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The Million Man March In The Redmond Collection

The Million Man March: In-flight impressions on the way home

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It was the end of a long day. Eugene Redmond again passed his handheld tape recorder around the plane during the flight back to St. Louis. This time he captured the participants' reactions to their Million Man March experiences.

The audio file above is excerpted from those recordings. It includes Redmond's own comments and observations about the day in addition to those of his fellow passengers (beginning at 2:33 in the audio file).

The Redmond Collection contains the note, shown below, that Eugene Redmond attached to the tape recorder for the flight home.

Transcripts of the audio file above can be found in the following reference:

Redmond, Eugene B., Sherman L. Fowler, and Marcus Atkins. Drumvoices Revue. 7 (1997-1998): Visible Glory: The Million Man March. 111-115. Online access is unrestricted.