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May 3, 2005

Cougar Cruiser Seeks Sun

The Cougar Cruiser-not exactly a vehicle you'd find on your neighborhood used car lot-is the creation of 15 SIUE Engineering students who will be racing their solar-powered "buggy" in the North American Solar Challenge (NASC) this summer.

NASC is a competition to design, build, and race solar-powered cars in a cross-country event. In mid-July , 40 teams will compete in a 2,500 mile race from Austin, Texas, to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They will race-without exceeding the speed limit-through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and into Canada. This is the first solar car race to cross an international border, and this is the first time SIUE has participated in NASC.

"The body of the car-the bottom of the car and the top shell-are finished and currently being painted," said Andy Lozowski, an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. "Solar panels are scheduled to be installed yet this week, and an electrical team is working on the motor controllers and battery charger."

"We got from 0 to 48mph in only two tenths of a mile in a recent test drive," said Jacob Van Roekel, associate dean of the SIUE School of Engineering and Solar Team advisor. "When we get everything fine tuned and on the open road, we hope to coax the car up to 70mph."

A team of SIUE students and faculty will travel to Austin for the race, which begins July 17, finishing July 27 in Calgary. Three SIUE students will take turns behind the wheel of the Cougar Cruiser. Drivers will race from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. The rest of the team will provide any needed maintenance, and drive the lead and chase cars.

NASC cars must be powered solely by sunshine. The racers use photovoltaic (solar) cells to convert sunlight into electricity to power the cars. Energy management and weather conditions play important roles in the race. In general, the sunnier the day, the faster and farther the cars can travel. Brighter days also allow the cars to recharge their batteries for cloudy or rainy days.

"We have many dedicated students on the team. We are seriously hoping to be at the top rank in the race," said Lozowski.

But, the SIUE Solar Team needs financial assistance in order to complete the journey. "We have several big expense items coming up soon-$1,000 entry fee, $1,000 insurance, $900 trip to Topeka, Kansas, in May for qualification and "scrutineering" (a term coined by NASC), and $5,000 for the race in July," Van Roekel said.

"We are very grateful to SIUE, faculty and staff, local companies, and individuals who have already contributed over $35,000 in cash, donated services, materials, and labor."

According to Van Roekel, the Cougar Cruiser has demonstrated that it will qualify in May and, "with fine tuning, we will be ready to compete with the best. We are extremely proud of the fact that we will have a competitive car with a total project cost of less than $50,000." According to Van Roekel, it is not unusual for a team to spend several hundred thousand dollars on a solar car and then not even qualify for the race.

NASC sponsors include the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Natural Resources Canada, and the DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The event is designed to inspire young people to pursue careers in science and engineering.

Meridian Society Announces 2005 Award Winners

Five SIUE programs are recipients of the 2005 Meridian Awards, sponsored by The Meridian Society, an organization for women in philanthropy established in 2003 as an organization related to the SIUE Foundation.

The recipients are:

• SIUE Science Summer Camp Scholarships, $5,000 Meridian Award. The SIUE Office of Science and Math Education hosts a summer science camp for children entering grades 2-9. The Meridian Award will provide 20 summer camp scholarships for East St. Louis children who are homeless or live in a fixed-income household.

• Educational Video and Training Seminar, $4,850 Meridian Award winner. The SIU School of Dental Medicine will develop an educational video targeted at children ages nine to 13. The goal of the video, which will be distributed through school nurses, is to increase awareness of soft drinks and their significant impact on oral health.

• Discover College Weekend, $2,976 Meridian Award winner. The TRIO Programs of the SIUE East St. Louis Center will host this student/parent retreat to help parents become knowledgeable about college preparation classes while students learn about college prep schedules and other college entrance information. The TRIO Programs help individuals from low-income families, first-generation college students, or students with disabilities continue an education beyond high school.

• Healthy Children Healthy Communities, $4884 Meridian Award winner. This program is an innovative and collaborative initiative between the SIUE School of Nursing and The Children's Museum in Edwardsville. The first phase of the initiative proposed implementation of a health clinic staffed with SIUE nursing faculty and students. The goal is to promote healthy behaviors through directed play within the neutral context of The Children's Museum.

• Summer Showbiz 2005, $4,000 Meridian Award winner. Summer ShowBiz, a 30-year tradition, presents live theater productions, offering a collaborative opportunity for SIUE students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as area residents of all ages, to perform in or work behind the scenes of a musical theater production.

Established in October 2003, the Meridian Society is an organization for women in philanthropy. According to Dixie Engelman, the society's first president and retired acting dean for the SIUE College of Arts and Sciences, "The Meridian Society Awardees represent the very best efforts of SIUE students and faculty to reach out in support of the communities surrounding SIUE."

Express Scripts Pledges $100,000 To Support New SIUE School of Pharmacy

The Express Scripts Foundation has donated $100,000 to the new School of Pharmacy to support its new doctor of Pharmacy program.

"We are grateful for Express Scripts' donation, which will help us to educate our region's next generation of healthcare leaders," said Philip J. Medon, professor and dean of the School. "The School of Pharmacy is committed to advancing the pharmacy practice through research and scholarship. Express Scripts' donation will help us to reach that goal."

"We are pleased to provide this donation to help SIUE train future pharmacists and healthcare professionals," said George Paz, president and chief executive officer of Express Scripts.

"Express Scripts is part of a great metropolitan area that includes Missouri and Illinois. SIUE is an important resource for training highly capable pharmacists who can help us in fulfilling our mission to make the use of prescription drugs safer and more affordable."

The Express Scripts Foundation serves as Express Scripts' philanthropic vehicle for supporting the communities in which it operates. The foundation focuses its support on community-based initiatives, especially those in which Express Scripts employees are actively involved. The Express Scripts Foundation also demonstrates its dedication to progressive healthcare management and strong social values through its support of medical and health-related causes, particularly those focused on supporting youth and strengthening families.

Express Scripts, Inc. (Nasdaq: ESRX) is one of the largest pharmacy benefit management (PBM) companies in North America, providing PBM services to over 50 million patients through facilities in 13 states and Canada.

SIUE Business Students Capture First Place At ICBS Competition

Five School of Business students put their business knowledge into practice recently by capturing first place in the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition in San Diego, Calif.

The participants competed against 27 other business teams from the United States, Canada, Great Britain and the United Arab Emirates to capture the title for Best Business Model. In addition, the SIUE students were awarded the Best Reports designation.

The SIUE team won by successfully "managing" a mock manufacturing company-Giamartini Glassware Co. The training leading up to the competition took place throughout the semester.

Teams were required to submit a "decision set" over the Internet each week from February through early April.

The culmination included teams making 10 more business decisions during the intense, three-day competition in California.

Finally, the team was responsible for a strategic business plan, an annual report, and one formal oral presentation to judges sitting as the firm's Board of Directors. These judges are senior business executives at Cisco Systems, Ernst & Young, among other firms.

The SIUE team included Michelle Masters, a Business Administration/Finance major who acted as CEO of the "company"; Andrew Kenny, an Accountancy major who was CFO; Vincent Zehme, an Accountancy major who acted as chief strategy officer; John Tucker, a Business Administration/Finance major who acted as chief operations officer; and Amanda Learned, a Business Administration/Finance and Management major who was chief marketing officer.

Joseph Michlitsch, chair of the Department of Management and Marketing, was the faculty advisor who coordinated the training and accompanied the students to California. In addition, SIUE alumnus Gary Mollerus ('70 BS, Marketing; '71 MBA), an executive with Meridian Enterprises, served as corporate advisor to the group. Laura Swanson and Donna Mickens served as faculty advisors.

The competition is an important exercise in preparing students for the corporate world by enhancing classroom knowledge with real-world experience. "The competition provides an almost life-like opportunity for the students to apply all that they have learned to the many aspects of management of a business," Michlitsch said. "This includes application of discipline-related knowledge as well as interpersonal skills."

He went on to say, "The formal presentation (report on company results for a specific year) to the judges/board of directors was especially good. The presentation was based on evidence and reasoning and was informative."

Nursing Awards Honor 'Jewels Of Excellence'

Just before Nurses Week, the SIUE School of Nursing kicked off the celebration with its "Jewels of Nursing Excellence" awards dinner to honor those who have contributed to the profession.

Illinois Representative Wyvetter H. Younge, who has supported legislation calling for HMO reform and health care coverage for children and low-income working families, was one of those honored at the event which took place at the Sunset Hills Country Club in Edwardsville. Some 165 people attended.

Currently serving her 16th term as representative of the 114th District, Younge received the 2005 award for being the outstanding "Friend to Nursing."

The purpose of the evening was to honor nursing and those who understand nursing's vital role in health, to honor two SIUE School of Nursing alumni award winners, and to raise vitally needed funds to meet the financial needs of current and future nursing students.

Last year, Younge was designated a "Friend to Nursing" by the Illinois Nurses Association for her active interest in the issues facing nurses, nursing, and the health and well-being of the people of the state of Illinois.

A total of four awards for 2005 were given at the SIUE event; four other nominees were recognized and received plaques. In addition to the Friend of Nursing category, the SIUE Jewels of Nursing Excellence 2005 Awards recognized achievement in three other categories:

• Anderson Hospital in Maryville received the award for outstanding hospital or organization that has contributed to the advancement of Nursing. The hospital is currently pursuing Magnet status through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Achieving Magnet status would further validate the daily work of the nurses and the expansive vision of the managers. The hospital also offers SIUE Nursing students a variety of supervised clinical experiences.

• Donna Meyer, BSN '78, MSN '83, received the 2005 award for outstanding SIUE Nursing graduate from 1960-95. Meyer is director of Nursing Education for Lewis and Clark Community College's (L&C) Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program. More than 80 percent of L&C's ADN students continue their education in a BSN program. Meyer collaborated with SIUE in establishing the 2 + 2 articulation agreement between L&C and SIUE's BSN program. Donna has presented internationally her published research, Children's Reaction to Nursing Attire.

• Roxann Tuetken, MSN '96, received the 2005 award for outstanding SIUE Nursing graduate since 1995. She is the school nurse at Coolidge Middle School in Granite City. She carries a huge student load (seeing more than 10,000 student cases each year). She has been the leader of the Illinois Association of Student Assistance Professions (IASAP) Student Assistance Program for several years, a program that has been honored on several occasions. In 2004, she received the 110% Award from the IASAP and currently is a member of the state board for that organization.

Other SIUE nursing alumni who were nominated and received plaques were:

Beverly J. Deaton, BSN '88, MSN '94, worked more than 30 years as an obstetrical nurse, and is currently director of Quality Services at St. Francis Hospital in Litchfield. She is the president of the 22,000 member Association of Women's Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN).

Lisa Klaustermeier, BSN '93, MSN '01, is employed at Anderson Hospital and is currently the director of Education, Health Management, and Clinical Effectiveness. She is a past president of the Illinois Organization of Nurse Leaders in Region 4.

Emily Novosel, BSN '03, is a staff nurse in the Intermediate Care Unit at DePaul Heath Center. She has been a standout in the area of bedside nursing, particularly in the professional relationships she develops with her patients and their families. In fall 2004, Novosel was recognized at the annual Vincentian Ceremony at DePaul Health Center.

Monica Major-Harris, BSN '04, is employed at St. Mary's Hospital in Clayton in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. She enjoys the opportunity to provide her patients with very personalized care, and finds that she is able to give them the attention and care they need. Major-Harris graduated with a GPA of 3.968.

All net proceeds from the Nursing event will be used for financial support and scholarships for current and future nursing students.

Senior Citizens' Fair Is Set For May 9 In The MUC

The SIUE Gerontology Program will present its 33rd Annual Senior Citizens' Fair from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday, May 9, in the Morris Center.

The Fair features senior citizen and student entertainment, preventive health screenings (cholesterol, diabetes, hearing, blood pressure, cataracts, glaucoma, balance and fall prevention, memory, herbals and nutrition, etc.), social service and medical information tables, big band ballroom dancing, line and square dancing, Tango, Dixieland jazz, ballads, golden oldies, and vocalists, to name a few, at three venues throughout the day.

The fair also features special exhibits, crafts, prizes, drawings, and much more.

In conjunction with the Fair, the Area Agency on Aging of Southwestern Illinois is hosting "Our Community: Preparing for the Aging Boom," a Solution Forum for the White House Conference on Aging, and a session on "The New Medicare (Part D) Prescription Drug Benefit and Its Impact on You!"

The Fair begins with a coffee and tea reception, which also includes juice and specialty breads. V.F.W. Post 5691 from Collinsville will provide a Color Guard procession at 9 a.m., with Bob Ellison, renowned vocalist from O'Fallon, singing the National Anthem. School of Education Dean Elliott Lessen will welcome guests on behalf of the School and Chancellor Vaughn Vandegrift will extend a welcome on behalf of the University.

Fair-goers will find free parking available in Lots B and E, closest to the Morris University Center. All activities are free except for an optional lunch. A buffet lunch will be served from 10:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. in the University Restaurant. In Center Court, there will be a variety of lunch options, including a salad bar, Chick-fil-A, and various grill entrees until 2:00 p.m.

For additional information, contact the Gerontology Program by telephone: (6l8) 650-3454, or, by email:

Benefits Fair Attendance Prize Winners Announced

Winners of attendance prizes at the SIUE Fitness and Benefits Fair in April have been announced. The fair is held each year in conjunction with the Chancellor's Health Walk and the Staff Senate BBQ.

The fair affords employees a chance to assess their health coverages through the university, as well as assess their health in general.

Several employees won prizes from the University: A 26-inch mountain bike,Val Toth; a DVD/VCR, Sharon Giffhorn; portable DVD player, Dale Fellhauer; portable CD Player, Janet Crouch; $25 WalMart gift certificates - Jim Benhoff and Belinda Carstens-Wickham; a digital camera, Tiffany Schlechte; portable CD/MP3 Player, Greg Herbeck; and an MP3 Player, Candice Stoverink.

Prizes donated by Colonial were won by: $25 WalMart gift certificates, Rena Young, Marsha Walker, Darlyne Alldredge, and Gary Sammons.

Prizes donated by Liberty Mutual were won by: a chair, Heather Kniffel, and an iPod Shuffle, Gretchen Fricke.

SIUE Campus Recreation donated one-year memberships to the Student Fitness Center. Those winners were: Cindy Nordstrom, Jenny Bolander, and Marti Lo Russo.

Pepsi donated pedometers won by: Ann Emmanuel, Barb Books, Barb Randle, Brenda Wieseman, Bu Catalano, Candice Stoverink, Carole Graff, Dail Munneke, Dee Dee Klein, Denise York, Ed Matecke, Emery Jordan, Gloria Atkins, Helen Broaden, Janet Hupp, Jill Eschbach, Julie Devine, Karen Childers, Karen Matkins, Kathi Ledford, Kelly Meyers, Kim Donahue, Leasa Ferry, Linda Durell, Lora Flamm, Marsha Walker, Martha Leese, Martha Saboff, Michele Bensa, Nancy Newman, Nicole Neilson, Patricia Apponey, Patti Makler, Rich Johnson, Rita Lesemann, Rudolph G Wilson, Sharon Govan, Shrylene Clark, Steve Sias, Sue Buchmiller, Tami Kershaw, Tammy Duggan, Tiffani Schlechte, Traci Claro, Valerie Maupin, and Warren Mitchell.

Other items donated by SIUE Campus Recreation were won by:

T-Shirts: C. Miller, Carl Springer, Carla Micheletto, Chad Verbais, Chris Wasson, Debbie Brown-Thompson, Donna Ireland, Elaine Farrar, Gloria Jane Emerick, Jill Beck, Jo Ellen Caia, Kelly Brophy, Kevin Schmoll, Mary Kay Gieseking, Pam Seger, Phil Brown, Rick Klein, Ruth Ann Herker, and Winnie Kyro.

Radio: Christy Helling, Patti Koertge, Rhonda Heiderscheid, Trisha Simmons.

Black Bag: Dave Leonard, Lisa Landers, Mary Turner.

Red Bag: Diane Chappel, Donna Boyer, Marge Busse, Sue Grimes, Tracy Zeigler.

Travel Mug: Chris Bennett, Kim Fornof, Matt Crouse, and Paula Birke-Smith.

Koozie Chairs: Jamie Schmidt and Kris Magee.

Williams Misses Qualifying For 400-Meter

Kimetha Williams (Bellevue, Neb.) placed eighth in her heat and missed the finals of the 400-meter dash at the NCAA Division II Outdoor Track and Field Championships at Elmer Gray Stadium on Thursday (5/26).

Williams time of 57.71 was 22nd overall. The fastest time in the preliminaries was Johnsie Liles of Saint Augustine's at 53.60.

The SIUE women's track and field team has more to come at the national championships. Asaki Carr (St. Louis) competes on Friday (5/27) in the 100-meter hurdles preliminaries at 8:05 p.m. Callie Glover (Bartlett) is in the field for the hammer throw at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday (5/28). Christine Butler (Matteson) also competes on Saturday in the triple jump beginning at 6 p.m.

Bannister Qualifies For Hurdles Final

SIUE's Jonathan Bannister (Plano, Texas) won his heat and advanced to the 400-meter hurdle finals at the NCAA Division II Outdoor Championships at Abilene Christian University's Elmer Gray Stadium.

Bannister's winning time of 51.85 seconds was the third fastest among the field's 18 hurdlers. He trailed only Saint Augustine's Tim Riley and Adrian Findlay, who won their heats in times of 51.34 and 51.46.

Bannister clearly broke his own personal best of 52.46 on April 29. It also neared the record set by Mike Allen in 1971, a converted time of 51.8. Bannister's time is the fastest since track meets began running standard distances of meters instead of yards.

The 400-meter hurdles final is scheduled for 8:09 p.m. on Saturday (5/28).

All three SIUE runners missed qualifying for the finals at 400 meters. Bannister (Plano, Texas) was the closest, placing 10th overall and fourth in the third heat. The sophomore recorded a time of 48.01. The ninth and final spot in the finals went to Jared Peacock of Colorado Mines in 47.75.

The best qualifying time was Marvin Essor of Abilene Christian in 46.44.

Kyle Rose (Kankakee) and Jeff Fearday (Teutopolis) finished 14th and 15th, respectively, in the preliminaries with times of 48.46 and 48.76.

The SIUE men's track and field team continues Friday (5/27) with two field events and a preliminary relay race. The 4 X 400-meter relay will run at 9 p.m. Anthony Weber (Marengo) competes in the pole vault beginning at 6:30 p.m. Lee Weeden (Ferguson, Mo.) competes in the shot put at 6:45 p.m.

Warren Named To Academic All-District Team

Matt Warren (East Peoria), a senior wrestler at SIUE, has been named to the 2005 CoSIDA Academic All-District At-Large Team.

Warren, who was named to the second team, holds a perfect grade point average in Philosophy. He was a recent member of the prestigious Undergraduate Research Academy at SIUE, where he researched, "The Evolution of Ethics."

On the wrestling mat, Warren posted a 3-10 record in the 157-pound division.

Harrison Named Academic All-District

Kallie Harrison (Decatur), a sophomore golfer at SIUE, has been named to the 2005 CoSIDA Academic All-District At-Large Team.

Harrison, a two-time All-Great Lakes Valley Conference performer, was named to the second team. She holds a 3.93 grade point average in biology/medical sciences.

Harrison helped the Cougars to their third consecutive NCAA appearance as a team. She led the team in scoring average at 80.0.

SIUE's Beyers Named Regional Coach Of The Year

ABILENE, Texas - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville women's track and field coach Ben Beyers added another honor to his collection after being named the Great Lakes Regional Coach of the Year.

The honor was bestowed at a banquet preceding the NCAA Division II Outdoor Track and Field Championships at Abilene Christian University.

The SIUE women's track and field teams won both the indoor and outdoor Great Lakes Valley Conference Championships this past season. SIUE has won three of the last four conference track and field titles with Beyers as the women's head coach.

SIUE had eight GLVC indoor champions and nine outdoor champions in 2005. Six Cougars were named All-Americans at the indoor championships.

SIUE female track and field competitors have broken 14 school records indoors and 17 outdoor records in the last two seasons. Six GLVC records also were broken by SIUE student-athletes.

Beyers is joined on the coaching staff by assistants David Astrauskas and Eileen McAllister.

Softball Cougars Grab Regional And Academic Honors

As SIUE softball coach Sandy Montgomery looks back on her team's season, she knows her team had a great season, finishing with a 41-15 record.

SIUE went 1-2 at the NCAA Regionals in Highland Heights, Ky., falling to Northwood 1-0 in their final game. "It was very heartbreaking that we didn't win," said Montgomery. "These kids played very hard all year for me, and I am very proud of them."

The Cougars garnered some honors over the weekend as four players were named to the National Fastpitch Coaches Association's (NFCA) All-Region team and three players were named second team Academic All-District as voted on by ESPN The Magazine and the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA).

Junior Alicia DeShasier (Carrollton) notched first team All-Great Lakes Region and second team Academic-All-District honors. She led the team with a .363 batting average, 65 hits, 49 runs scored, eight home runs, and a 14-7 pitching record this season. "She really took the season on her shoulders," said Montgomery. "That is not easy for anyone to do, considering she hadn't pitched for two years for us. I am very proud of the way she handled herself."

Senior Veronica Schmidt (Westmont) was picked as the first team All-Region shortstop. She held a .323 batting average, setting career highs in home runs (3), RBIs (35), and runs scored (30). "V.J. had a career year this year," said Montgomery. "She played very well defensively for us. She hit the ball well, like I knew she could. I am really happy that her senior year turned out the way that it did."

Junior Holly Neuerberg (Orion) grabbed second team All-Region honors at second base as well as being named to the Academic All-Region second team. Neuerberg led the team with 43 RBIs and was second on the club with five home runs. "She had another great season," said Montgomery. "She has played a great second base for us. She stepped it up defensively this year and did a lot of good things."

Catcher Libby Lenart (Bartonville) was also named to the All-Great Lakes Region second team. Lenart ended her season with a .260 batting average, two home runs, and 31 RBIs. She threw out 18 runners trying to steal bases this season. "I still feel that she is the best catcher in the league," said Montgomery. "She has great hands. That is a crucial part of our game, having a solid player back there."

Junior outfielder Shanna Waldo (Peoria) picked up Academic All-District second team honors. Waldo led the Cougars will 46 stolen bases and ranked second on the team with 48 runs scored.

First basemen Emily Lenart (Bartonville) was named to the Great Lakes Regional All-Tournament team, notching four hits during the tournament.

Track And Field Sets More Records

Just one week removed from winning the men's and women's Great Lakes Valley Conference Outdoor Track Championships, the SIUE track teams continued to set records.

The Cougars competed at Missouri Southern, Emporia State, and Lindenwood, in preparation for the NCAA Championships to be held May 26-28 in Abilene, Tex.

SIUE expects to learn which Cougar competitors have earned a spot at the national championships Tuesday (5/17). "I'm very happy with our efforts this past weekend," said SIUE women's track coach Ben Beyers. "We had several people solidify their positions on the national list, and we even had a couple jump up from not even being on the list to earning a spot in the meet. It was amazing to watch the efforts pay off so big for those athletes."

On the men's side, Anthony Weber (Marengo) set a new school record in the pole vault with a leap of 16 feet and 4.75 inches (5.01 meters). His jump ranks him 10th in the NCAA this year. "I'm very pleased with Anthony's performance," said SIUE men's track coach David Astrauskas. "He has been very consistent for us all year long."

Lee Weeden (Ferguson, Mo.) set a new school-record in the shot put with his mark of 56-5.25 (17.19m), and he now is eighth in the NCAAs in that event. "Lee had a big performance in the shot put at Missouri Southern and also threw very well in the shot put at ESU," said Astrauskas. "It is nice to see him throw over 55' in two consecutive meets heading into nationals."

Phil Freimuth (Effingham) and Dustin Bilbruck (Gillespie) both had great performances in the javelin. Freimuth set the school record with a throw of 205-1 (62.51m). Bilbruck set a person best with a toss of 204-1 (62.20m). "Phil has been injured most of the year and had not even posted a provisional qualifying mark this season," said Astrauskas. "Hopefully we can get a little more runway work in before nationals. Dustin has been training hard all season long, and he had a big throw at the qualifying meet this weekend."

On the women's side, Callie Glover (Barlett) set a new school record in the hammer. Her toss of 169-6 (51.67meters) ranks her 16th in the NCAA. "Callie has been coming on strong as of late," said Astrauskas. "She had an even better performance at the qualifying meet this weekend. This will be her second national appearance so she is familiar with the national setting."

Holly Noller (Pawnee) set a season high in the javelin with a throw of 137-6 (41.91meters). The mark also places her on the NCAA provisional list in the event. "Holly had a great day in the javelin at ESU, said Astrauskas. "She bettered her season best performance by nearly eight feet."

Christine Butler (Matteson) set a season high in the triple jump with a leap of 39-3.75 (11.98m). "Christine really dug deep and popped out some big jumps on the last day to put up a qualifying mark," said Beyers. "As an indoor All-American from this season, I know she had some big goals coming into the outdoor season. I'm glad she'll be able to get to the outdoor national meet."

The women's 1,600 meter relay team broke the school record this weekend. The team set a new time of 3:47.70 at the Missouri Southern Invitational.

"The ladies really dedicated themselves to earning their spot into the national meet again," said Beyers. "They really stepped it up and have given themselves a chance to be included in the national meet once again in what is quickly becoming our signature event."

Softball Earns Bid For NCAA Regional

SIUE softball received the No. 2 seed and a first-round bye in the NCAA Great Lakes Regional to be held this week in Highland Heights, Ky.

The 48-team field was announced today, with the Cougars making their sixth straight appearance in the six-team Great Lakes Regional field.

SIUE will play the winner of third-seeded West Virginia Wesleyan and sixth-seeded Gannon in the second round of the double-elimination tournament. "The NCAA tournament is always one our goals," said SIUE softball coach Sandy Montgomery. "I am very proud of our team. We just want to go out and play hard and see what happens."

The 15th-ranked Cougars hold a 40-13 overall record after a disappointing fifth-place finish in the Great Lakes Valley Conference Tournament last weekend.

"Although we didn't finish off the tournament the way we would have hoped," said Montgomery, "I still thought we played well this past weekend. Hopefully, we will make some breaks for ourselves this weekend."

SIUE received some individual honors at the tournament, with four players being selected to All-GLVC teams.

Junior Alicia DeShasier (Carrollton) collected first team all-conference honors as a utility player. DeShasier spent the season as a pitcher and a right fielder. She leads the team in batting average (.372), hits (64), runs (49), home runs (8), as well as notching a 14-6 record in the circle this season. "She has had a great season," said Montgomery. "She is very deserving. Alicia has taken a lot of pressure on her shoulders as far as having to do some pitching this year. She has led the team all year offensively."

Senior Veronica Schmidt (Westmont) was picked as the second team shortstop and junior Holly Neuerberg (Orion) grabbed second team honors at second base. "It's a great accomplishment for both players," said Montgomery.

Schmidt ranks first on the team with 13 doubles and third on the team with 35 RBIs and a .331 average. Neuerberg leads the team with 43 RBIs and is second on the club with a .342 batting average and five home runs.

Freshman pitcher Lindsey Laas (Frankfort) also nabbed a second team spot. Laas has complied a 18-5 record this season and is 13-3 since returning from the Cougars' trip to Florida. During that stretch, all three of her losses were by one run. "She has really come on and done a nice job for us," said Montgomery. "She is an 18-game winner, and that is pretty awesome for a freshman."

The Cougars begin their quest for a NCAA Regional Championship on Thursday (5/12).

Men's Track And Field Claim GLVC Championship

For the second consecutive year, the SIUE men's track team claimed the Great Lakes Valley Conference Outdoor Championship. The Cougars defeated second-place Lewis by 78 points.

"We had so many individuals step up and take accountability in winning this meet," said SIUE Track coach Ben Beyers. "All of these individuals came together and really rallied as a team. It would have been very difficult for any team to defeat us this weekend."

Beyers and men's track coach David Astraukas were named GLVC coaches of the year.

Jonathan Bannister (Plano, Tex.) continued his successful season and strong performance by being named GLVC Athlete of the Year. Bannister broke his own school record in the 400 meters with a time of 46.95, improving his NCAA provisional qualifying time. He also improved his times in the 110- and 400-meter hurdles. "Jonathan really has excelled this entire season," said Beyers. "I'm thrilled that he won the Athlete of the Meet."

Dustin Bilbruck (Gillespie) set the school record in the long jump with a distance of 23 feet and 4.75 inches (7.13 meters), making him a provisional qualifier. Bilbruck becomes the first Cougar to leap better than seven meters, breaking the record set by Ryan Gold (22-11.25, 6.99 meters) in 1999. "Dusty really stepped up again in the long jump," said Beyers. "His early jumps took the wind out of the sails of the other competitors, and he took home the title.

Jeff Fearday (Teutopolis) won the 800 meters with a time of 1:53.33, bettering his provisional qualifying mark. "He's had a dream senior season," said Beyers. "He won his first individual conference title with a tremendous come-from-behind victory in the 800. His grit and determination have set the tone for our program for now and in the future."

Fearday anchored the SIUE 400-meter relay team that set a new school record. The team of Brad Blevins (Gillespie), Kyle Rose (Kankakee), Jason Hall (Chicago), and Fearday ran a time of 41.50.

The Cougars 1600-meter relay team of Chris Wright (Richton Par), Fearday, Rose, and Bannister, notched a conference record with a mark of 3:13.49.

Junior Ryan Boyll (Bloomington) set a personal best winning the 1,500 meters with a time of 3:57.72. Boyll also won the 3,000 meter steeplechase.

Lee Weeden (Ferguson, Mo.) set a new school-record in the hammer throw with a toss of 179'6" (54.71m).

The Cougars will be at the Missouri Southern Last Chance Meet on Thursday (5/12) before traveling to the Emporia State Last Chance Meet on Saturday (5/14) in Emporia, Kan.

Women's Track Sweeps GLVC Championships

The SIUE women's track team picked up the Great Lakes Valley Conference Outdoor Championship over the weekend.

The Cougars complete a sweep of the indoor and the outdoor championships this season, notching the indoor crown back in March.

SIUE won by 28.50 points over Indianapolis to take the championship. "We are really happy to reach our goal of bringing home the conference championship," said SIUE women's track coach Ben Beyers. "They remembered how they felt when they lost the outdoor title last year after having won the indoor crown, so they were willing to do anything to make sure that did not occur again."

Beyers received high honors being named GLVC Women's Coach of the Year.

Valerie Simmons (St. Louis) was named GLVC Women's Athlete of the Year. Simmons won the 400-meter hurdles with a time of 1 minute, 2.84 seconds, to better her NCAA provisional qualifying mark. Simmons was also a member of a 1,600-meter relay team that set a new school record. "Valerie really helped lead the team to victory," said Beyers. "She came from behind to win her second straight 400 hurdle crown. Valerie simply refused to lose and set several personal records during the competition."

Tairisha Sawyer (Chicago) won the 200-meter dash with a mark of 24.55, improving her provisional qualifying mark. Sawyer also ran as a member of 400- and 1600-meter relay teams that set school records. "Tai really stepped up when we needed her," said Beyers. "She defended her 200 title against some very stiff competition."

Kimetha Williams (Bellevue, Neb.) came in first in the 400 meters with a time of 55.58. Williams also ran as the anchor with the school-record setting 4x400 meter relay team. "Kimetha had a tremendous day," said Beyers. "Her 400 was a major personal record, and her time should get her into the national meet. I know those have been big goals for her since she got to campus, so I'm just thrilled to watch her achieve them."

Asaki Carr (St. Louis) placed first to take claim of the 100-meter hurdles championship with a mark of 14.56, improving her provisional qualifying time. "Asaki led the 1-2-3 finish in the 100 hurdles," said Beyers. "We swept the 55 hurdles indoors, as we thought we should have done outdoors last season. So, to cap it off here was very sweet."

Callie Glover (Barlett) set a school record, winning the hammer throw with a toss of 167'4" (51.00m). Lindsey DeFevers (Virden) won the discus after a throw of 140'10" (42.92 meters).

Christine Butler (Matteson) won the triple jump with a leap of 37 feet and 11.50 inches (11.57 meters). "Christine only jumped twice in the triple jump." said Beyers. "I was holding her back a little because she has a strained hamstring. She still performed great and just missed national qualifying."

The Cougars travel to the Missouri Southern Last Chance Meet in Joplin, Mo. on Thursday (5/12). Then they head to the Emporia State Last Chance Meet on Saturday (5/14) in Emporia, Kan.

Cougars Ranked No. 15 Nationally

The SIUE softball team comes in at the No. 15 spot this week in the NFCA/Division II softball poll.

The Softball Cougars, seeking their sixth consecutive appearance in the NCAA Tournament, hold a 39-11 record this season as the team heads to the Great Lakes Valley Conference Tournament this weekend at the EastSide Center in Peoria.

SIUE Coach Sandy Montgomery and her Cougars face the Quincy Hawks tomorrow (5/6) morning at 11 in the opening round of the tournament.

SIUE's Shegog Earns Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar Award

Shevon Shegog (Anchorage, Alaska), a senior student-athlete on the SIUE women's track and field team, has been honored as a third team women's track and field member of the 2005 Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar Awards.

Shegog appeared in the April 7, 2005, issue of Black Issues in Higher Education. She is a mass communications major and will be graduating this spring.

The Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar Award was established to honor undergraduate students of color who have excelled in the classroom and on the playing field. Inspired by the tennis legend, students included on the list must have competed in an intercollegiate sport, maintained a grade-point average of at least 3.2 and have been active on campus or in their community.

Shegog is the SIUE record holder in the indoor 200 meters, as well as a member of the school-record 1,600-meter indoor relay. Shegog will be competing this weekend at the Great Lakes Valley Conference Championships in four events for the Cougars, including 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, and the javelin.

SIUE Women's Basketball Signs Four Standouts

Sometimes it's just all in getting the right mix.

SIUE women's basketball coach Wendy Hedberg has signed four newcomers to national letters of intent to play next season for the Cougars.

SIUE has added Becky Tenholder (St. Louis), Allison Fogle (Seminole, Fla.), Deidra Dace (St. Louis), and Krystal Rosengren (Marseilles), a mix of players who will play a wide variety of roles for the Cougars.

Tenholder, a 5-foot-11-inch, forward/center, is the all-time leading rebounder and No. 2 all-time in scoring at Bayless High School in Affton, Mo.. She averaged 20 points, 13.9 rebounds and 2.5 blocks per game. A three-time All-Conference selection, Tenholder ranked second in her senior class and plans to become a pharmacist.

"Becky is very athletic for her position, runs the floor well, and can play with her back to the basket or step out and shoot," said Hedberg. "She will have to adjust to the more physical college game, but she has a great work ethic and is eager to learn."

Fogle, a 5-7 guard, was a four-year starter at Seminole High School and scored 1,863 career points. Fogle averaged 17.6 points and 7.8 rebounds per game last season. She also set the school's single-game scoring record with 43 points.

A first team All-County and All-Conference pick, Fogle also was selected to play in the All-County All-Star game.

"Allison comes from a winning program and knows what it takes to be a winner," said Hedberg. "She is definitely an offensive threat and can shoot the three-pointer or put it to the floor. She handles the ball well and can find the open person on the court."

Dace, a 5-10 guard/forward, averaged 12 points, 7.4 rebounds and 3.0 steals per game as a senior at Metro High School. Dace played in the Missouri 2A state championship game, leading her team in scoring and rebounding.

"She has played a very up-tempo style of game throughout her high school career. She is very athletic, has a good range, and a big threat off the dribble," said Hedberg.

Rosengren, a 6-3 center, played one season at Western Illinois and joins the Cougars after one season at Illinois Valley Junior College. Last season, she averaged 10.7 points, 8.0 rebounds and 2.9 blocks per game.

Rosengren played prep basketball at Ottawa High School, where she averaged 22 points, 10 rebounds and four blocks per game. She plans to major in elementary education at SIUE.

"Krystal definitely will bring additional size to our inside game and alter a few shots in the lane," said Hedberg. "She plays well with her back to the basket and has a nice touch around the rim."

SIUE Men's Basketball Adds Ty Johnson

Ty Johnson (Springfield), a 5-foot-11-inch guard, has signed a national letter of intent to play men's basketball at SIUE next season.

"He's a real exciting player," said SIUE Coach Marty Simmons. "He can push the ball up the floor in transition and is an excellent three-point shooter."

Johnson averaged 18 points and 4.8 assists per game last season at John A. Logan College. He helped the Volunteers to a 26-7 record this past season and earned first team All-Great Rivers Athletic Conference honors, as well as being named a first team Region 24 selection. Johnson helped the Volunteers to the championship game of the Region 24 Championship.

A graduate of Springfield Southeast High School, Johnson is well known for his ability to penetrate to either score or set up his teammates. He was recruited by several NCAA Division I programs, along with the Cougars.

"He is the kind of player I haven't had in my three years here," said Simmons. "He'll be a fun player to watch."

SIUE Women's Cross Country Signs Four New Cougars

The SIUE women's cross country team bolstered its lineup for next season with the signing of four runners.

Signing national letters of intent to come to SIUE are Elizabeth Williams (Mt. Vernon), Michelle Meador (Bowen), Katelyn Davis (Williamsville), and Chelsey Patterson (Sherman).

Williams set personal records several times during the outdoor track season in the mile and the 3,200-meter run.

Meador, of Southeast High School, figures to continue her development as a runner at the collegiate level. "Michelle comes from a small high school, and she hasn't had anyone to train with of similar ability," said SIUE Coach Eilleen McAllister. "When Michelle is surrounded by other Cougars next season, her development will continue to improve."

Davis also is relatively young in "training" years, noted McAllister. The Williamsville High School standout decided to run track her senior year after starring in cross country and soccer. "Once she has a full year of running training under her belt, she will see continual improvement," said McAllister.

Williams, Meador and Davis figure to step into the cross country program and then focus on distance races during the indoor and outdoor track and field season.

Patterson and Davis were high school teammates at Williamsville. Patterson will be a middle distance runner for the track and field team. "Chelsey will make an immediate impact on the Cougar cross country team," said McAllister.

"All four of these young women are key components in rebuilding the Cougar cross country program over the next couple of years," noted McAllister.

SIUE placed sixth in last season's Great Lakes Valley Conference Cross Country Championships.

SIUE Men's Golf Adds Lehl

SIUE golf coach Mark Marcuzzo announced today that Matt Lehl (Woodstock) signed a national letter of intent to golf for the Cougars.

Lehl, a state qualifier at Woodstock High School, won the Fox Valley Conference championship this year, shooting a 70 in 18 holes. "He is a great young player," said Marcuzzo. "He has great potential. He will come and be competitive for a top five spot on our team next year."

Lehl joins seven other signees for the first SIUE men's golf class since the program was dropped in 1995.

SIUE Men's Basketball Signs Hardiek

SIUE men's basketball coach Marty Simmons has signed Mike Hardiek (Teutopolis) to a national letter of intent.

Simmons said Hardiek is a versatile player with a great shooting touch. "We're excited to have him join the program. He is a lights out three-point shooter," said Simmons.

Hardiek will have two years of eligibility after playing the last two seasons at Lincoln Land Community College, where he helped the Loggers to 22 wins in 2004-2005, tying a school record. Hardiek averaged 16.4 points per game on 53 percent shooting, including 48 percent shooting from three-point range.

Simmons said he can play several positions on the floor from small guard to power forward. "He's really versatile," said Simmons.

Hardiek was a first team All-Collegiate Conference of Central Illinois selection and an All-Region 24 pick this past season and second team All-Conference as a freshman at Lincoln Land.

At Teutopolis High School, Hardiek was a two-time All-Conference pick and finished second all-time in career three-pointers.

Hood Cards 80 In Final NCAA Round

SIUE golfer Brittany Hood scored an eight-over 80 in the final round of the NCAA East Regional to finish in 17th place.

Hood's 80 tied the school record for lowest score in an NCAA Tournament event. Former Cougar Katie Farrell also carded an 80 in the final round of the 2003 NCAA East Regional.

As a team, SIUE placed sixth among the six teams at the event with a team score of 1069. Host Grand Valley State won the 54-hole tournament with a 952 and will advance to the NCAA finals in New Mexico along with second-place Ferris State.

SIUE's Natalie Connaway (McLeansboro) shot a final round 91 for a 268 and 36th place. Kallie Harrison (Decatur) shot 85 on Tuesday and finished at 270 for 28th place. Ashley Hamm (Hillsboro) shot 93 for a 283 total. Kelly Morris (Normal) shot 100 and placed 33rd.

This was SIUE's third consecutive appearance at the NCAA Tournament.

Softball GLVC Tournament Bound

SIUE Softball Coach Sandy Montgomery leads her team to the Great Lakes Valley Conference Tournament this weekend, knowing full well her Cougars have a "target on their back."

Second-seeded SIUE faces seventh-seeded Quincy in the first round of the tournament on Friday (5/6) at the EastSide Center in Peoria. The 14th-ranked Cougars ended the regular season over the weekend with 39-11 record, 15-2 in GLVC play. "We just want to try and take care of business as we go," said Montgomery. "We need to get the job done against Quincy. Teams are shooting for us since we finished as one of the top teams."

The Cougars swept Lewis on Saturday (4/30) before dropping two games against UW-Parkside on Sunday (5/1). "We played outstanding against Lewis," said Montgomery. "I was really happy with our pitching all weekend. We just could seem to get the job done (against UW-Parkside)."

Even with the stumble against UW-Parkside, the Cougar offense has continued to roll. Senior Veronica Schmidt (Westmont) ranks second on the team with a .347 batting average to go along with career highs in home runs (3) and RBIs (35). The Cougar shortstop also is tops in the conference with 13 doubles. "She has started for me for four years," said Montgomery. "She has really matured this year. VJ is a very talented player."

Fellow senior Samantha Easterley (Belleville) has set numerous career highs this season with a .282 batting average, 31 hits, 24 runs, three home runs, and 27 RBIs.

Alicia DeShasier (Carrollton) leads the team with a .388 batting average. The Cougars outfielder and pitcher is first in the GLVC in total bases with 104, second in runs scored (49), home runs (8), and slugging percentage (.640), and third in the league with 64 hits.

Lindsey Laas (Frankfort) now has a record of 17-5 this season going 1-1 over the weekend. Laas ranks third in the GLVC in wins.

"Overall, everyone had a lot of doubts about where we would end up at the end of the year," sand Montgomery. "I am pleased with where we are at right now."

The Cougars face the Hawks at 11 a.m on Friday (5/6).

Baseball Begins Crucial Last Week

As the SIUE baseball team begins its final week of the regular season, the Cougars know that the next six games are crucial if they want to make the Great Lakes Valley Conference Tournament.

SIUE, 27-22 overall and 18-16 in the GLVC, currently sits in seventh place in the league, two percentage points behind Bellarmine for the sixth spot. Only one game separates the Cougars from fourth-place Quincy. Only the top six teams in the conference make the tournament which will be held on May 12-15 at T.R. Hughes Stadium in O'Fallon, Mo.

The Cougars are set to battle Missouri-St. Louis in a 2 p.m. doubleheader on Wednesday (5/4) before a four-game showdown with Bellarmine this weekend. "We need the two games against UMSL," said Baseball Coach Gary Collins. "From the No. 3 team to the No. 8 team, this conference is pretty topsy-turvy."

SIUE is in the midst of a 12-game home stand, going 4-2 last week to start the stretch.

Freshman Cory Bunner (Jacksonville) and senior Craig Ohlau (Chester) have sparked the Cougars offense. Bunner notched a .435 batting average, collecting six hits, and driving in six during the week. The center fielder delivered a game-winning two-run double on Saturday and a three-run triple on Sunday in wins over Indianapolis.

Ohlau leads the team with a .333 batting average after notching nine hits last week. The Cougar first baseman blasted his first two home runs of the year against the Hawks and the Greyhounds. "Cory and Craig had a lot of hits," said Collins. "They both played well."

The SIUE pitching staff held its own last week as their opponents had a .192 batting average. "We are getting great pitching," said Collins. "It has kept us in a lot of games and given us a chance to win."

Clay Zavada (Atlanta) came out the bullpen to earn two wins over Indianapolis, running the left-handers mark to 3-3 on the season. "He threw the ball real well," said Collins. "He is hard to hit."

Jarad Rettberg (Divernon) had a masterful performance against the Greyhounds, pitching 9 1/3 innings. He gave up one run on five hits while striking out nine for the no-decision. In his last four starts, Rettberg is 3-0 allowing three runs in 27 2/3 innings, fanning 25 batters.

"Jarad has been really clutch down the stretch," said Collins. "He has pitched some great games. I have to pat him on the back. He has been good for us."

SIUE face the Rivermen at Roy Lee Field on Wednesday 5/4). The Cougars will then play Bellarmine at Roy Lee Field on Saturday (5/7) at 1 p.m. before playing the Knights at T.R. Hughes Stadium on Sunday (5/8) at Noon.

Track And Field Ready For GLVC Championships

SIUE men's and women's track teams head to the Great Lakes Valley Conference Outdoor Championships in Romeoville this weekend had successful stints at the Drake Relays and the Cougar Twilight Meet.

The Cougars set numerous records at the Drake Relays with Jonathan Bannister (Plano, Tex.) leading the charge. Bannister posted the fourth best time at the Relays in the 400-meter hurdles with a time of 52.46 seconds, moving him up on the NCAA provisional qualifying list. "Jonathan ran a good overall race," said SIUE track coach Ben Beyers. "I know he's got some kinks to work out prior to getting nationals, but this was a good performance on a big stage."

SIUE's foursome of Kyle Rose (Kankakee), Bannister, Ryan Nowakowski (Rochester), and Jeff Fearday (Teutopolis) ran the school record time of 3 minutes, 10.90 seconds in the 1,600-meter relay placing third in the finals.

"The 4 x 400 relay team has been exciting for us all year," said Beyers. "The time they ran should get them back to nationals where I know they'll be shooting to repeat their indoor accomplishment of earning All-American honors."

The Cougars also broke the school records in the 400-meter relay as the team of Brad Blevins (Gillespie), Rose, Jeff Hall (Chicago), and Fearday ran a time of 41.87 seconds and the group then set the record in the 800-meter relay at 1:30.50. "The 4 x 100 team ran really well," said Beyers. "I'm looking for something good from that team for the remainder of the season. Our 4 x 200 team ran hard and ended up a very close fourth place overall. I think the guys were excited to break the school record but were looking for a higher finish."

At the SIUE Twilight Meet, Tairisha Sawyer (Chicago) set season bests in the 100 meters (12.12) and the 200 meters (24.98).

Kimetha Williams (Bellevue, Neb.) recorded a season-best in the 400 meters with a time of 56.60, making her an NCAA provisional qualifier. "Kimetha ran a very solid race," said Beyers. "I know she's got bigger things in mind, but this was an excellent start and puts her right in position to achieve some big things later this season."

Asaki Carr (St. Louis) provisionally qualified with season high in the 100 meter hurdles with a time of 14.75. "Asaki has been flirting with some fast times all season long," said Beyers. "It's great to see her bringing that intensity and confidence. I'm excited to see where she progresses from here."

On the men's side at the Cougar Twilight, Lee Weeden (Ferguson) provisionally qualified in both the hammer (176-8/53.85m) and the shot put (54-6/16.61m).

Cougar Men's Golf Ink Seven For Upcoming Season

SIUE men's golf coach Mark Marcuzzo announced today Mike McKinzie (Bloomington), Craig Heinzmann (Breese), Kyle Lickenbrock (Freeburg), Ryan Coughlin (Godfrey), Brian Kuddes (Godfrey), Adam Grandidier (Granite City), and Kyle Gansauer (Centralia) have signed to play golf for the Cougars.

Of the signees, six are transfers from junior college or other universities and one will be an incoming freshman. This is SIUE's first men's golf class since the program was dropped in January of 1995. "This group will allow us to come in with some maturity to start the program," said Marcuzzo. "They are going to give us the leadership we want. We are going to surprise some people in the Great Lakes Valley Conference."

McKinzie, from Normal University High School, will enter as a freshman after finishing in the top 15 in class A last year. He was a member of two state championship teams while in high school.

"He has a great work ethic," said Marcuzzo. "He is really going to step right in."

Heinzmann, transfers from Southwestern Illinois College to play for the Cougars. "He is 6-5," said Marcuzzo. "He can hit the ball 340 (yards) off the tee. He will be a nice addition."

Lickenbrock, also a transfer from SWIC, played at Freeburg High School. "He has a 75 average," said Marcuzzo. "He looks to be a great player."

Coughlin, transferring from Lewis and Clark Community College, qualified nationally with the Trailblazers. Coughlin finished in the top five in class A during his senior year at Marquette High School. "He has a great work ethic and is a grinder," said Marcuzzo. "He has a tremendous amount of talent."

Kuddes transfers from Rend Lake College where he qualified nationally with the Warriors. A graduate of Alton High School, Kuddes finished third in class AA his senior year as well as being named All-Area Player of the Year. "Brian is going to be a good asset to the program both as a player and as person," said Marcuzzo.

Grandidier, the Granite City High School product, will enter SIUE as a sophomore after transferring from Southeast Missouri State.

"He has great potential," said Marcuzzo.

Gansauer, a Centralia High School graduate, transfers from Kaskaskia College. While with the Blue Devils he was a national qualifier. "He has the ability to shoot between a 67 and a 72 most any time he tees it up," said Marcuzzo.

SIUE Women's Golf Signs Five

SIUE women's golf coach Mark Marcuzzo announced today that Danielle Kaufman (Nashville), Ashley Hemann (Highland), Casey Biddinger (Lafayette, Ind.), Lauren Elmore (Naperville), and Kirstin Fischer (Godfrey) have signed national letters of intent to play golf for the Cougars.

"It's exciting," said Marcuzzo. "They have some serious potential."

The Cougars, who recently earned a spot in the NCAA Division II Women's Tournament for the third season in a row, add three golfers who will transfer from Rend Lake College.

Kaufman, Hemann, and Biddinger were members of a Warriors team that finished fifth nationally in the junior college ranks last season. Rend Lake won the Cougar Spring Classic on April 17th and 18th of this year. "Those three are very talented golfers," said Marcuzzo. They will add a lot to the program."

Kaufman, a graduate of Nashville High School collected All-American honors last season with the Warriors.

Hemann, from Highland High School, shot a two-day total of 176 during the Cougar Spring Classic, while her teammate Biddinger was three shots better finishing with a 173.

Elmore comes to the program as a freshman from St. Francis High School, where she was a state qualifier. "She can hit the ball 220 (yards) to 240 off the tee," said Marcuzzo.

Fischer also qualified for the state tournament while playing at Alton Marquette High School.

Bannister Places Fourth At Drake Relays

Jonathan Bannister won his 400-meter hurdles heat and posted the fourth fastest time in the event as SIUE broke four school records at the Drake Relays on Friday (4/29).

Bannister ran his event in 52.46, a mark which will help him move up on the NCAA provisional qualifying list. It also is another school record for the sophomore from Plano, Texas. He won the second of four heats at the Drake Relays.

SIUE also ran in four relay races at the prestigious event held at the Jim Duncan Track on the campus of Drake University.

The Cougars broke the school records in the 400-meter relay at 41.87 seconds and the 800-meter relay at 1:30.50. The foursome of Brad Blevins, Kyle Rose, Jason Hall and Jeff Fearday posted the ninth fastest time and missed qualifying for Saturday's final by .01 seconds.

The 800-meter relay time was a full three seconds better than the school record set in 2000. SIUE finished with the third fastest time of 1:27.50 and will compete in the finals after Blevins, Hall, Wes Smith and Fearday won the second of three qualifying heats.

SIUE's 1,600-meter relay team won its heat easily and qualified for Saturday's final. The Cougars' winning time of 3:13.32 is a school record but missed NCAA provisional qualifying by .02 seconds. The foursome of Kyle Rose, Bannister, Ryan Nowakowski and Fearday will have a more competitive field on Saturday, hoping to further set a school record and go for NCAA provisional qualifying.

SIUE's sprint medley relay was disqualified in Friday's preliminaries.

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