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SIUE News - Archives Jan. 2008

January 2008

·Democratic Congressional Candidates To Debate At SIUE
·Goshen Ocean; Returns For SIUE's 50th Anniversary Celebration
·SIUE Music Department Presents For The Love Of Music Feb. 11
·SIUE Students Host Bringing The Rainbow To The Colorless Sea
·SIUE Softball Team A Hit With The St. Louis Area Foodbank
·SIUE Offers Additional Commencement Opportunity
·St. Louis Television News Anchor To Speak At Social Work Gala
·SIUE Student From Nokomis Recognized with Leadership Award
·MLK Award Winners Announced At SIU Edwardsville
·SIUE School of Dental Medicine Prepares To Give Kids a Smile
·SIUE Hosts Idea Bounce Featuring Business Ideas, Innovation
·EUE Apps Are Due Feb. 1
·School Of Engineering To Help With Middle School Robotics Camp
· Journey to SIUE Features Student, Staff and Faculty Narratives
·Retired SIUE Director Is NADE President Elect
·D. Harmon Named Employee Of The Month For January
·Overseas Exchange Students Are Visiting SIUE For Spring 2008
·Applications Being Accepted For SIUE Nursing Graduate Programs
·SIUE Music Department Presents Recital And Coffee Concert
·SIUE Plans $63 Million In Construction Projects Over Next 18 Months
·BOT Awards Contracts Worth Over $4 Million For SIUE Projects
·Nationally Known Professor, Regional Volunteer To Be Honored May 10
·S. Regagnon Named Director, Commercialization At The NCERC
·Philosophical Issues In Intelligent Design To Be Discussed Jan. 23 At SIUE
·Gerontology Program Will Play Host To 34th Senior Citizens Fair
·SIUE Pharmacy Professor Named Chair of National Organization
·SIUE Middle East Misunderstandings Series To Begin Jan. 22
·SIUE Nursing Student Honored For Service In Middle East
·Penn Scholar Calls For Change In Higher Ed.; Parents Can Help
·A Season For The Child Continues With Goldilocks & The Three Bears
·Sandra Reeves Phillips Comes To SIUE Feb. 2 For Arts & Issues
·SIUE Emerita History Prof. To Speak Feb. 5 At MLK Jr. Luncheon
·SIUE Winter Faculty Symposium Slated For Jan. 24
·Friends Of Theater And Dance Trivia Night Set For Jan. 19
·Physical Chemistry Students Give Poster Presentations


Democratic Congressional Candidates To Debate At SIUE
Pre-Dental Association To Sponsor Debate

  • Who: The SIUE Pre-Dental Association presents a debate between Joe McMenamin and Daniel Davis, both Democratic candidates for the 19th Congressional District currently held by Republican John Shimkus
  • What: Among the issues to be debated by the two candidates in anticipation of the Feb. 5 Illinois primary are health care in Southern Illinois and global climate change.
  • When: Noon-2 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 31
  • Where: Goshen Lounge, on the first floor of SIUE's Morris University Center

McMenamin is a Springfield attorney; Davis, who also lives in Springfield, is an employee of the Illinois Department of Public Health. The debate will consist of a three-minute introduction from each candidate; a set of 10 questions on major issues to be asked of each candidate; a question-and-answer session (questions must be pre-approved); and three minutes of concluding remarks. For more information, call Navi Mudahar, (630) 533-1018.

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'Goshen Ocean' Returns For SIUE's 50th Anniversary Celebration

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Soon it will be February in the Midwest, so it's time to don that swimsuit, grab your best friend and head for the beach-in the Goshen Lounge.


Yes, in honor of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's 50th Anniversary Celebration, the "Goshen Ocean" is making a comeback. After a 15-year hiatus, some 12 tons of sand will be dumped in the recessed area of Goshen Lounge, on the first floor of SIUE's Morris University Center for the Feb. 6 event. This will be the sixth Goshen Ocean since 1980.

"Lyle Ward and I were part of the planning for student activities in those days," said Steve Sperotto, now director of the SIUE Kimmel Leadership Center. Ward was assistant director of the Morris University Center at the time. Ward retired in 2000.

"One of the students on that planning committee suggested we do an event in Goshen Lounge that was just the opposite of what the students might expect in the middle of winter," Sperotto said. "So, we came up with an idea to re-create a beach."

In an SIUE news release written in 1981, Ward was quoted as saying that the administration was interested in providing more activities to keep students on campus. Remember, at the time only upperclassmen and families were living on campus in what was then known as the Tower Lake Apartment Complex (now Cougar Village). Residence halls were still a thing of the future. The remaining students were commuters and traditionally left campus immediately following classes for the day. "If they (students) are not involved in campus life while they are in school, it is much more difficult to get them to return as alumni," Ward said. "They need a bit of fun before going back to the books again."

So, as part of the annual student activities calendar, a Goshen Lounge event was planned to be scheduled each February. The first event was the Goshen Ocean followed by the Goshen Rodeo the next year. Goshen Ocean returned in 1984, 1986, 1989 and 1993, each time providing a place for sand volleyball, building sandcastles, hula dancing, cavorting in swimsuits and dreaming of warm weather to come.
In addition, this year's activities will include a "Tacky Tourist Contest," relay races with goggles and fins, and a limbo contest. For more information, call the Kimmel Leadership Center, (618) 650-2686

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is proud to celebrate its 50th Anniversary and first half century of excellence. The University has grown from 1,776 students in 1957 to nearly 13,500 students today. SIUE is a catalyst for the cultural and intellectual vitality and economic development of Southwestern Illinois and the greater St. Louis region.

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SIUE Music Department Presents For The Love Of Music Feb. 11

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Southern Illinois University Edwardsville will showcase its talented students and faculty during the second annual For the Love of Music, an evening of performances by SIUE's Concert Choir, Chamber Orchestra, classical pianists, Wind Symphony, jazz combo, brass ensemble and Suzuki ensemble.

The evening of music begins at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 11, in Meridian Ballroom, on the first floor of SIUE's Morris Center.

Tickets are $15 for adults; $10 for students, other than those attending SIUE, and may be purchased through the SIUE Music Department, (618) 650-3900. Admission is free for SIUE students with valid ID.

Proceeds benefit the Friends of Music, a support organization for the SIUE Department of Music. Door prizes will be awarded.

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SIUE Students Host Bringing The Rainbow To The Colorless Sea

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) A student organization is hosting Bringing the Rainbow to the Colorless Sea, a roundtable conversation, from 5-8 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20, in the Morris University Center's Mississippi/Illinois Room at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

PRIME, which stands for Promoting, Recruiting, Increasing, Minority Educators, is sponsoring the event. Increasing minority student enrollment, retention and success, as well as celebrating difference and diversity will be some of the issues addressed during the conversation.

Members of PRIME will engage in discussion with area school administrators, community leaders and SIUE personnel.

To RSVP, or for more information, contact Faculty Advisor Michael O. Afolayan, professor of curriculum and instruction in the SIUE School of Education, (618) 650-3675, or Kim Allen, student president of PRIME, (618) 531-2565.

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SIUE Softball Team A Hit With The St. Louis Area Foodbank

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville softball Cougars scored enough runs and won enough games last year to become the national NCAA Division II softball champs. This year, they scored again but this time with the St. Louis Area Foodbank.

All the members of the softball team spent part of a day recently at the Foodbank near the Earth City Business Park in Bridgeton, Mo., where they packed 216 boxes of canned food and dry goods, which equaled some 7,100 pounds of food to feed and aid an estimated 5,800 needy families. "We require each athlete to perform two community service projects each year," says Sandy Montgomery, head softball coach and assistant director of SIUE Intercollegiate Athletics. "And, we're always looking for worthwhile projects for them to do, a project that our kids will get something out of and at the same time help the community."

The team turned to the Foodbank, a non-profit agency that operates a food distribution center in a 90,000 square-foot warehouse. The organization accepts large scale item donations from various local and national outlets, including manufacturers, suppliers, food brokers, grocery stores, the USDA, and local and regional food drives.

The group also welcomes volunteers to help in the distribution process. The Foodbank gathers some 13.4 million pounds of food annually for more than 500 food pantries, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and emergency food programs throughout 14 counties in Eastern Missouri and 12 counties in Southwestern Illinois. "We help the elderly, single-parent families and the working poor," said Matt Dace, assistant director of the Foodbank. "Children comprise the largest segment of the population in need of food. We rely on the generosity of others," Dace pointed out. "Each year, more than 5,000 volunteers spend more than 12,000 hours helping us sort and pack food.

"Area food companies and grocery stores donate food, the USDA and America's Second Harvest (considered the nation's largest charitable hunger-relief organization) supply food, along with businesses, groups and individuals who organize or contribute to successful food drives, and also provide financial support to the St. Louis Area Foodbank."

Montgomery said the size of the warehouse and the amount of food awaiting packaging was a bit overwhelming for the team. "The day we were there we were packaging a huge order from Wal-Mart," she explained. "The Foodbank receives donated shipments of non-perishables from places around the area and the region, places such as Wal-Mart and Schnuck's. These are items that are still usable but can't be sold on the shelf, such as food in dented cans or dry goods in defective packaging," Montgomery said. "What we had to do was group the types of food together and then pack boxes that are then delivered by the Foodbank to needy families.

"As a team in the past we've cleaned the Oasis Shelter in Alton and we're currently doing a pen pal program with a special education class in Nashville, Ill. And, we've done Habitat for Humanity and worked with the Boys and Girls Clubs in Bethalto."

The coach said volunteerism is a way to prepare students for the real world. "Our athletes work very hard in the classrooms and you know they work very hard for me," Montgomery said. "I think volunteering is a way to keep them grounded, to show them how fortunate they are, while they reflect on those who aren't as fortunate."

She also noted that other SIUE teams are exploring the idea of volunteering at the Foodbank. "Some places can't accommodate an entire team for a volunteer effort, but the Foodbank welcomes the numbers because they have the available space. "On the particular day the softball players were working, they were processing a shipment donated by Wal-Mart. It was huge and we could only do about half of what was in that shipment. They'd like to see us come back."

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is proud to celebrate its 50th Anniversary and first half century of excellence. The University has grown from 1,776 students in 1957 to nearly 13,500 students today. SIUE is a catalyst for the cultural and intellectual vitality and economic development of Southwestern Illinois and the greater St. Louis region.

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SIUE Offers Additional Commencement Opportunity

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Southern Illinois University Edwardsville commencement organizers are giving August 2008 graduate candidates a chance to participate in commencement exercises either during the University's spring ceremony May 10 or the fall ceremony Dec. 20.

This year's summer commencement was cancelled because of scheduled renovations of the Vadalabene Center where ceremonies are conducted. The August candidates had been offered an opportunity to participate only in the December ceremony. "Many students told us that only offering the December ceremony as an alternative would be a hardship," said Scott Belobrajdic, assistant vice chancellor for Enrollment Management. "Therefore, we're making arrangements to also offer the spring ceremony as a second alternative," Belobrajdic said. However, Belobrajdic explained, an August candidate participating in the spring ceremony is still expected to complete any necessary coursework during the summer term.

"While this exception will enable our summer candidates to participate in a formal commencement ceremony, the exception will not be an indication of early granting of a degree or early graduation from the institution," he said. Under normal circumstances, students are not permitted to participate in Commencement until preliminary review confirms that a student has completed or is enrolled in remaining requirements for a degree. "Students cannot receive a degree until all requirements for that degree have been completed and approved."

Belobrajdic said summer degree candidates who desire to participate in the Spring ceremony will be required to complete and submit a standard application form for graduation, indicating an August 2008 expected degree completion date and a "special May 2008 commencement request form" to the Office of the Registrar by the end of business Friday, Feb. 15. Both forms are available for download at and in the Service Center, located on the first floor of Rendleman Hall.

"August candidates who do not wish to walk in the spring commencement ceremony can continue to apply for summer degrees through May 27," Belobrajdic said. "This is the traditional summer application timeline. Summer 2008 candidates who have chosen not to participate in the May commencement ceremony may still participate in the Dec. 20 ceremony.

" I might also note that University policy prohibits students walking in more than one ceremony for any one degree. If a prospective August 2008 candidate chooses to walk in the spring ceremony, she or he will not be able to walk again after officially completing requirements for the degree."

A complete schedule for the May 10 graduation ceremony will be released shortly after the Feb. 15 deadline. The previously released schedule may be superseded by a new schedule of events for the day.
For more information, call the SIUE Office of Enrollment Management, (618) 650-2298.

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St. Louis Television News Anchor To Speak At Social Work Gala

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Vickie Newton, popular news anchor for KMOV-TV (Ch. 4) in St. Louis, will be the featured speaker at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's Second Annual Social Work Scholarship Gala on March 1. Reservations must be received by Feb. 15.

Scheduled to begin with 5 p.m. cocktails, the gala will take place in Meridian Ballroom, on the first floor of SIUE's Morris Center. Dinner will be served at 6 p.m.; a 7:30 p.m. program is planned. In addition, a silent auction will be offered.

During the program, Community Commitment Awards will be announced: Marie Gibbons, of the Women's Oasis Center in Alton, will receive the Social Work Humanitarian Award; ABL Pregnancy Center of Collinsville will receive the Child and Family Service Award; Anderson Hospital in Maryville will receive the Health Service Award; Angela Scott, of Alton High School, will receive the Social Worker Alumni Award; and Anne King, of the Hoyleton (IL) Children's Home, will receive the Social Worker Award. In addition, two students will be honored with the Outstanding Social Work Student Award.

All proceeds benefit the scholarship fund for the SIUE Department of Social Work. Tickets, which include dinner, are $50; a table of eight, $350. For reservations, call the department, (618) 650-5429.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is proud to celebrate its 50th Anniversary and first half century of excellence. The University has grown from 1,776 students in 1957 to nearly 13,500 students today. SIUE is a catalyst for the cultural and intellectual vitality and economic development of Southwestern Illinois and the greater St. Louis region.

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SIUE Student From Nokomis Recognized with Leadership Award

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Robin Quattlander of Nokomis recently was honored with the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation Student Leader of the Month Award for November. Quattlander will graduate from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville on May 10 with a bachelor of science in Business Administration-emphasis in Marketing-in the SIUE School of Business.

The award recognizes SIUE business students who are nominated by student organizations for outstanding participation and responsibility. Quattlander's award is in recognition of her work as president of the SIUE chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), which fosters relationships with fellow marketing majors as well as faculty and potential employers. Quattlander was chosen because of her dedication not only to help the AMA to achieve its mission, but to surpass the organization's objectives.

While serving as president, the organization's budget has doubled, membership has increased and involvement among members has increased. Edmund Hershberger, advisor to the AMA, feels that Quattlander "has taken the SIUE chapter of the American Marketing Association to a new level."

Quattlander, who is employed at Country Insurance and Financial Services and who recently completed an internship with GlaxoSmithKline, said she is "overjoyed with the advancement the SIUE chapter of the AMA has made this year and (hopes her opportunities) will continue to grow."

The award carries with it a $50 stipend and certificate. In addition, Quattlander will be recognized at a reception in the spring that will honor all Enterprise Rent-A-Car award recipients while providing SIUE business students an opportunity to network with Enterprise executives.

The SIUE School of Business is among an elite 10 percent of business schools worldwide that have earned the prestigious seal of approval from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). The School has been AACSB International accredited since 1975. This assures that students receive the highest quality in strategic resource management, interaction with faculty and achievement of learning goals. In addition, the SIUE Accounting Program is accredited through AACSB. Less than 33 percent of AACSB-accredited business schools hold an accounting accreditation.

Click here for a photo of Robin suitable for print.

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MLK Award Winners Announced At SIU Edwardsville

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) The Annual Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian and Scholarship Awards have been announced by Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. The awards will be presented at the university's 26th annual celebration of the birthday of the Rev. King at SIUE on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

The awards are given each year to recognize those who exemplify the philosophy of nonviolent social change as demonstrated by Rev. King. This year's guest speaker will be Shirley Portwood, a member of the SIUE Historical Studies faculty for more than 30 years and now emerita professor and author of Tell Us A Story: An African American Family in the Heartland (SIU Press, 2000).

The luncheon program will begin at 11:30 a.m. in Meridian Ballroom of SIUE's Delyte W. Morris University Center, followed by a reception in the Goshen Lounge for the winners of the Scholarship and Humanitarian awards. Winners of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. High School Essay, Poetry, and Visual Arts Awards also will be honored.

Winners of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Awards include:

  • Shay Hinton of O'Fallon-A 21-year-old undergraduate pursuing a bachelor's in political science toward a career in law, who will receive the MLK Scholarship and Humanitarian Award;
  • Anthony Q. Cheeseboro of Collinsville-chair of the SIUE Department of Historical Studies, who will receive the University Humanitarian Award.

Winners of the MLK high school competition awards are:

  • Kiarra L. Smith (no photo available), a senior at Orchard Farm High School, St. Charles, Mo.-visual arts award;
  • Oshuteiya I. Campbell, a sophomore at Alton (IL) High School-poetry award; and
  • LaTisha N. Isaiah, also a sophomore at Alton High-essay award.

Portwood, who joined the SIUE Department of Historical Studies in 1980, also is author of numerous articles including "School Segregation in Southern Illinois: The Alton Case, 1897-1908," Illinois History Teacher, Vol. 12, No. 1 (2005): 23-32, and "Black Ideals of Womanhood in the Late Victorian Era," Journal of Negro History, Vol. 78, No. 2 (spring 1992), 61-73, to name two.

She earned a master's in history, with a Russian history specialization, at SIUE in 1973, and a master's and a doctorate in history-with concentrations in African American, American Women and Modern Russia-in 1979 and 1982, respectively, both at Washington University in St. Louis. Before coming to SIUE, Portwood was an instructor and an assistant professor for St. Louis Community College at Forest Park for nine years. During her tenure at SLCC, Portwood also was department chair and program coordinator.

Tickets for the MLK luncheon are $15; students, $8. For reservations, call (618) 650-2660.

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SIUE School of Dental Medicine Prepares To Give Kids a Smile

(ALTON, Ill.) Dental professionals through Southern Illinois University's School of Dental Medicine are urging parents of qualified children to bring those between the ages of 3 and 13 to the fifth Give Kids A Smile Day for free examinations, X-rays, cleanings, fillings, extractions and more.

The SIU School, the Madison District Dental Society and the St. Clair District Dental Society are sponsoring the event, which is in its fifth year. Professionals and volunteers from the community will participate.

Children qualified to participate in the event are those eligible for free and reduced-priced meal programs. Give Kids A Smile Day will last all day, with registration of children to take place from 7:30-11:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 2, at the School of Dental Medicine Main Clinic, building 263, 2800 College Ave.

While many area schools provide in-school dental programs, allowing students access to dentists and some dental services, children who attend Give Kids a Smile Day have the ability to undergo dental work on the spot at no charge, said Poonam Jain, an associate professor in the School and director of Community and Preventive Dentistry. She also is the SIU Dental School's chair for this year's event.

"Give Kids a Smile is a national program sponsored by the American Dental Association to raise awareness of oral health issues for the underserved children of our country, and to provide dental care for these children on the designated day," Jain said. "During the past four years, local dentists, hygienists and dental students have treated close to 800 children at our Give Kids a Smile event, providing close to $190,000 in free dental treatment."

Activities for children will take place throughout the day. The Lewis and Clark Community College Dental Hygiene and Assisting programs will host a "Smile Station" on site, featuring games to help children learn the importance of keeping their teeth clean.

While registration for the event is required and will take place from 7:30-11:30 a.m., dental work will be performed throughout the day. For more information, contact Sherie Gottlob, (618) 474-7200.

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SIUE Hosts Idea Bounce Featuring Business Ideas, Innovation

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Beware of bouncing business ideas flying across the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville campus from 5-6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 31.
SIUE will host Idea Bounce in the Morris University Center's Maple Dogwood Room.

Organized by the SIUE Southwestern Illinois Entrepreneurship Center through the SIUE School of Business, unusual, out-of-the-ordinary, fun and outrageous entries are being sought, said Kristine Jarden, the center's director. Past entries have included ideas for new restaurants, retail shops and cars.

"This is an opportunity to share creative, innovative and maybe just weird ideas," Jarden said.

Out of all the ideas submitted, a number of presenters will be selected to give two-minute presentations to a panel of judges and a room full of spectators. The judges will select winners to receive $100 each.

"Even if you don't have a business idea, please come and listen to the presenters," Jarden said. "Networking, snacks and refreshments will be available for everyone after the ideas are bounced."

Ideas must be submitted to the Idea Bounce Web site:, to be considered for the event. Anyone can post ideas at any time and review past ideas.

Those interested in participating should register at and choose SIUE as their location. For more information, call Jarden, (618) 650-2166.

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EUE Apps Are Due Feb. 1

Applications for the Excellence in Undergraduate Education (EUE) grant program are due by 4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 1. Results of the review process will be announced by April 18; funding is for FY09.

Criteria included in evaluating applications are:

  • excellence, innovation, impact on undergraduate education, and conformity with
    EUE priorities
  • clarity of description;
  • cost effectiveness;
  • qualifications of project directors;
  • validity of evaluation plan; and
  • effectiveness of dissemination and assessment plan.

High priority will be given to proposals involving several areas, including, but not restricted to:

  • teaching improvements;
  • improvements in general-education outcomes;
  • interdisciplinary-curriculum development; and
  • programs emphasizing student research and creative activities.

Since 1986, the EUE program has serve as a catalyst for the continued improvement of undergraduate curricula and programs at SIUE. For more information, contact Geert Pallemans by telephone (x3548), or by e-mail:

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School Of Engineering To Help With Middle School Robotics Camp
SIUE Department Of Computer Science And EHS Robotics Team To Collaborate

Who: SIUE and EHS

What: Two-Day Robotics Camp

When: 9 a.m.-noon, Feb. 16 and 18

Where: SIUE Engineering Building

The Edwardsville High School Robotics Team, in collaboration with the SIUE Department of Computer Science in the School of Engineering, will conduct a two-day Robotics Camp for middle school students from 9 a.m.-noon Saturday, Feb. 16 and 18, in the SIUE Engineering Building. The camp is limited to the first 24 students who return a completed application.

The camp will introduce robotics to students who will receive a hands-on experience in designing, constructing, and competing with other robots. Cost for the camp is $60 per person. An application is available on line: Contact Scott Hagin by telephone, (618) 656-7100, or by e-mail: Proceeds from the camp support the EHS Robotics Team's participation in a national robotics competition called "Botball" (

Additional details include:

  • Campers will work with high school students to design, build, and program a robot to
    compete in a "Medieval Tournament."
  • A "medieval robot" T-shirt will be given to each camper.
  • The camp will be staffed by SIUE engineering instructors, EHS math teachers and EHS
    computer team students.
  • Parents of participants will be required to provide transportation to and from the camp.
  • For photos from other School of Engineering outreach programs, visit the Web site:

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Journey to SIUE Features Student, Staff and Faculty Narratives

Who: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville SOAR and Black Studies Students, as well as SIUE faculty and staff

What: An exhibit featuring their travel narratives, which focus on their life's journeys and how they chose SIUE

When: 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 23

Where: The SOAR Office, Peck Hall, Room 1313

The Journey to SIUE Project features the results of numerous surveys and interviews of students, staff and faculty who came to SIUE from the ends of the Earth.

Howard Rambsy II, assistant professor of English Language and Literature and acting director of the Department of Black Studies explained, "For instance one survey revealed the narrative of a student worker in the copy center. She is from Kenya; her grandparents are from India; five of her uncles attended SIUE during the 1970s and 1980s; and two of her cousins arrived here after she did."

The exhibit also will offer more human interest stories about how SIUE has shaped people's lives during the last 50 years.

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Retired SIUE Director Is NADE President-Elect

Karen Patty-Graham, retired director of Instructional Services at SIUE, recently was elected president elect of the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE). She will be installed at the 32nd annual NADE conference in Boston next month and will become president at the 33rd annual conference in 2009.

The 3,000 members of NADE represent higher education professionals (program administrators, instructors, tutors, learning center specialists and advisors) who focus on student academic success and retention. "I look forward to representing my profession and my university in this significant endeavor," Patty-Graham said.

A member of NADE and its affiliate regional chapter since the mid-1980s, Patty-Graham has served on national committees, has been a regional chapter officer, and served two terms as NADE's vice president in 1998-2000 and 2000-2002. She currently serves as NADE's director to the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education in Washington, D.C., and as a member of NADE's Certification Council.

Patty-Graham retired from SIUE on Jan. 1, 2007 after 30 years as an instructor, and an advisor and director of Instructional Services, which provides learning assistance programs for SIUE students through the Writing Center, math tutoring, testing, a variety of courses, supplemental instruction in university courses, a Summer Bridge program for incoming freshmen and coordination with the SIUE Upward Bound Math and Science Academy for high school students. Her Instructional Services developmental coursework program was granted NADE Advanced Level Certification in 2004.

Locally, Patty-Graham serves on the Madison County Child Advocacy Center Advisory Board. She and her husband, former SIUE basketball Head Coach Larry Graham, also a well known high school and community college coach, live in Edwardsville.

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D. Harmon Named Employee Of The Month For January

Congratulations: The January recipient of the Employee Recognition Award is Darleen Harmon, coordinator for Campus Recreation. She is shown here flanked by her supervisors, Dave Hagendorn and Mick Ostrander, who nominated her. In addition to the plaque she received, Harmon was awarded a $25 gift certificate to the SIUE Bookstore, a parking spot close to her office for one month, and two complimentary lunch coupons to the University Restaurant. (SIUE Photo by Bill Brinson)

Click here for a photo of Darleen. (SIUE Photo by Denise Macdonald)

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Overseas Exchange Students Are Visiting SIUE For Spring 2008

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) This semester, 12 business students from China, France, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands are studying at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville as part of the SIUE School of Business International Program.

Associate Dean Janice Joplin believes that exchange students coming to SIUE are valuable to the educational mission of the School of Business. "Exchange students bring an international perspective to the SIUE campus and add a global dimension to business classes," she said. "Our U.S. students are able to build world knowledge while attending classes, working on group projects, and sharing apartments with students coming to SIUE for a semester away from their home country."

Cyndi Peterson, assistant director of the School of Business International Program, agrees. "Just recently, I had an American student comment that she'd learned a great deal about France from having an exchange student as a roommate for a semester-everything from making crepes to issues of importance regarding the EU.

"Having the exchange students on our campus consistently increases our U.S. students' awareness of world culture, history and current events. Furthermore, exchange students enrich the campus by providing perspectives about business education in other countries and assisting SIUE students with foreign language fluency. In doing so, they often form friendships with students at SIUE and encourage SIUE students to study abroad in their countries," Peterson pointed out.

Peterson also said employers are seeking students with experience in other cultures because of an increasing interest in global business. "Exchange students can help business students acquire this experience, giving SIUE students the chance to interact with individuals from cultures they may encounter in their future business careers and putting them at a competitive advantage after graduation. Through the School of Business International Program, SIUE regularly sends faculty and students to exchange partners in China, England, France, Germany and Hungary. Participants in these programs often claim that their experience was the most memorable and valuable of their academic careers."

For further information, please visit Click here for a photo of the exchange students: From left are Sophie Donabedian of France, Lindsay Myers, a business school student from Chillicothe, and Louis Montfort from France. (SIUE Photo)

SIUE is proud to celebrate its 50th Anniversary and first half century of excellence. The University has grown from 1,776 students in 1957 to nearly 13,500 students today. SIUE is a catalyst for the cultural and intellectual vitality and economic development of Southwestern Illinois and the greater St. Louis region.

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Applications Being Accepted For SIUE Nursing Graduate Programs

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Spring deadlines are approaching for individuals to apply to graduate programs through the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Nursing, and early submission is strong encouraged.

Prospective students hoping to pursue master's degrees in the nurse practitioner, health care and nursing administration, and nurse educator fields are asked to submit application materials by March 1, for classes that begin in August.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) applications are due June 1, for classes that begin in May 2009.

If positions remain open after the initial application deadline, applications will continue to be received and reviewed. "There is a tremendous shortage in all areas of nursing," said Jackie Clement, professor of family health and community health nursing and assistant dean for graduate programs through the School of Nursing. "Our programs prepare students for national certification in their specialty areas. The deadlines are for the initial review and interview of students. Applications will continue to be accepted until the programs are filled."

The family nurse practitioner program admits between 30 and 32 positions each year. It has grown significantly since its inception in 1996, Clement said, adding it has become competitive.

Courses through the program, as well as the nurse educator program and the health care and nursing administration programs, are offered at the Edwardsville and Springfield campuses. Students can attend classes at the most convenient location to fit their needs. Courses are offered through traditional venues and modern mechanisms, including video conferencing and online.
The health care and nursing care administration program, Clement said, "attracts registered nurses who currently hold, or hope to seek, management or administrative positions in health care institutions and facilities."

Clement said the nurse educator program, which admits about 20 students each year, recently was redesigned and strengthened to include more foundation courses in the sciences, including pathophysiology, advanced pharmacology and advanced health assessment. Much of the program is available online. "There also is a shortage in nursing faculty," Clement said. "There has been an effort nationwide by many schools to better prepare, in larger numbers, nurses who desire to teach in nursing schools."

A nationwide shortage of CRNAs, especially in rural and underserved areas, has resulted in high salaries and lucrative compensation packages for individuals with the credentials, Clements said. "It is a very challenging area of nursing practice and it attracts many nurses with strong backgrounds in critical care nursing who would like to work in a higher level of advanced practice. As a result, the program is competitive and we receive numerous applications. We usually receive between 80 and 100 applications for the CRNA program, for which there are 25 open positions each summer."

For more information about graduate programs through the SIUE School of Nursing, contact Karen Montgomery, assistant director of student admissions, progression and retention, (618) 650-3904, (618) 650-3956 or (618) 650-3930. Individuals requesting information via mail can call (618) 650-3968.


SIUE Music Department Presents Recital And Coffee Concert

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Department of Music will present two concerts to honor classical artists.

An All-Beethoven Violin/Piano Recital, featuring Edwardsville native David Perry on the violin and SIUE Professor of Music and Director of Keyboard Studies Linda Perry on the piano, will take place at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 21, in the Lovejoy Library Abbott Auditorium. The recital, which is free, will feature works of classic artist Ludwig van Beethoven, including Sonatas 1 and 9 (Kreutzer) and Romance in G Major.

David Perry is an artist-in-residence and professor of violin at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, faculty member of the Aspen Music School, member of the Aspen Ensemble and concertmaster of the Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra. His early training began in the SIUE Suzuki program under the direction of John Kendall. He then studied at The Julliard School and has continued performing as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestra member throughout North and South America, Europe and the Far East.

The department's next coffee concert will take place at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 28, in SIUE's Madison Room in the Morris University Center. The classical works of Haydn, Rachmaninoff, Britten and Martinu will be performed during the event, which will include dessert and coffee served at intermission.

Tickets to the coffee concert are $10 for general admission; $9 for seniors and $5 for students.
For more information about the events, or to purchase tickets, call (618) 650-2774.

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SIUE Plans $63 Million In Construction Projects Over Next 18 Months

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is investing more than $63 million in 13 key projects over the next year and a half, which are aimed at easing the University's growth and expansion while at the same time boosting economic development in the region.

"This investment in campus infrastructure paves the way for continued growth and expansion, while underscoring SIUE's commitment to deliver a quality learning environment for students, staff and the community," said Jim Pennekamp, director of University Park and special assistant to the Chancellor for economic development. "With more than 2,400 employees and an annual economic impact of $356 million, SIUE is a major player in the region's economy. Ongoing infrastructure investment translates into more business and more jobs for the region."

The cycle of development will come to an end in May 2009 with the completion of two major projects: The expansion of the Student Fitness Center at $10.5 million and the completion of the Student Success Center at $16.6 million.

The Fitness Center expansion will include the addition of two multi-purpose rooms for group exercise and student activities, an office addition and renovations to the building so that employees can be grouped in the same space, a 30,500-square-foot gymnasium for courts, and a food and juice bar.

The Success Center will consolidate many student services and resources. The goal of the consolidation effort is to improve student recruitment, retention and graduation rates.

Leading up to May 2009, projects will begin this March with the completion of two projects: The Cougar Village roof replacement project for the 400 and 500 apartment buildings, with a construction value of $970,000, and the Korte Stadium Renovation project, with a projected budget of nearly $1.5 million.

"The project will provide for repairs and renovations to Korte Stadium in order to prevent future water leaks, repair the damage that has been caused by past leaks and resolve structural and maintainability issues," said Rich Walker, assistant vice chancellor for administration.

In May the completion of $461,000 in renovations at the Environmental Resource Training Center (ERTC) is expected, while June will bring the completion of a Secondary Computing Center with an estimated construction budget of $800,000. The ERTC renovations will include re-designing the electrical, structural, and computer systems that support the water treatment training facilities. The Secondary Computing Center will provide back-up storage facilities for the main computing center on the Edwardsville campus.

A capital project in the amount of $1.2 million was approved for a dispensing and sterilization renovation at the SIU School of Dental Medicine Main Clinic in Alton. The conversion of a supply room to expand the sterilization area, as well as purchase of new washers and sterilizers and remodeling of the existing dispensing area is expected to be complete in August.

Also in August, the second phase of a $10.8 million housing project to install replacement rooftop HVAC units and controls in SIUE's first three residence halls should be complete. The replacement of HVAC units and controls will ensure better control of moisture in the halls.

A $1.6 million renovation of the University Center Bookstore, which will involve remodeling and renovations, is set for completion in February 2009, while a $6 million renovation to the Vadalabene Center gymnasium should be finished in October.

"We're replacing the 23-year-old bleachers and taking advantage of the space opportunities that a replacement system might offer," Walker said. "This project will
replace the existing single-tiered bleacher system with a two-tiered system, and capture an additional 13,800 square feet for offices, classrooms and storage to be used by Athletics and the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education."

A $2 million renovation and expansion of the Early Childhood Center, set for completion in March 2009, will allow the center to accommodate an additional 34 children. Currently the center's capacity is 54 children, with a waiting list of more than 130.

"The lack of available quality child care has become a recruitment and retention issue for young faculty members who need these services," Walker said. "Additionally, the configuration of the center does not facilitate learning by students in the SIUE Early Childhood Education Program." The renovation also will include a large storm shelter in the building's basement.

Also in March 2009, the completion of a $10 million Wrestling and Volleyball Center is expected. The new facility, which will meet the standards to serve as a Midwest Olympics Wrestling Training Center, will be located along Stadium Drive and will be for intercollegiate wrestling and volleyball and community-based youth wrestling programs.

"SIUE attracts many visitors from around the country and around the world," Pennekamp said. "Scholarship activities, cultural events and sports venues all attract individuals and families who support area hotels, local restaurants and retail establishments. The Wrestling and Volleyball Center adds one more exciting venue to the campus and one more reason to visit the community."

A final project that is pending approval is improvements to University Park Drive. This project will extend North Research Drive and improve the shoulders along University Park Drive. It is estimated that the improvements will cost about $500,000.

"SIUE is committed to providing first rate facilities in support of our students and our teaching, service, and scholarship missions," said Kenn Neher, SIUE vice chancellor for administration. "This building program will firmly plant our facilities in the 21st Century and make a major contribution to the economic and cultural vibrancy of this region."

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BOT Awards Contracts Worth Over $4 Million For SIUE Projects

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) The Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees today awarded more than $4.8 million in contracts to seven Metro East companies, a Vandalia contractor and an Albers company for various construction projects on SIUE's Edwardsville and Alton campuses. The Board made the awards at its regular meeting conducted today at SIUE.

A contract worth $1,965,000 was awarded to general contractor L. Wolf Company of Granite City to reinforce utilities in anticipation of construction of the proposed SIUE Student Success Center approved by the SIU Board in September. The project will be funded through a student academic success center fee created in 2006 by a student referendum.

The new center, to be constructed adjacent to SIUE's Morris University Center, will consolidate academic support service functions currently spread throughout campus. This facility will provide students with a central location for academic support and other personal needs. Bids for construction of the center are expected in spring.

Plocher Construction Co. of Highland has been awarded a $1,328,000 contract as general contractor; France Mechanical Corp. of Edwardsville was awarded a $64,000 contract for heating work; and Hock Mechanical of Belleville was awarded a $19,988 contract for ventilation work, all for the proposed repairs and renovations at SIUE's Korte Stadium. SIUE officials said the project will be funded by the University's Operating Fund.

The Board approved the stadium project earlier this year to prevent future water leaks, to repair damage that has been caused by past leakage and to resolve structural and maintenance issues.

Contracts totaling $765,435 were awarded to four companies to renovate and expand the dispensing and sterilization space at the main clinic of the SIU School of Dental Medicine (SIU/SDM) in Alton. Funding will come from donations, local operating funds and equipment use fees. With expansion of the SIU/SDM's main clinic in 2006, which added 4,500 square feet to include more patient space, the sterilization and dispensing unit size also needed to be increased to accommodate the added service activity. The contracts were awarded to: J.J. Wuellner & Son Inc., of Godfrey, for $392,600 to do general contracting; Pyramid Electrical Contractors of Fairview Heights, for $121,800 to do electrical work; Amsco Mechanical of Granite City, for $152,000 to do plumbing; and Culbertson Heating and Cooling of Vandalia, for $99,035 to do ventilation work.

A $683,800 contract was awarded to Kehrer Brothers Construction Inc. of Albers for roof replacement on all buildings on the "400 side" of Cougar Village apartment complex. Also, the contract will include removal of aluminum soffit panels and cutting of wooden barriers in buildings on the "500 side" for increased ventilation. In addition, the project includes redistribution of fiberglass insulation in building attics. This project is being funded by University Housing major repairs reserve fund.

In other business concerning the SIUE campus, the Board gave approval to request proposals for a five-year contract to assist in planning and buying up to $625,000 of radio and television advertising for the University in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Under the proposal, SIUE Marketing and Communications could purchase up to $125,000 each year in radio and television spots in the St. Louis area, the 18th largest media market in the country.

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Nationally Known Professor, Regional Volunteer To Be Honored May 10

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) During its May 10 commencement ceremonies, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville will honor one of its own, a nationally known poet who founded a popular multicultural literary journal, and also an Edwardsville resident who is known regionally as an educator and volunteer.

The SIU Board of Trustees today approved the Distinguished Service Award for Carol Wetzel, who has made significant contributions as a teacher in Collinsville and Edwardsville schools and as a dedicated community volunteer, and an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters for SIUE emeritus Professor Eugene Redmond, a nationally known poet who founded Drumvoices Revue, a multicultural literary journal that has featured some of the most important literary voices of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The SIUE Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Service Awards Committee actively solicits nominations from members of the University community to obtain a diverse pool of qualified candidates for these awards. A candidate for an Honorary Degree may be any person who has made significant contributions to cultural, educational, scientific, economic, social, humanitarian or other worthy fields of endeavor. Distinguished Service Awards may be presented to any person who has given outstanding or unusual service to the University, the region or the state.

Redmond, an SIUE graduate who was named poet laureate of East St. Louis in 1976, recently retired from the SIUE Department of English Language and Literature after 19 years of service. His contributions as a guiding light in the African-American literary pantheon have brought him national and international acclaim. In addition, he provided a national platform for hundreds of SIUE students and emergent writers, including several from the Eugene B. Redmond Writers Club founded in his name in East St. Louis.

His passion for photography has produced thousands of images that chronicle a generation of writers, civic leaders, performers and families from around the world and on the SIUE campus. He also created cultural events on campus and around the region, providing a forum for scores of renowned artists including Jayne Cortez, Joy Harjo, Walter Mosley, Sonia Sanchez, Quincy Troupe and the late renowned anthropologist and choreographer Katherine Dunham, to name a few.

During his storied career, Redmond has won numerous awards including fellowships, a lifetime achievement award from Pan-African Movement USA, and American Book Award for Excellence in Multicultural Literature, Illinois Author of the Year for 1989-90 from the Illinois Association of Teachers of English, and induction into both the Illinois Senior Hall of Fame and the National Hall of Fame for Writers of African Descent.

Wetzel has been a steadfast supporter of the region's educational systems for many years in her teaching roles. A portion of her 15-year teaching career was spent as a Homebound Teacher instructing children who were too ill to attend school. She also taught special education students and international students, some of whom arrived with little or no English language skills.

She also has devoted herself to volunteerism on behalf of SIUE through service on the SIUE Foundation Board of Directors, the Friends of Lovejoy Library, the Friends of Music and as past president of the Friends of Art. She and her husband, Bob, have endowed an SIUE Chancellor's Scholarship in support of academic excellence and have contributed to more than 30 funds throughout the University including the Arts, the School of Business, the Gardens, Intercollegiate Athletics and Student Affairs, among others.

As a dedicated community resident, Wetzel champions the Edwardsville Children's Museum, Riverbend Head Start & Family Services and the Greater Edwardsville Area Community Foundation. She has served as honorary co-chair of Anderson Hospital's Fifth Annual Founders Ball in 2001 and was the 2003 recipient of the Edwardsville-Glen Carbon Chamber of Commerce Athena Award given to "an exceptional individual who has achieved excellence in (a) business or profession, served the community in a meaningful way and assisted women in reaching their full leadership potential."

For the past several years, Wetzel has been a leading force in the fundraising and restoration of the historic Benjamin Stephenson House in Edwardsville and currently serves as president of the Friends of Stephenson House Committee.

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S. Regagnon Named Director, Commercialization At The NCERC

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Stephanie Regagnon, formerly the North American sales manager for Romer Labs Inc., has been named director of Commercialization for Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's National Corn-To-Ethanol Research Center (NCERC), announced today by NCERC Director John Caupert.

In the newly created position, Regagnon is responsible for developing marketing plans to promote what the NCERC offers such as its analytical laboratory services, fermentation research laboratory services, pilot plant services and the Workforce Education and Training Program. She also is assisting with public policy and outreach to academic institutions, industry producers, governmental affairs and trade associations. Regagnon earned a bachelor's and a master's in political science at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1999 and at American University in 2002, respectively.

"This newly created position serves as a vitally important link to industry and trade associations," Caupert said. "Stephanie's academic background is complimented by her professional experience in trade associations, industry and governmental affairs."

Before joining Romer Labs in 2004 as a sales and marketing representative and as a member of Romer's Global Strategic Planning Team, Regagnon had been director of Government Affairs for the Missouri chapter of The Nature Conservancy and associate director of Environmental Policy for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association in Washington, DC. Regagnon has had ties to Capitol Hill in Washington as a liaison to the USDA, communicating on numerous occasions with state and national trade groups, state legislators and Congressional contacts. She also is a member of several associations including the St. Louis Agri Business Club Board, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, the Grain Elevators and Processing Association, Missouri Agricultural Leaders of Tomorrow and the Missouri Farm Bureau.

The NCERC, located in SIUE's University Park, is the only research center of its kind in the world, facilitating commercialization of new technologies for producing ethanol more effectively, resulting in improved ethanol yields and reduction in costs.

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Philosophical Issues In Intelligent Design To Be Discussed Jan. 23 At SIUE

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) "Supernatural Causation: Reflections On a Key Component of the Intelligent Design Trial in Dover, Pa." is the topic of a Jan. 23 presentation by the World Religions, Knowledge, and Science (WoRKS) Group, Edwardsville, which offers dialogues about religion and science for the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville community and surrounding communities throughout the academic year.

Christopher Pearson, assistant professor of philosophy at SIUE, will conduct the dialogue at 7:30 p.m. in the SIUE Religious Center, the geodesic dome designed by famed theorist R. Buckminster Fuller. Pearson will be speaking about philosophical issues that underly a 2005 ruling by a Dover, Pa., federal judge who barred a public school district from teaching "intelligent design" in biology class, saying the concept is "creationism in disguise." U.S. District Judge John E. Jones stated the Dover Area School Board's insertion of intelligent design into the science curriculum violated the constitutional separation of church and state. Intelligent design states that living organisms are so complex that they must have been created by a higher force.

This is the second of three years that WoRKS is sponsoring a Distinguished Speaker Series and a Study Group Series. This year's Study Group is discussing Belief in God in an Age of Science (Yale University Press, 1998) by John Polkinghorne. The second Study Group session to discuss Polkinghorne's book will be hosted by SIUE Philosophy Professor Sheila Ruth at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb.13, at the Religious Center. Readings are optional, and participants may attend any or all of the monthly dialogues. Some copies of the book will be available for purchase at the Feb. 13 event.

WoRKS Group events are free and open to the public. Parking is available for $1 per hour in Visitor's Lot B, between the Religious Center and the Morris University Center.
The WoRKS Group-Edwardsville is one of approximately 230 science and religion dialogue groups worldwide supported by the Metanexus Institute of Philadelphia, which seeks to encourage thoughtful and dynamic exploration of the interrelationship of science and religion.

The WoRKS' series of events is funded by a grant from Metanexus, with matching funds provided by the SIUE Graduate School, the Office of the Provost, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Philosophy, the University Religious Council and the Friends of the Religious Center. For more information, contact Greg Fields by telephone, (618) 650-2461, or by e-mail:, or visit

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Gerontology Program Will Play Host To 34th Senior Citizens Fair

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Gerontology Program's 34th Senior Citizen Fair will take place from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday, March 10, in SIUE's Morris University Center. The Gerontology Program is part of the SIUE School of Education.

Social service agencies, health organizations and entertainers who are interested in participating in the fair, may call the program office, (618) 650-3454. The director of the Gerontology Program is Bryce Sullivan, chair of the SIUE Department of Psychology.

The event provides information and services to older adults in Southwestern Illinois, with free preventive health screenings, medical information tables, social service booths, entertainment, ballroom dancing, art by seniors, and food and beverages. The fair also features special exhibits, gift packs and more.

Bette Bergeron, dean of the School of Education, will welcome guests on behalf of the School and SIUE Provost Paul Ferguson will extend a welcome on behalf of the University.

Fair-goers will find free parking available in Lots B and E, closest to the Morris Center. All activities are free except for various lunch options. A lunch buffet will be served from 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. in the University Restaurant, on the second floor of the Morris Center. In Center Court, located on the lower level of the Morris Center, a variety of lunch options will be available, including a salad bar, Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Freshens.

For more information about attending the event, call the SIUE Gerontology Program, (618) 650-3454, or visit the Web site:

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Retirements (all effective Jan. 1, 2008, unless otherwise noted)

  • Joseph Biro, a building service worker for Facilities Management, after 19 years of service.
  • Jane Floyd-Hendey, director of the Office of Disability Support Services, after 20 years of service.
  • Malinda Fulmer, a secretary for the Early Childhood Center, after five years of service.
  • Tamura Gibbons, a building service sub-foreman, after nearly 30 years of service.
  • Myrna Hart, a secretary in the School of Dental Medicine, after more than 10 years of service.
  • Gloria Hartmann, manager in the enrollment management unit of the Office of the Registrar, after more than 23 years of service.
  • William Hendey, director of the Office of Academic Counseling and Advising, after more than 15 years of service.
  • Brad Hofeditz, an officer in the Admissions and Records unit of the Registrar's office, after more than 19 years of service.
  • Mary Humphrey, a building service worker in Facilities Management, effective Dec. 1, after 13 years of service.
  • William Killian, a clinical professor in the School of Dental Medicine, after more than 14 years of service.
  • Martha "Martee" Lucas, a secretary in the Department of Music, after 21 years of service.
  • Joseph Michlitsch, an associate professor of Management and Marketing, after more than 28 years of service.
  • Mary Shaw, a business manager in the Office of Human Resources, after more than 26 years of service.
  • Gary Smith, an academic advisor in the School of Nursing, after more than seven years of service.
  • Kay Wellen, chief clerk in the Audio-Visual Services Office at Lovejoy Library, after more than 21 years of service.
  • Joseph A. "Jay" Starratt, dean of Library and Information Services at Lovejoy Library and assistant vice chancellor for Information Technology, effective Dec. 1, after 12 years of service.

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SIUE Pharmacy Professor Named Chair of National Organization

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Mike Crider, professor and chair of the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Pharmacy's Department of Pharmacy Practice, recently was elected chair-elect of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy's (AACP) Chemistry Section.

"This is a terrific opportunity to provide visibility for the SIUE School of Pharmacy on a national level," said Crider, who has been a member of the organization since 1977.

The AACP is a national organization that acts as an advocate for more than 100 colleges and schools of pharmacy in the United States, which includes more than 4,000 faculty members, 46,000 students and 3,400 individuals pursuing graduate study.

Crider will serve as chair-elect beginning in July and will take over as chair in July 2009. He said he will continue touting the importance of medicinal chemistry within the doctoral curriculum of colleges and schools of pharmacy.

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SIUE Middle East Misunderstandings Series To Begin Jan. 22

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Tami Al-Hazza, a curriculum specialist, is set to kick off the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Speakers Series on Middle East misunderstandings. Discovering the Middle East through Literature and Poetry: A Speakers Series, will bring a glimpse of life in the Middle East to the Midwest.

Other speakers will visit campus in February, March and April. All four speakers will appear in the Mississippi-Illinois Room, on the second floor of SIUE's Morris University Center.

Al-Hazza will speak about All Arabs Aren't Terrorists: Promoting Cultural Acceptance and Confronting Stereotypes with Arab Literature in the Classroom at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 22. She will talk about literature, poetry, teaching and the Middle East. An expert in Arab literature for children and young adults at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va., Al-Hazza is a former faculty member at Kuwait University.

The first of four acclaimed speakers who will engage SIUE audiences until April 1, Al-Hazza has published several works, including most recently Literature About the Middle East: Selecting and Using it with Children and Young Adults.

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SIUE Nursing Student Honored For Service In Middle East

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) When Kenneth Wolf was 17 years old, he obtained the consent of his parents and joined the military. Today, the 21-year-old student is working toward a degree in nursing at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Wolf recently was honored by Toyota during a St. Louis Rams Football home game for his service as an air medical evacuation technician. The Collinsville native said his experiences in the Middle East fueled his interest in pursuing a medical career.

As a member of the 932nd Airlift Wing of the U.S. Air Force, Wolf served in the Middle East from April to July. He often took back-and-forth flights from Afghanistan and Iraq to Germany to help amputees, psychiatric patients, gunshot wound victims, and individuals afflicted by improvised explosive device blasts, contusions and concussions.

Wolf will again deploy this summer and plans to graduate from SIUE in May 2009.

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Penn Scholar Calls For Change In Higher Ed.; Parents Can Help

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) University and college administrators, K-12 educators as well as parents of potential college students will be interested in the point of view of Robert Zemsky, who recently served on a U.S. Department of Education task force and who will be speaking at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville on Jan. 16.

He will speak at 7 p.m. that Wednesday in SIUE's Meridian Ballroom as part of the University's year-long 50th Anniversary Celebration. His talk, "Dancing with Change and Other Strategies for Transforming American Higher Education," will discuss the findings of Education Secretary Margaret Spellings Commission Report, "A Test of Leadership: Charting the Future of Higher Education," and why Zemsky believes the report fell short of its mission.

Zemsky, a professor of Education at the University of Pennsylvania and founding director of Penn's Institute for Research on Higher Education, also is chair of The Learning Alliance for Higher Education, bringing strategic expertise to university and college presidents.

With a bachelor's from Whittier College and a doctorate in history from Yale, Zemsky's areas of expertise include higher education and policy reform, missions and markets of higher education and college choice. He is a former Woodrow Wilson Fellow and a Post-Doctoral Social Science Research Council Fellow in Linguistics and later chair of that Council's Committee on Social Science Personnel. In 1998 he received a Doctor of Humane Letters (Hon.) at Towson University.

According to Zemsky, the Spellings Commission report found higher education has become complacent, refusing to change and eventually has taken a back seat to higher education systems in other countries. For more information about the Jan. 16 event, visit SIUE's 50th Anniversary Web site:

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A Season For The Child Continues With Goldilocks & The Three Bears

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) A Season for the Child (SfC), the family-oriented live theater season sponsored by the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Friends of Theater and Dance (FOTAD) and TheBANK of Edwardsville, continues its 18th season with Goldilocks and The Three Bears on Saturday, Jan. 26.

Performance of the popular fairytale will begin at 7 p.m. that Saturday in the theater in SIUE's Katherine Dunham Hall. The first FOTAD season premiered in 1990. SfC features professional theater troupes from St. Louis staging adaptations of various children's stories, using interactive techniques that not only delight children and parents, but also provide a learning experience.

Presented by Piwacket Theatre for Children-in its 16th season of captivating young audiences with cleverly adapted tales filled with catchy songs, dance, colorful costumes and magical props-this musical adaptation of the familiar and delightful 19th century fairytale presents a musical moral about respecting the privacy of others.

FOTAD, a support group for the SIUE Department of Theater and Dance, uses the proceeds to help fund merit awards for talented SIUE theater and dance students. Each year, the organization awards some $5,000 in merit scholarships to qualified students. FOTAD also funds scholarships for new freshmen entering the theater and dance program. The support organization recently created an endowment to help fund the merit scholarship program. Those interested in donating to the endowment may contact Greg Conroy, (618) 692-0874.

Tickets are $5 per person and are available through the SIUE Fine Arts box office, (618) 650-2774. The final production of the 2007-08 season is A Midsummer Night's Dream … In the Wink of an Eye, at 7 p.m. on March 29.

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Sandra Reeves-Phillips Comes To SIUE Feb. 2 For Arts & Issues

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Sandra Reaves-Phillips brings her saucy singing act-"The Late Great Ladies of Blues & Jazz"-back to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's Arts & Issues series at 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 2, in the theater at SIUE's Katherine Dunham Hall.

Arts & Issues is in its 23rd season of bringing world-class performers and noted speakers to Southwestern Illinois. Reaves-Phillips' appearance is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

"Audiences will love the way Sandra Reaves-Phillips renders her versions of some of the greatest blues and jazz singers in history," said Grant Andree, director of the Arts & Issues series. "Reaves-Phillips sings the tunes made famous by Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Ethel Waters and Billie Holiday, to name a few, and she belts the high notes with the best of them." Andree also pointed out that seating is limited in the Dunham venue. "I would encourage patrons who do not have a series subscription to be sure and purchase tickets soon because this event will sell out quickly."

Reaves-Phillips appeared on the Arts & Issues stage in 1992 to a sellout crowd. "If our audiences liked Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in November," says Andree, "they're going to love Sandra Reaves-Phillips and her brand of jazz and blues."

Reaves-Phillips has appeared in national and international touring companies of the Tony Award-winning musical Raisin. She co-starred in Paris at the Chatelet Theatre in the original production of Black and Blue and the national tour of One Mo' Time! Her Broadway credits include ROLLIN on the T.O.B.A. as well as appearances at Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center. She's also appeared in movies and television, including the popular network series, Law and Order.

Many critics have hailed Reaves-Phillips as an "exuberant" performer with "high charisma and stage excitement." The Los Angeles Times said she has a "way of handing a song its hat and kicking it down the stairs." The Boston Journal Herald said "her voice runs the gamut from husky to tender, from poignant to booming out in exultation."

The next performer during the Arts & Issues 2007-08 season will be Arlo Guthrie on Wednesday, March 5, sponsored by the SIUE Alumni Association. Other speakers in the series include Anna Deavere Smith, playwright, professor and performance artist, on Thursday, March 27, in Meridian Ballroom (second floor of SIUE's Morris Center), and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and best-selling author Anna Quindlen on Thursday, April 24, also in Meridian, and sponsored by National City Bank.

To purchase tickets, call (618) 650-2774 or visit the Web site: For additional information about the Arts & Issues series, call Grant Andree, (618) 650-2626.

Click here for a photo suitable for print.

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SIUE Emerita History Prof. To Speak Feb. 5 At MLK Jr. Luncheon

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Emerita Professor Shirley J. Portwood, a member of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's Historical Studies faculty for nearly 30 years, will speak at the 25th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebration Luncheon at SIUE.

The luncheon-with its theme of Inclusiveness: Dr. King's Dream-is set for 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5, in Meridian Ballroom, on the first floor of SIUE's Morris University Center. Winners of the MLK Jr. Scholarship and the SIUE faculty-staff Humanitarian Award will be announced. In addition, winners of the MLK Jr. Essay, Poetry and Visual Arts High School Competition will be announced. The awards are given each year to recognize those who exemplify the philosophy of nonviolent social change as demonstrated by The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Portwood, who joined the SIUE Department of Historical Studies in 1980, is author of Tell Us A Story: An African American Family in the Heartland (Southern Illinois University Press, 2000) and numerous articles including "School Segregation in Southern Illinois: The Alton Case, 1897-1908," Illinois History Teacher, Vol. 12, No. 1 (2005): 23-32, and "Black Ideals of Womanhood in the Late Victorian Era," Journal of Negro History, Vol. 78, No. 2 (spring 1992), 61-73, to name a few.

She earned a master's in history, with a Russian history specialization, at SIUE in 1973, and a master's and a doctorate in history-with concentrations in African American, American Women and Modern Russia-in 1979 and 1982, respectively, both at Washington University in St. Louis.

Before coming to SIUE, Portwood was an instructor and an assistant professor at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park for nine years. During her tenure at SLCC, Portwood also was department chair and program coordinator.

For more information or to make reservations, call SIUE's Office of Conferences and Institutes, (618) 650-2660. Space is limited and fills quickly. Luncheon reservations will only be confirmed by receipt of payment by Jan. 28. Admission, which includes lunch, is $15; students, $8.

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SIUE Winter Faculty Symposium Slated For Jan. 24

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) Various Southern Illinois University Edwardsville faculty members will be featured speakers during the University's Winter Faculty Symposium, Jan. 24, with its theme of "Changing Faculty Roles in the Coming Decades." The day-long event is sponsored by the Faculty Development Council of the SIUE Faculty Senate.

Scott Belobrajdic, assistant vice chancellor for Enrollment Management; Charles Berger, professor of English Language and Literature; and Venessa Brown, assistant provost for Faculty Development and Diversity, will present "Changing Faculty and Student Roles: Enrollment management" at 9 a.m.

Jennifer Vandever, director of Academic Computing, and Kathy Behm, emeritus associate professor of Library and Information Services, will present "Impact of Technology on Faculty Roles" at 10:30 a.m.

The symposium also will include a presentation, "Teacher Scholar Model," by Mike Shaw, associate professor of chemistry, and Steve Hansen, associate provost for Research and dean of the SIUE Graduate School, at 2:15 p.m.

The day-long symposium, which also includes presentation of the Excellence in Undergraduate Education Impact Awards, takes place in the Hickory-Hackberry Room, on the second floor of SIUE's Morris University Center. All faculty members are invited to attend the event.

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Friends Of Theater And Dance Trivia Night Set For Jan. 19

(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.) The Eighth Annual Friends of Theater and Dance (FOTAD) Trivia Night-in part honoring Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's 50th Anniversary-is set for 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 19, at SIUE's James F. Metcalf Theater.

FOTAD is a support organization for the SIUE Department of Theater and Dance. Doors will open at 6 p.m., with the game scheduled to begin promptly at 7. Proceeds from the event benefit FOTAD's student merit award fund for qualified SIUE students majoring in theater and dance at the University.

Last year, the organization was forced to move its annual event because of an ice storm. FOTAD Vice President Cynthia Reinhardt said the group was happy to return to its usual venue. "Although we appreciated the hospitality at the Glen Carbon American Legion Post last year, we're happy to return to the spot where our patrons are most familiar with this event," Reinhardt said.

"This year's FOTAD Trivia Night promises to be one of our best," she said. Reinhardt pointed out that one category of trivia among the usual 10 will honor SIUE to help celebrate its 50th Anniversary Celebration which has been going on since September and will continue through April.

Winners of the competition will receive 1st ($160), 2nd ($80), or 3rd prize ($40) for scoring the most points per table. Reservations may be made for tables of eight. The evening will offer challenging trivia, during the regular question-and-answer sessions and during survivor trivia. Free popcorn and pretzels will be offered; also, candy bars and soft drinks will be available for purchase.

Tickets are $10 per person; a table of eight, $80. A $40 deposit must be received by Jan. 18 to guarantee a table will be held. Make checks payable to the SIUE Foundation and send to Greg Conroy, 217 N. Buchanan St., Edwardsville, IL 62025-1740. To make reservations, call (618) 692.0874; participants must arrive by 6:50 p.m. or their reservation may be given away, unless a deposit has been received.

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Physical Chemistry Students Give Poster Presentations

In preparation for their senior assignments, a prerequisite of graduation at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, students in Assistant Professor Nahid Shabestary's physical chemistry class recently made poster presentations in their labs. SIUE's senior assessment program has been cited three years in a row by U.S.News & World Report as one of the top 13 senior "capstone" programs in the country, along with much larger private schools such as Princeton, Harvard, MIT and Duke.

Below are the SIUE student presenters with their poster titles, listed by hometown. Click on the bold faced name for a photo suitable for print and download. All SIUE photos are by Bill Brinson and Denise Macdonald.


Alton: Emily Wunderlich shows her poster, "Lasting Effects of Nicotine Treatment and Withdrawal on Serotonergic Systems and Cell Signaling in Rat Brain Regions: Separate or Sequential Exposure During Fetal Development and Adulthood."

Belleville: Sean Hudson presents his poster, "Effect of Carbon/Non-Carbon Addition on Hydrogen Storage Behaviors of Magnesium Hydride."

Bethalto: Lindsey Hamilton explains her poster, "Identification of a Novel Partner in DUOX."

Centralia: Stuart Hanon shows his poster, "Direct Determination of Organophosphate Nerve Agents."

Chicago (60628): Jason Johnson explains his poster, "Neural Effects of Cocaine on Awake/Anesthetized Rats."

Chicago (60650): Miguel Magallanes shows his poster, "A Cell Nanoinjector Based on Carbon Nanotubes."

Decatur: Neha Parikh presents her poster, "Biodiesel Production Using Membrane Reactor."

Dupo: Luke Weber presents his poster, "A Metal - Organic Framework Containing Cationic Inorganic Layers: Pb2F2[C2H4(SO3)2]."

Edwardsville: Koby Kizzire shows his poster, "Efficient Metabolic Engineering of GM3 on Tumor Cells by N-Phemylacetyl-D-Mannosamine."

Fieldon: Michael Scott explains his poster, "Use of poly(ethylene glycol) to Increase the Ethanol Production of Softwood Lignocellulose Through Enzyme Activity."

Freeburg: Benjamin Harris presents his poster, "Application of Caffeine, 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, to control Escherichia coli O157:H7."

Granite City Photo 1: Rachel Harris explains her poster, "Evaluation of the Formation and Stability of Hydroxy Alkyl Sulfonic Acids in Wine." Granite City Photo 2: Kenneth Rodgers shows his poster, "Intramolecular Trapping of an Intermediate in the Reduction of Imines by a Hydroxycyclopentadienyl." Granite City Photo 3: Derek Rensing presents his poster, "Flavonoid and Hydroxycinnamate Profiles of English Apple Ciders."

New Baden: Nichole Kraetsch shows her poster, "Expression of E. coli araBAD operon encoding enzymes for metabolizing L-arabinose in Saccharomyces cerevisiae."

Shiloh: Cameron Whitney presents her poster, "MALDI-based Imaging Mass Spectrometry Revealed Abnormal Distribution of Phospholipids in Colon Cancer Liver Metastasis."

Springfield Photo 1: Nathan McGee explains his poster, "Variation of the Barcoding Gene COI for Use in Forensic Genetic Species Identification." Springfield Photo 2: Ashia Small presents her poster, "Arsenic Speciation in Urine from Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Patients Undergoing Arsenic Trioxide Treatment."

Sterling: Derek Poci presents his poster, "Heteronuclear Macrocyclic Iron - Copper Complex Catalyst Covalently Bonded to Modifies Alumina Catalyst for Oxidation of Cyclohexane."

Troy: Lynn Kelly presents her poster, "Evidence for DNA charge transport in the nucleus."

Waterloo: Elise Mullins explains her poster, "Evolutionary Analysis of HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors: Methods for Design of Inhibitors that Evade Resistance."

Worden: Daniel Banks shows his poster, "Transformation of Aluminosilicate Wet Gel to Solid State."


Ballwin: Michael Mueller presented his poster, "Diastereoselective Synthesis of y-lactams by a One-Pot, Four-Component Reaction."



Dallas Center: Sarah Beavers explains her poster, "Morphological Changes in Human Head Hair Subjected to Various Drug Testing Decontamination Strategies."

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