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Module A – Organizing Your Writing – Hint Sheet

Almost any type of organization is fine as long as it is clear and logical to the reader.

Organization of an Essay

  1. Choosing and Narrowing a Topic
    1. Choose something you know something about.
    2. Choose something you are interested in learning about.
    3. Choose something that is easy to research.
    4. Choose something that you are assigned.
  2. Writing a Thesis Statement
    The thesis statement states what the whole essay is about and contains:
    1. A narrowed topic
    2. What you are going to say about the topic
  3. Collecting Supporting Details
    1. Collect facts only as they relate to your thesis statement.
    2. Collect facts with your audience in mind.
  4. Planning a Conclusion - Essays without conclusions are unfinished works.
    Two Basic Conclusions
    1. Reaffirmation of thesis statement – Example: Although we have examined four ways to finance a college education, a student needing financial help should seek advice from the financial aid office.
    2. Summary – Example: Thus, the Yorkshire Terrier does indeed make a fine pet because, as we have shown, he is one of the tiniest of dogs, one of the most affectionate, and one of the smartest.
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