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Collaborating on Visible Glory

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The audio file above is an excerpt from the Wednesday, May 15, 1996 meeting of the "Visible Glory Team." The team consists of book collaborators Eugene Redmond, Sherman Fowler, and Marcus Atkins, joined by Juble Hairston. As Eugene Redmond says in the audio clip, "We're all here quite visible and quite glory-filled."

From left to right: Juble Hairston, Eugene Redmond, Sherman Fowler, and Marcus Atkins.

Eugene Redmond photographing a montage to include as an illustration in Visible Glory.

Sherman Fowler with the tape recorder at one of the Visible Glory book meetings. In the audio file above, Fowler describes possible "Visible Glory" projects in addition to the book and the poster: a music/poetry soundtrack, a coloring book, and a videotape.

Juble Hairston looking through photographs of the Million Man March at a Visible Glory meeting.

Although he wasn't one of the three writers/compilers of the book, Hairston is credited on page 3 of Visible Glory for his assistance with the book's graphics. He was also one of the designers of the companion Visible Glory poster.

Marcus Atkins with the tape recorder at a book meeting, reviewing materials for the book.

In the audio file above, Atkins introduces himself as "one of the original gangstars and post-script, post-hip million man stars" (beginning at 2:16 in the audio file). "Post-script/Post-hip: Million Man Stars" is the title of a poem Atkins contributed to Visible Glory (p. 118).

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Citation information for Visible Glory, with a link to the digitized version:

Redmond, Eugene B., Sherman L. Fowler, and Marcus Atkins. Drumvoices Revue. 7 (1997-1998): Visible Glory: The Million Man March. Online access is unrestricted.