints, focusing on the historic neighborhoods of New Orleans, specifically the 9th Ward where the students did most of their service. It was during this tour that students learned of the social justice issues that New Orleans residents faced immediately following the storm and still are facing today.

"Many students were angered by the social injustice," said SIUE Assistant Director of Civic Engagement Sarah Laux. "They expressed a common interest in returning next year, due to their lack of acceptance of these unfortunate issues."

The alternative spring break trip is one of several community service activities available at SIUE, which has been nationally ranked consistently for its commitment to the public good. For the second consecutive year, Washington Monthly, a national magazine, ranked SIUE among the Top 50 master's universities in the nation-13th among public institutions-for its contributions to the community.

The Corporation for National and Community Service again recognized SIUE students' commitment to volunteering, service-learning and civic engagement. For the third consecutive year, SIUE was named to the annual President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll-for the second time listed in the Distinction category.

"This national recognition reflects our commitment to creating vibrant campus life," said SIUE Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Narberth Emmanuel. "It also recognizes the invaluable contributions of our students in serving their communities."

SIUE offers a number of volunteer projects in which students can participate. For more information, contact Laux ( or explore Volunteer Services at Visit Kimmel Leadership Center to sign up for a project or to discuss other volunteer opportunities.

SIUE's Friends of the CSS Hosting Awards Dinner

19 March 2012, 12:54 pm

Activists of the spiritual, humanitarian and community kind will be honored at the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Friends of the Center for Spirituality and Sustainability Annual Awards Dinner at 7 p.m. Friday, March 23 in the LeClaire Room of the Lewis and Clark Community College N.O. Nelson Campus, 600 Troy Road in Edwardsville.

The honorees are Claudia Calzetta, a Catholic Sister of Loretto, who has guided student spiritual development and community outreach at SIUE for 11 years; George "The Shoeman," Hutchings, a retired U.S. Marine sergeant, who converted millions of shoes into clean water projects in Kenya; and organization St. Louis Habitat for Humanity, which built hundreds of high energy-efficient homes for St. Louisans in need of housing.

Calzetta will receive the Spiritual Leadership Award. The sister has guided the spiritual growth and helped with the service projects of hundreds of SIUE students through the Catholic Newman Student Union. Calzetta has led Bible studies, retreats and discussion groups. Because of her leadership and influence, many students have become involved in such organizations as Habitat for Humanity, the St. Vincent DePaul Society in East St. Louis, Glen-Ed Food Pantry, Bread for the World, Plowsharing Crafts, and The Heifer and Shoeman Water projects.

Also under Sister Calzetta's guidance, The Catholic Newman Student Union was honored as the SIUE Outstanding Student Organization of the Year in 2011 and won an Exemplary Social Justice Award from the National Catholic Ministry Association for its work with Shoeman Water Projects.

Hutchings, "The Shoeman," also will be honored with a Spiritual Leadership Award. Hutchings is being recognized for establishing and running Shoeman Water Projects, which was a ministry designed to alleviate human suffering. The project involves collecting donated new and used shoes from churches, businesses, schools and community shoe drives. Then the shoes are exported to retailers in developing countries, which in turn provides jobs and offers affordable footwear. Proceeds from shoe sales are used to purchase well-drilling equipment and water purification systems. The monies also support micro-businesses that repairs hand pumps in areas with a desperate need for clean water.

St. Louis Habitat for Humanity will receive a Sustainability Leadership Award for building green, energy-efficient homes. Habitat for Humanity, an ecumenical Christian housing ministry, was established in 1976 to provide housing for families in need of shelter. Recipients partner in the building of their homes. The houses are then sold to them at no profit and financed with affordable loans.

St. Louis Habitat for Humanity completed its first home in 1998 and as of October 2010 has built 300. Typically, more than 20 Habitat homes per year are built in St. Louis. Since 2008, all homes have been certified at the highest category, the LEED Platinum level. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which is a rating system for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.

The Friends of the Center for Spirituality and Sustainability promote interfaith and planet-preserving activities in the spirit of R. Buckminster Fuller, the designer of the geodesic-domed center on the SIUE campus. The organization also works to preserve and maintain the building, its programs and surroundings.

Admission to the awards dinner is $50. It will be catered by Bella Milano and includes a vegetarian option. Attendees will receive a receipt for the amount that is tax-deductible. To register for the event, or for more information, contact Juli Jacobson, (618) 650-3246,

SIUE To Host 2012 College of Arts & Sciences Spring Colloquium

16 March 2012, 2:55 pm

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville will host the 2012 College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Spring Colloquium "Thinking About Space," with activities slated to take place Tuesday and Wednesday, March 27-28, on the SIUE campus.

Poster presentations, panel discussions, sessions and events will be held throughout the day, starting in the morning and continuing into the evening hours with keynote speaker Story Musgrave, an astronaut offering a keynote address at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 27, in the Maple-Dogwood Room, on the second floor of SIUE's Morris University Center.

In addition, a 6 p.m. presentation that Wednesday, "The Massacre at Wounded Knee Creek-A Two-Hour Multimedia Event," will be offered by Dr. Lani Van Eck, a cultural anthropologist who cofounded Wounded Knee: The Museum in Wall, S.D. Van Eck's presentation also will take place in the Maple/Dogwood Room.

At 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Out of this World will be presented by the combined orchestras of SIUE and SIU Carbondale, as part of SIUE's Arts & issues series, in the theater in Dunham Hall. The evening will feature a performance of Gustav Holst's stellar musical depiction of the solar system, The Planets. Also featured will be the world famous Philadelphia Orchestra's phenomenal concertmaster, David Kim, performing Saint-Saëns' 3rd Violin Concerto.

Out of this World is a ticketed event; contact Arts and Issues, 618-650-5774.

The colloquium will feature 160 faculty and students presenting papers, posters, performances and panels. Faculty members from all disciplines, along with students, will cover a broad range of topics relating to space, including white, nano, poetic, negative, Hilbert and Urban space, as well as space/time, virtual spaces and more.

A complete program is available online at With questions, contact Larry LaFond, associate dean of CAS, (618) 650-5058, or

SIUE To Welcome Astronaut To Speak At 2012 Spring Colloquium

16 March 2012, 2:40 pm

As part of the 2012 College of Arts & Sciences Spring Colloquium, "Thinking About Space," Story Musgrave, famous and accomplished astronaut, a, member of numerous honorary organizations and recipient of several distinguished awards, will be the keynote speaker during a presentation at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 27 in the Morris University Center Maple/Dogwood rooms on the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville campus.

According to his official biography, Musgrave, who originally is from Boston, Mass., graduated from several educational institutions, including Syracuse University, the University of California at Los Angeles and Marietta College, with degrees in math, computers, chemistry, medicine, physiology, literature and Psychology. He has been awarded 20 honorary doctorates and served as a part-time trauma surgeon during his 30-year career as an astronaut.

Musgrave was a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Theta and other honorary organizations during his educational career. He earned a doctorate in medicine and master's degrees in areas including physiology and biophysics. He has received Air Force Wings, NASA Space Flight Medals and a NASA Distinguished Service Medal as part of his many great accomplishments.

The colloquium will feature 160 faculty and students presenting papers, posters, performances and panels. Faculty members from all disciplines, along with students, will cover a broad range of topics relating to space.

Colloquium sessions will be held throughout the day Tuesday and Wednesday, March 27-28, with featured presentations each evening. A complete program is available online at

SIUE Research Team Awarded 2012 ICT "High Impact Project"

16 March 2012, 1:12 pm

An Illinois Center for Transportation (ICT) research project completed by Huaguo Zhou and Ryan Fries, assistant professors of civil engineering in the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Engineering, has been selected as the first recipient of the ICT High Impact Project Award.

Collaborating with Brent Vaughn, civil engineering laboratory specialist and lecturer at SIUE, and a team of student researchers, Zhou and Fries developed a Highway Incident Management Operational and Training Guide for incident responders in Illinois.

"This award recognizes the outstanding level of research accomplished by the SIUE research team," Zhou said. "It was the first ICT/IDOT funded research project Ryan and I completed. Six graduate students from three different departments have worked on this project for more than three years. The training guide, published at the ICT website and cited by the National Transportation Research Board e-newsletter, has helped train over 300 first responders in Illinois to date."

The team was selected for the award based on its commitment, teamwork and technical expertise, and was formally presented with the award in February at the 98th Annual Transportation and Highway Engineering Annual Conference.

SIUE Alumnus Recently Featured On American Idol

15 March 2012, 1:02 pm

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Alumnus Ethan Jones, a 22-year old inspiring musician, hopes to land a hit on the Billboard Charts. He recently was among the 250 of 113,000 auditions in the St. Louis area, with his vocal talent featured recently on the successful reality television show "American Idol."

While his passion is music, Jones, from Pontoon Beach, attended Southern Illinois University Edwardsville for 3 years and plans to come back to graduate with a business degree. Jones sings, and plays the guitar and violin. He currently is raising money for the release of his first solo album. More information is available about Jones in a March 13 spread titled "Pontoon Beach Idol" on STLToday, which is the online component of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

SIUE NRHH Big Red Volleyball Event to Benefit American Diabetes Association

15 March 2012, 12:43 pm

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) Red Storm Chapter will host its Annual Big Red Volleyball event starting at 11 a.m. Saturday, March 31, to raise financial support and awareness for the American Diabetes Association (ADA.)

The mission of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by the disease. The ADA funds research to prevent, cure and manage diabetes, delivers services to hundreds of communities, provides information and gives a voice to those with diabetes.

The single-elimination tournament will take place at the Cougar Village sand volleyball courts. The first 20 teams to sign-up are guaranteed to play at least one game. Teams consist of 6-8 players and cost for participation is $18 per team. Registration includes a complimentary hot dog, chips and soda at the event.

Teams may consist of students, faculty and staff, and participation also is open to anyone in the community. Spectators are welcome and donations will be taken at the event.

Big Red Volleyball is not a typical volleyball game-the ball is approximately 40" wide. Players of all levels of skill are welcome.

For more information, visit or contact Kyle Rice, (618) 650-4629 or Debbie Simmerman, (618) 650-0584. Online registration is available.

Camp Introduces Kids to Robot Design

15 March 2012, 12:36 pm

The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Engineering, in conjunction with the Edwardsville High School Computer Team, will conduct a Robotics Mini-Camp from 9 a.m.-noon, Saturday, March 24.

The robotics workshop, for students from grades 3-5, will be held in the SIUE Engineering Building, room 2029.

The focus of the camp is to introduce students to robotics. Students will have a hands-on experience in designing and constructing robots to save ducks from an oil spill.

The cost of the camp is $35, which includes a camp T-shirt. Proceeds will go to the EHS Computer Team.

For more information and a registration form, please contact Scott Hagin at or (618) 656-7100, ext. 20886. A registration form also is available online at The camp is limited to the first 24 students who return a completed application.

SIUE Alumnus Running For Political Office

14 March 2012, 9:16 am

SIUE Alumnus Running For Political Office

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Alumnus Brad Harriman is running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, hoping to replace Rep. Jerry Costello.

Harriman, 58, from O'Fallon, is running as a Democrat in the 12th Congressional District. The former professional athlete and educator is standing on a platform that includes good jobs, good schools and safe communities. The emphasis of Harriman's life's work, the candidate said, is to teach, coach and motivate at-risk youth in the Belleville area.

Harriman graduated from SIUE with a master's in K-12 General Administration in 2000 and with a bachelor's in Secondary Physical Education in 1978.

The information recently appeared in an article titled, "Brad Harriman: Democratic Party Candidate for the 12th Congressional District" on the Channel 5 NBC Chicago website.

SIUE To Interview Three Graduate School Dean Candidates

13 March 2012, 3:57 pm

Three final candidates recently were selected from a rich pool of applicants to be interviewed for the position of dean of the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Graduate School and associate provost for research.

Candidates include the following:

• Interim Graduate Dean and Associate Provost for Research Jerry Weinberg, who is a professor in the SIUE School of Engineering's Department of Computer Science. Weinberg will interview for the position March 22-23;

• Ambrose Anoruo, director of a biological field station at Texas A&M Kingsville and a professor of forestry. He also has served as the dean of the Graduate College at Texas A&M. Anoruo will interview for the position April 5-6;

• Clifford Fedler, associate dean of the Graduate School at Texas Tech in Lubbock and is a professor of agricultural engineering. Fedler will interview for the position April 12-13.

The committee tasked with choosing the candidates is scheduling interviews with the Graduate Council, the deans, the Graduate School and staff, as well as arranging open forums for the faculty, staff and students to meet and engage the candidates. Copies of the candidates' curriculum vita will be available prior to each interview. The committee chair is Stephen Hansen, professor of historical studies.

ESTL Charter High School STEM Efforts Featured In St. Louis Media

9 March 2012, 3:56 pm

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville East St. Louis Charter High School students Brandon Rice and Amber Johnson recently were featured in an article published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and

The high school students talked about their love for math and science and their excitement on using the new $1 million STEM classroom, named the William Frederick Graebe Sr. Learning Center, at the East St. Louis Higher Education Campus.

Sharon Locke, director of the Center for STEM Research, Education and Outreach at SIUE, spoke about the importance of exposing and encouraging high school students in the areas of math and science.

According to Gina Washington, the SIUE East St. Louis Charter High School director, more African American high school students should be exposed to the areas of math and science and the STEM Classroom in East St. Louis will assist in that.

To read more about the STEM Classroom in East St. Louis, check out the front-page article which was published March 3, titled "Schools are Aiming to Boost Interest in Science and Math."

SIUE School of Engineering To Hold Open House

9 March 2012, 3:17 pm

The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Engineering will host its annual Open House from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, March 24 at the Edwardsville campus.

The Open House is for prospective students, their families and the general public.

Check-in will take place in the Morris University Center (MUC). There will be a general presentation from 9-9:45 a.m. in the MUC Conference Center. All other activities will take place in the Engineering Building starting at 10 a.m. Lunch will be provided to all prospective students.

Guests will have the opportunity to attend informational sessions in our various departments, including: Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Construction Management, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Faculty, staff and industrial professionals will be available to answer questions.

Current engineering students will be in attendance to share their experiences. Student projects such as the Formula Race Car, Solar Car and Mini Baja will be displayed, and team members will be on hand to answer questions.

Guests will have the opportunity to tour the Engineering Building throughout the day. Laboratory and classroom facilities will be open with interactive laboratory demonstrations and exhibits. Guests also can sign up for an SIUE Campus tour.

For more information about the School of Engineering, please visit or call (618) 650-2541.

WSIE Comeback Featured In St. Louis Publication

9 March 2012, 3:06 pm

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's jazz radio station, WSIE-FM 88.7, recently was highlighted in an issue of the Riverfront Times, titled "St. Louis' Only Jazz Radio Station Rises from its Deathbed," that appeared March 7.

The issue focused on the efforts of the University, through the direction of Station Director/General Manager Greg Conroy, to overcome financial difficulties and obstacles to promote jazz enjoyment among St. Louis area listeners. Located on the SIUE campus, WSIE has digitized its music collection, added local jazz artists to its play lists, re-instituted local music programming, brought student DJs to the airwaves, made online streaming broadcasts available and held its first on-air fundraising drive in more than two decades. All this progress has been made in a little more than a year. Conroy has worked closely with part-time Consultant Dick Ulett, and the radio station staff, many who are students committed to the initiative.

SIUE Receives What's Right with the Region Award

7 March 2012, 3:38 pm

FOCUS St. Louis today honored Southern Illinois University Edwardsville among 21 metropolitan St. Louis organizations and individuals with a "What's Right with the Region" award.

SIUE received recognition in the category of Improving Racial Equality and Justice for its work through the SIUE East St. Louis Center. Awards will be presented at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 3 at the Sheldon Concert Hall in downtown St. Louis.

"On behalf of all our personnel at the East St. Louis Center, we proudly accept this award acknowledging the effectiveness of their hard work and dedication," SIUE Chancellor Vaughn Vandegrift said. "SIUE is steadfast in its commitment to providing educational opportunity and assistance to our region. Our expectation is to continue to make a positive difference every day both now and in the future."

SIUE's East St. Louis Center has been empowering people and strengthening the community with quality programs and excellence in education for more than 50 years. The Center offers public service activities that enhance the quality of life for individuals and families in East St. Louis and surrounding communities. More than 6,000 citizens are served each year through the Center's educational, social and cultural programs, which are available to individuals faced with educational and economic disadvantages.

The Center provides health care and enrichment services to all ages through a number of programs, including: East St. Louis Performing Arts Program; PALS/Latchkey; Project Success; SIUE East St. Louis Charter High School; SIUE Head Start/Early Head Start; and the TRIO Programs, including Upward Bound Math & Science, Upward Bound East St. Louis/Cahokia and Upward Bound Brooklyn/East St. Louis Charter High School/Madison/Venice.

SIUE recently dedicated the William Frederick Graebe Sr. STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) Learning Center, a 21st century, high-tech classroom located at the East St. Louis Charter High School, constructed with a $1 million gift from Robert H. and Norma J. Graebe.

FOCUS St. Louis is a local organization dedicated to positive community change by developing leadership, influencing policy and promoting community connections. It makes a difference through successes, including new legislation, organizations and initiatives that make the St. Louis region a better place to live for everyone. To view honorees, visit

SIUE Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor Wins 2012 Paul Simon Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Award

7 March 2012, 11:27 am

George Engel, professor of electrical and computer engineering (ECE) in Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's School of Engineering, recently was named the recipient of the SIUE Paul Simon Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Award for 2012.

"I believe the award is recognition of not only my efforts, but also of the outstanding job that all of us here in the School of Engineering and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering do to bring our research into our undergraduate and graduate classrooms," Engel said.

The Simon Award is presented annually to an SIUE faculty member who shows a significant contribution in the area of research and demonstrates the ability to incorporate that research activity into the classroom. Since joining the faculty in 1993, Engel has developed an outstanding research program in the area of integrated circuit design. Together with his students he has designed several integrated circuits that have been successfully fabricated.

In addition he has supervised 19 master's theses, is widely published and holds nine U.S. patents.

"George has been an outstanding teacher and scholar for many years," said Luis Youn, chair and professor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. "The ECE department is thrilled that he is being recognized for his hard work."

Engel will be presented the award April 9 at the Annual Paul Simon Luncheon.

Associate Judge, SIUE Alumnus, To Retire From Bench

7 March 2012, 11:18 am

Madison County Associate Judge Nelson Metz of the Illinois Third Judicial Circuit Court will retire from the bench as of March 31.

Metz, who graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 1972 with a bachelor's in philosophy and in 1975 with a master's in English, and from SIU Carbondale with his law degree, has been an associate judge for 12 years. Prior to that he served as a part-time assistant state's attorney in the Civil Division for 16 years, in addition to operating a private practice.

The news was announced in the March 2 issue of The (Alton) Telegraph.

SIUE Summer Session Registration Begins March 12; Come 'Dive In'

6 March 2012, 3:44 pm

With more than 700 classes from which to choose, now is the best time to "dive in" and enroll in Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's Summer Session, a smart move that could mean lighter class loads in the coming semesters and also a chance to attend classes with an even lower teacher-student ratio than usually offered at SIUE.

According to Dr. Charles Berger, professor of English language and literature and coordinator of the summer session, attending class in the summer provides students with a number of flexible options.

"SIUE offers a great variety of courses at all levels during the summer: introductory general education courses, required upper-division classes for the Major, graduate seminars," he said. "We also provide a growing number of online offerings for students who can't make it to campus. Most of our courses run for five weeks, and we offer two five-week sessions during the summer. SIUE has one of the most academically vibrant summer programs in the country, providing students with a great opportunity to continue learning and making progress toward graduation."

Berger also pointed out other benefits of enrolling in summer session:

  • Fees are lower;
  • Less expensive campus housing is available;
  • Access to classes that might otherwise be difficult to enroll in during the fall or spring;
  • It's a beautiful time to be on the SIUE campus, with foliage in full bloom, lush green landscaping; a perfect setting for biking, walking, or swimming at the pool
  • Students can break from studies and enjoy Summer Showbiz on the mainstage at SIUE's Dunham Hall, or any of the area attractions such as the St. Louis Cardinals, the St. Louis Zoo, and a variety of museums
  • There are numerous student job opportunities on campus during the summer session

Registration for SIUE's Summer Session begins Monday, March 12. For more information visit the website:, or call (618) 650-2080, or e-mail: Those interested also can visit SIUE's Service Center on the first floor of Rendleman Hall for more information.

SIUE Alumnus Named President Of Helmkamp Construction Co. Inc.

6 March 2012, 2:53 pm

Rob Johnes, a 1998 graduate from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a bachelor's in construction management, recently was named president of Helmkamp Construction Co. Inc.

Johnes has worked for Helmkamp since 1997. He is the first company president who is not a relative of Gilbert Helmkamp, who founded the company in 1938.

Johnes previously served as a company vice president. As vice president, he coordinated numerous technology improvements, such as the integration of systems for project management, accounting, and customer relationships. He also led training and continuing education. Johnes is the first Helmkamp Construction president not related to Gilbert Helmkamp, who founded the company in 1938. The announcement appeared Feb. 28 on, the online vehicle for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

SIUE Volunteers Help Tornado Cleanup Efforts In Harrisburg

6 March 2012, 2:32 pm

Numerous volunteers, including Southern Illinois University Edwardsville graduate students, recently traveled to Harrisburg to assist with cleanup efforts from the Feb. 29 tornado that resulted in massive devastation.

According to a news broadcast from KSDK News Channel 5, the volunteers arrived the same day as two people killed in the tornado were laid to rest. "Operation Blessing" was one of several organizations that coordinated volunteers and helped organize resources. Many of the volunteers were Harrisburg residents who had not lost their homes in the tragedy.

"I had something come over me that said 'Love your neighbor more than yourself, or as yourself,'" said volunteer Tyler Rueter, a senior nursing major. "Those people are my neighbors even though it's three hours down the road."

Any Harrisburg residents needing assistance can visit the Southeast Illinois College Foundation Center in Harrisburg. The spot is serving as a volunteer coordination center.

Information on the effort involving the students appeared on the KSDK website March 3.

FW Warehousing Promotes Alumnus To Director Of Operations

6 March 2012, 2:27 pm

FW Warehousing of St. Louis recently promoted Frank Dickerson to the position of director of operations.

Dickerson, who graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in business administration and is the former mayor of the village of Worden, has more than 15 years of experience supervising operations management, inventory control, transportation management and freight brokerage. He previously was a project manager for Dial Corp.

The news appeared March 2 in the business section of, the online vehicle of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Annual SIUE Staff Employee Banquet Set For March 15

5 March 2012, 9:30 am

The 50th annual Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Civil Service/Staff Employee Banquet is slated to take place at Thursday, March 15.

A social hour will begin at 5 p.m. at the Edwardsville Moose Lodge with dinner to follow at 6 p.m.

A great evening of entertainment has been planned. Tickets are $18 per person and guests are welcome. Contact Diane McKaig, (618) 650-3588, or via email at to make a reservation.

Bullying In Schools Topic Of Next Hoge Memorial Lecture Series

2 March 2012, 2:59 pm

The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Education and the Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders will host "Bullying in the Schools: Effective Strategies for Prevention and Intervention," featuring renowned keynote speaker Dr. Dorothy Espelage from 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Friday, April 27 in the Morris University Center Oak Room on the SIUE campus.

The event is part of the Debra Reichert-Hoge Memorial Lecture Series Spring 2012 Conference. Breakout sessions on a variety of topics also will be offered, including sessions on increasing social communication and functioning in children with disabilities, encouraging acceptance of culturally and linguistically diverse children, addressing bullying issues related to children with disabilities and providing services to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) children and families.

This conference is of particular interest for any professionals working in the schools. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association continuing education units and Illinois State Board of Education continuing professional development units are available. Additional information and a registration form can be downloaded directly at

SIUE Among Winners Of 27th Annual Educational Advertising Awards

2 March 2012, 1:55 pm

The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Department of Marketing and Communications recently won seven awards in the 27th Annual Educational Advertising Awards competition.

SIUE was among 201 institutions recognized with a gold award for total public relations campaign for the Head Start program.

The University also received the following recognitions:

• Two bronze awards-for a College Fair Brochure and the Defining Excellence Capital Campaign collection;

• Four merit awards-for the Chancellor's Report, search postcards, the radio advertising series titled "Energy," and the Student Viewbook.

The competition's panel of judges consisted of national higher education marketers, advertising creative directors, marketing and advertising professionals, and the Higher Education Marketing Report's editorial board.

"These awards are indicative of the very talented staff that SIUE has in our Marketing and Communications area," said SIUE Vice Chancellor for University Relations Patrick Hundley. "These talented people work extremely hard to market SIUE's outstanding programs to ensure that we continue to attract the best students and provide the utmost support to our most deserving areas of study and research."

Sponsored by the Higher Education Marketing Report, the competition, which drew more than 2,900 entries from more than 1,000 colleges, universities and secondary schools from all 50 states and several international institutions, recognizes the field of educational marketing and advertising. The Educational Advertising Awards is the largest competition of its kind in the country.

The publication is in its 27th year and is read each month by thousands of marketers at colleges and universities across the country.

Engineering Building Construction Contracts Awarded $9.7 Million

2 March 2012, 1:32 pm

The Executive Committee of the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees has awarded more than $9.7 million in contracts to four Illinois companies and two Missouri companies for the Engineering Building expansion and renovation on the SIU Edwardsville campus. The project will begin in spring 2012 with targeted completion during summer 2013.

The expansion will incorporate a new building providing approximately 32,000 square feet of space and connect to the existing facility via an enclosed bridge. Additional offices, classrooms, and teaching and research space will be created to accommodate the more than 1,200 engineering students currently enrolled in SIUE's engineering programs, including: civil engineering, computer science, construction, electrical and computer engineering, and mechanical and industrial engineering. The renovations include moving some offices and classrooms into the new building and then renovating the vacated space entirely into engineering laboratories.

Funding will come from the University Plant Funds for the new construction and Facilities Fee revenues for the renovation work.

"This is another exciting step forward toward completing our $300 million plan to improve facilities, further underlining the University's strong commitment to enhancing the educational experience for our students," SIUE Chancellor Vaughn Vandegrift said. "Our relationships with local and regional businesses make that possible."

The contracts were awarded to:

• Interior Construction Services, St. Louis; $6,448,000 for general contracting

• Guarantee Electrical, St. Louis; $1,837,969 for electrical work

• France Mechanical, Edwardsville; $499,700 for heating work

• AMSCO Mechanical, Granite City; $380,000 for plumbing work

• Hock Mechanical, Millstadt; $395,500 for ventilation work

• Superior Fire Protection Systems, Forsyth; $148,540 for fire protection work.

"This extension was absolutely necessary to cope with the growth we have been experiencing during the last few years," said SIUE School of Engineering Dean Hasan Sevim. "The new classrooms and laboratories will provide a much more conducive environment for effective teacher-student interaction that is so essential in educating today's engineers. The construction of the new annex will be another cornerstone event in the history of the School for its continued efforts to become the center of engineering in the region."

The approved project budget for the new construction is $12.6 million, and the approved project budget for the renovation is $1.6 million for a total project cost of $14.2 million.

"We have experienced steady growth in our Engineering programs and we expect that the demand for the programs will continue to expand," said SIUE Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Ann Boyle. "The new addition will allow the School of Engineering to accommodate that growth and continue to provide an excellent academic program for its students in an optimal environment for learning."

Other projects that are part of the University's $300 million expenditures include improvements to the Science Building, the Art and Design Building, the Vadalabene Center expansion, Korte Stadium, Cougar Village, the SIU School of Dental Medicine and the SIUE School of Pharmacy.

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