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Flickr Guidelines

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SIUE's Online System for Sharing/Viewing Photos

SIUE uses Flickr to provide an easy and flexible solution for sharing and viewing photos on the SIUE Web Site. All across the SIUE Web Site their are slideshows that have been created to help enhance the experience of what happens here at SIUE. Each slideshow is specific to that site and has been developed from a 'tagging' system'. We developed this system to help the community become a part of the photo sharing process. Anyone can post to these slideshows by following the detailed instructions below.

1. Getting Started with Flickr:

Create a Flickr account at
  1. Submit photos to the 'siuephotos' group at All photos will be reviewed (mainly to ensure proper tagging and decency) and approved. Once the photos are approved they will show up in the appropriate slideshows on the SIUE Web Site.
  2. Now it's time to Develop Your Slideshow for your own site.

2. Uploading and Tagging your Photos:

Tagging is the key to being included in various slideshows on the SIUE Web Site. Each slideshow on the SIUE Site is developed and pulled from our main Flickr Group 'siuephotos' by a specific tag(s). In order for your photos to be included into those slideshows your photos must be appropriately tagged and approved. Below is a more detailed description of what is needed when uploading your photos to your Flickr account.

All tags should be 1 word so you may have to combine them. Please make sure when combining multiple words that you use a hyphen (ex: innertube-waterpolo). The following are our requirements however, please feel free to add any other tags as necessary.
  • *Description & Title (please make sure all your photos have a description and title that details the photo individually)
  • *siue (this tag is a requirement on all siue photos)
  • * department-name (this tag is to identify all photos that you post to your account ie, 'school-of-business')
  • *year (please put the year on every photo ie, '2009')
  • event-name (if available ie, 'school-of-business-open-house')
  • year-eventname (if available. ie, '2009-school-of-business-open-house')

3. Posting Your Photos to the Main 'siuephotos' Group:

Once all the appropriate tags/titles/descriptions have been added you can post to our main SIUE Flickr Group 'siuephotos' at the address listed below. You must be logged into your Flickr account in order to post to the 'siuephotos' group. Please be aware that the above criteria must be in place before the photos can be accepted.
Also, to make things easier you may want to check out the following 'Flickr' uploader app:

4. How to Develop Your Slideshow:

Below is a great flickr tool for developing your slideshows for the site. Below are some brief instructions:
  1. Insert Flickr username or URL: Our group URL is < >
  2. Customize your Slideshow:
    • Width & Height: If your site is a 3-col template, keep the width 500px and under. 2-col keep it 730px or under. I would not recommend using the slideshow in the navigation columns
    • Tags: tags will filter what photos will be used in the slideshow. If using multiple tags make sure you separate them with a comma
    • Background: If you have a white background for your site, please make sure this is set to white as well.
    • Speed: Medium, and make sure that 'Start Paused' is checked
    • Logo & URL: Type the name of your slideshow in the 'Enter text for custom logo' field
    • Comments: unchecked
  3. Grab Code: After customizing press 'Preview' and Copy the 'SlideFlickr ID' (Do not use the code they provide as it is not xhtml strict compliant and will not be accepted by Luminis). Use the code below by replacing the 'SlideFlickr ID' you just copied. Also, you can change the sizing of the slideshow by adjusting the width and height outlined below.
Use the following flickr code below and paste into your site.

Flickr Code:

<object type='application/x-shockwave-flash' data=' SlideFlickrIDHere ' width=' 500 ' height=' 500 '>
<param name='movie' value=' / SlideFlickrIDHere '></param>
<param name='wmode' value='transparent'></param>
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