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AD 080 a/b College Reading I – (2 credits / 3 credits)

Course Description

College Reading I approaches reading as an active process. The goal is to broaden reading background and prepare students for success with academic coursework. A variety of strategies will be presented to assist the student in improving vocabulary, comprehension, test-taking abilities, reading rate, and flexibility in reading. This course carries institutional credit only, which means that the credits are not calculated in the number of hours earned toward graduation. However, they do count toward full-time student status and for financial aid requirements.

Placement Criteria

Students are placed into AD reading courses according to their scores on the Placement Test. Students may be exempt from taking the Placement Test and subsequent reading classes if they scored 19 or above on the ACT test or 500 or above on the SAT test.

Evaluation of Student Progress

Evaluation of course work will be based on classroom assignments, quizzes, tests, class participation, homework assignments, and attendance. Final grades will be determined by the following percentages: 90-100 %=A, 80-89%=B, 70-79%=C, 60-69%=D, below 60%=F. Each student will receive a course grade and a written recommendation for further reading requirements. A student must earn a minimum of C in the course AND achieve appropriate reading scores on the standardized posttests in order to be advanced to the next level reading course (either College Reading II, AD 082, or Reading Speed and Efficiency, AD 116) or to exit the reading program.

It is possible to pass AD 080a and not pass AD 080b. The majority of students taking AD 080a/b do pass AD 080a. However, many students need more than one semester to increase their reading skills to the college level and therefore will need to take an additional reading course in order to reach that level. In cases such as this, the grade of D will be assigned for the 080b portion (providing that the rest of the course work is at least at that level).

Required Materials

The following textbooks for AD 080 are available through Textbook Services:
Bridging the Gap 9e, by Brenda D. Smith, Pearson Longman, 2008.
Sterling Stories, by Yvonne Collious Sisko, Pearson Longman, 2008.


Learning takes place in the classroom through the introduction, demonstration and practice of reading strategies and activities. Attendance is required to achieve the maximum benefit from this class and is expected each time the class meets. Failure to attend class regularly might result in administrative withdrawal from the course; therefore, it is extremely important to stay in contact with the instructor if an emergency would cause an absence from class. The student is responsible for knowing what happens in class and for handing in assignments on time, even if there is a legitimate reason for the absence.

Please note: The financial aid policy requires students to pass a minimum percentage of all courses attempted, including Academic Development courses, in order to maintain eligibility. An adviser should be consulted for questions about this policy.

Academic Support

Please keep in mind that your instructor is here to help. Feel free to stop by during the posted office hours or make an appointment if the times are not convenient.

The computer lab in Peck 1410 has software available for additional reading practice in the areas of comprehension, critical reading and rate improvement. Any additional reading practice outside of class will help to reinforce the strategies presented and increase overall reading skills.

Students needing special academic accommodations must have a documented disability and an ID CARD from Disability Support Services and must discuss with the instructors those accommodations that are needed by the end of the first week.

Academic Integrity

SIUE will not tolerate inappropriate behavior, cheating, or plagiarism (using the writing or ideas of another as one’s own or failing to give credit to the rightful author). Failure to follow these rules may result in a zero on a paper, a failing grade for a course, or even expulsion from the university. Refer to the Booklet “Student Conduct and Student Grievances: Rights and Responsibilities” for clarification if there are questions about this policy.

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