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Module 2 – Adjectives/Adverbs – Hint Sheet

Adjectives modify nouns and pronouns.
They answer the questions

  • Which? The blue book was found.Which book? the blue one.
  • What kind of? The sharp metal edge cut my skin. What kind of edge? sharp edge; metal edge
  • How many? Three little pigs lived in a house.How many pigs? three pigs; What kind of pigs? little pigs.

Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.
They answer the questions

  • How? We walked quickly. Walked how? quickly
  • When? We arrived later. Arrived when? later
  • Where? We climbed up. Climbed where? up
  • To what degree? It is unusually hot. To what degree is it hot? unusually

You can tell how a word is used by what it modifies.

  • It was a slow day. Slow modifies day, a noun. Slow is an adjective.
  • She was smart. Smart modifies she, a pronoun. Smart is an adjective.
  • They argued effectively. Effectively modifies argued, a verb. Effectively is an adverb.
  • It was moderately expensive. Moderately modifies expensive, an adjective. Moderately is an adverb.
  • We'll leave very soon. Very modifies soon, an adverb. Very is an adverb.

Module 2 also briefly reviews the four basic sentence patterns:

  • Subject – Action Verb
  • Subject – Action Verb – Direct Object
  • Subject – Action Verb – Indirect Object – Direct Object
  • Subject – Linking Verb – Subject Complement

See Module 1 for a thorough review of basic sentence patterns.

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