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Module 18 – The -ed Marker in Writing – Hint Sheet

Past Tense – The -ed marker is used to form the past tense of regular verbs.

  • Yesterday I asked a question.
  • Last week we received a package.
  • Edgar booked a flight to New York, purchased the tickets, and caught the flight all in the
  • same day.

With Be and Have – Use the -ed form when the verbs be and have are helping the verb.

  • Forms of be: is, are, was, were, be, being, been
  • Forms of have: has, have, had, having
  • They were advised to wait.
  • She already has walked more than four miles.
  • They have turned the tide.
  • Alice had been pushed around once too often.

Before Infinitives – Use the -ed marker with regular verbs before infinitives.

  • Edgar tried to quit smoking.
  • Emma attempted to disrupt class.
  • Ellie wanted to show up on time.

Modifiers – Use the -ed marker when changing verb forms into modifiers

  • Zack wore mismatched socks.
  • The frightened ghost let out a spine-chilling shriek.
  • The misplaced modifier is troublesome.
  • Having walked three miles, the scout troop demanded a rest.

Troublesome Verbs – Sometimes it is hard to hear the -ed ending in some verbs, but be sure to write it when needed.

  • Used – We used to live down the block.
  • Supposed – Bill was supposed to come early.
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